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Online advertising types using organic or the paid option are vital to promote visits to your website.
Within the blog post I will provide you details on the rapid rise of paid internet advertising and the paid pitfalls.
This section provides information of all forms of paid digital advertising on the internet. It does not take into consideration any of the organic (free) advertising used estimated to be 70% to 80%. With towards 3 billion users of whom 70% visit the net every day look at 1 to 1000’s of pages – the amount of traffic daily is mind blowing! Understanding the worldwide spent on all forms of advertising.  Information supplied by Zenith Optimedia. Global spending in year 2013 topped $500 billion and as shown in these two graphics in the last 8 years internet advertising has increased almost 4 times mainly at the expense of magazines and newspapers. This graphic is supplied by eMarketer (more here) showing the digital spending on paid internet advertising targeting all types of mobile devices and computer types. If you recall from part 1 of this series in the longer term organic search engine marketing is the way to have more visits as fewer people visit paid ads when doing a search. Whether you use paid advertising or not to have extra visits you should take the advantages of search engine marketing (SEM). Many of the paid advertising sites offer free listings – I am a great advocate of taking advantage of using these. Business Directories are excellent for the promotion of your business as you will note when doing a search for a product or service the most active website appears on page 1 of search in some cases with multiple listings.
All advertisers look to capture your profile on what you view and where you go about their website.
The biggest pitfall I have encountered with people and businesses who sign up for paid advertising is they do not stay in control. You need to monitor your results for the payment you are making and how to cancel the contract if you wish to stop so you need to have your login details at your finger tips.  I would not sign up for any fixed contract period.
There are thousands of companies and affiliates promoting an ever evolving paid advertising system. Display advertising conveys its advertising visually and it allows the advertisers to capture your profile on what you view and where you go about their website. With paid adversiting I see little benefit for small business longer term and should you sign up be careful to stay in control.
I am a professional digital marketer, website designer and SEO strategist to see that my clients have the best online presence without the hype and high costs.
The SEO and Marketing advise is more suited to the beginner, intermediary and non technical reader. In website David McCracken SEO builds from scratch my client websites average load time under 2 seconds. Yesterday, the Pew Research Center (one of the most authoritative sources for good information about how the Internet is changing our society - check out and bookmark the Pew Internet & American Life Project if you haven't been there) released its annual "State of the News Media" report. What I find most intetesting about this report is that all of the different types of digital media went up. The thing that I found most interesting about this article is that every single medium went up. What I find most interesting about this report is that only 45% of adults own a smart phone. What I find really interesting concerning this subject matter is, that not only the way we consume media changes, but also the way leads for news in news companies are coming more and more from social media sources. Social Media is changing very rapidly these days because people are using technology more and more, and have easier access to the internet. I find the statistic of mobile devices growing so rapidly as a primary source for news and media.
As generation is changing, these social media is improving by huge numbers and this change as shown on the table tells us how advertising is chaning its direction.
I knew everything regarding news and social media had expanded, making it so more people transitioned, but it was interesting to see the findings and numbers and how much they increased. With the increased reliance on social networks for news, news travels faster to more people. I really didn't think that Search would be the top medium for advertising but it makes sense considering how much content is optimized for targeted results.
What I still find shocking but its highly expected is the excessive use of mobile devices for everyday use especially the news. I definitely have to agree with you about online videos being the fastest growing digital ad type.
The most interesting thing about this report is that the old form of media are slowly dying and being replace by the new forms of media.
It astounds me exactly how much social media has become the stage for breaking news in the general media.
What interests me the most is how fast digital media is spreading throughout the population. The most interesting aspect of this report is how rapidly usage of mobile devices to access news is growing.
What I find most interesting in this report, though not very surprising, is how quickly digital advertising is growing just over the last year alone.
For me the most interesting part of the report was how just how quickly people are beginning to look to social media for news.
I get almost all of my news from either news links on facebook or Twitter, where i follow CNN and CNN breaking news. I get alot of my news from facebook and twitter I find it convient because alot of times I am shown storys from webpages that I would have not gone to if it were not for the social media link. This report is very interesting and in a lot of ways exactly what I would expect with how the internet is growing and changing us.
