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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Twenty Fortune 500 companies have their global headquarters in Georgia, while businesses make Georgia their home base and companies .Dalton and Whitfield County in Northwest Georgia is a prime location for business expansion, relocation and economic development. Oregon’s innovative Scenic Bikeways program offers the very best scenic, historic, natural and cultural experiences in Oregon  — all from the seat of a bike. Stay up to date with the latest Travel Oregon Industry news and events via our eNewsletter.
The Huhu Lopo War Canoe mini-festival showcases the cultural significance of the Lopo War Canoes from mainland Milne Bay Province. A cultural extravaganza set in Kokopo, featuring iconic masks from East New Britain, New Ireland and various parts of Papua New Guinea. Students of the Divine Word University Madang Campus proudly perform various 'singsings' in their annual Cultural Day. The residents of Rabaul invite you to their annual Frangipani Festival celebrating the rebirth of Rabaul after the 1994 volcanic eruptions: September 16th to 18th, 2016. Karkar Island Bilum Festival: See bilum-weaving displays, arts, crafts and colorful singsings - experience Karkar Island at this unique festival in Madang Province. The National Museum and Art Gallery is now showcasing the 'Built on Culture Exhibition' commemorating Papua New Guinea's 40 year milestone Independence Anniversary. The Kutubu Kundu Digaso festival offers a rare treat of fascinating cultural performances from all over the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.
PNG Tourism Industry Association presents Lukim PNG Nau 2016 - a tourism expo showcasing PNG culture, nature and adventure products, services and activities. This special festival celebrates one of Papua New Guinea's famous tribal heartlands and the significance of the revered crocodile - a motif throughout Sepik River culture. The Morobe show is an annual event hosted by the Morobe Provincial Agricultural Society, in Papua New Guinea’s second largest city. June 11th-12th, 2016: One of Papua New Guinea’s most visited province prepares for a celebration to showcase its many unique resident cultural groups.

The Huli Wigmen is one of the icons of indigenous culture worldwide and certainly a major icon for PNG. Events in past year have reduced the tourism interest and it is now appropriate to re-invigorate the interest and the product. The main tourism product, which has the potential to be an icon for PNG is the Hela culture, particularly the Huli wigmen. The people are friendly to tourists and fiercely proud of the culture, this brings an exuberance to presentations of culture which so far has not been dimmed by the role of performing for tourists.
In terms of having a tourism product which can form the basis of a thriving local economy in an area where the transport logistics could detract from the viability of the product, Hela Land has it. To avoid any doubt, the Huli culture can provide a basis for tourism development in the Tari region. Traditional Huli culture is highly developed and strikingly executed in dress and personal decoration. Cultural activities such as the spirit dances, the Huli wigmen dancing and the general sing sings can be presented to tourists at a Lodge or cultural centre or in the village. The following list of activities and attractions is what was seen and advised during the site inspection for the development of this strategy, it is recognized that there are more, and however this provides an indication of the diversity. The wildlife of the Tari Basin is also spectacular, with birdwatchers from over the world coming to Ambua to see particular species of birds (including various species of Birds of Paradise), with a popular spot to birdwatch being the Tari gap. With local wildlife being part of the economy of locals for food and other resources (fur, feathers for decorations etc.), the wildlife exists but often not in the abundance that allows a tourism product to depend upon it.
There was a rafting tour undertaken on the Tagari River in years gone by and the river from Lakwanda downstream would appear to be able to provide a reasonably reliable and safe experience.
NOTE: The route of such a rafting operation has not been sited and there may be unsafe rapids etc. Trekking is offered by Ambua, from a leisurely walk from the Lodge to Knalu for lunch to an overnight trek from near Lakwanda Lodge to Karita Guest House. The Tari basin itself is very scenic, with almost every view shed having the backdrop of the surrounding mountain ranges.

To that end, we provide a variety of programs and services to help you better participate in Oregon’s tourism economy and improve your own bottom line. The intact culture, the warmth of the people, their enthusiasm to share their culture and lifestyle with tourists and the spectacular backdrop of the Tari basin landscape give the area a major potential opportunity to have an economy based on tourism. The culture can be promoted, the experience can be offered and the product provided which will attract tourism.
As usual, the women do most of the work, while the men concentrate on their finery and plotting war with each other. The hair is usually the wigman’s own, supplemented by hair donated by wives and children, who are thus short-haired. As such birdwatching can be a focus or ancillary product, but other wildlife viewing will be an added bonus rather than a focus. There are small creeks, waterfalls, rain forested gullies, forested hillsides and ridges all of which have the potential to provide points of attraction for walks and lookout points.
Product development proposals reflected the proposed market positioning.The plan was formally approved in December 2006.
If your business or organization would like to develop cycling tourism, culinary tourism, agritourism or outdoor recreation activities, Travel Oregon can help cultivate your ideas, branding strategies and marketing concepts.
Request access to the Orb today so you can start uploading local attractions, lodging, photos, deals and event listings. It is vibrant and thriving as a traditional culture which has accommodated some western lifestyle points and living standards, but is essentially completely authentic.
Flutes similar to pan pipes are a popular form of entertainment and bamboo jew’s-harps are played. There is a major waterfall on the Tagari River which is an attraction, with access by road and then one hour walk.

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