For me, the most surprising part of the report is that 31% of adults now own a tablet computer. Online advertising is a form of advertising that uses the internet to convey messages intended for product promotion to potential consumers. This method usually delivers its messages to consumer by use of texts, logos, photographs and so on.
This type of online advertising is where graphical adverts are made to appear within a webpage when someone is using the internet. This is a method of advertising where texts are displayed on an advertising web page as hyperlinks. These adverts appear on the screen before the website user can get to read the contents that have been requested. These appear on the requested web page and slowly fade away as the user accesses the requested web page. A pop up ad usually pops up in a new window as the user is accessing the contents of the requested web page and may prompt a user to close the window after reading the information presented.
This is a form of online advert that adjusts its dimensions based on given conditions and actions performed by a web page user.
The above methods of delivery for online advertising are just a few examples that one can use to achieve profitable online advertising.
Websites are an extension of your business and it takes effort, time and money to build online success. Long term success is only going to come using organic online advertising together with the best and latest SEO and SEM practices.

Should you make this decision to go into paid advertising be careful, stay in control, monitor and remain vigilant with your results.
The captured information allows the advertiser to promote their products and service back to you.
The display method is where affiliates promote website or product and get paid for a referral. I do not find this surprising though, with social media becoming a huge thing, it is easy to believe that something such as advertising for social media has gone up. It may just be where I'm from, but it truly seems like every adult I encounter has a smart phone.
Looking at sports news for instance, many sports writers derive the sources for their stories from social media networks, for instance like a tweet sent from a player of a football team. One of the main benefits of this widespread adoption is that important news can be distributed globally in an instant.
Media is such a huge part of our lives now that how can it not change the way media is done and seen. I think that news will soon take a even bigger effect through social media devices such as twitter and aps that could also be formed. I used to read magazine or newspaper, but these days, I don't really read those on actual paper but just through online because it is more handy and easily accessible at anywhere. I think that it will continue to grow exponentially and that mobile media will contimue to grow exponetially to newer levels.
I find it very shocking that people would trust and follow a news source on Twitter or another app that displays news except for actually finding a source or watching a news channels.
I remember when Apple first released their idea for a tablet, my high school teacher at the time was a HUGE apple finatic. Whereas in the past it was the big companies that dominated the news, many individuals turn to bloggers and outside resources for news.
I remember when I found out about Osama Bin Laden's death - I found out on Facebook before the news.
I feel like classifieds are an obsolete and useless thing to use these days, and I can't believe they have decresed so little in just a year. Just a few years ago, many people would read news paper and listen to the radio for any news or updates thats currently happening. Not as many people read news on print than they used to because mobile devices have everything.
We all have noticed the change in the past 10-15 years, but the fact that we are seeing as high as a 47% change in certain types of digital advertising over only one year is astonishing to me. It is usually something I do when I'm on my way to school or need something to read to pass the time.
I tend to turn to online means of getting my news, google is my most popular choice for international news while I turn to yahoo for my sports updates.
Personally I dont use social media as my primary news source but with percentage increases of 10%, 25%, and 12% in just two years is hard to ignore. Maybe its because I'm always involved with societal changes with media and I'm usually up to date with info like this.
I find that I assume print articles even some online newspapers become out of date quickly. I get alot of my news on mobile as I find it alot easier to use my phone or tablet to read the news over reading a newspaper or magazine.
All the stats about how we are receiving information as well as how companies are advertising is exactly what I would expect and I only can assume that these numbers will continue to grow due to the fact that we as a human race are relying upon the internet more and more. Sometimes the information is from tweets themselves, and other times, tweets link me to online news articles. The most common methods used for this kind of advertising are through email, mobile advertising, display advertising and the famous social media.
It usually captures the attention of the website user and hence delivers the message to its intended target. They usually deliver faster than most of the graphical adverts and prove much harder to block using advertisement blocking software. They are usually interruptive and capture the user’s attention before he can access the actual intended content. It could increase in size if the user moves the mouse or if the user spends a lot of time on a particular web page. Online social media promo, board promotion, tv advertisement web site icon banners templates set. The pace of technological innovation has been so rapid and widespread it's impossible to say how much further we'll have come and how social media use will have adapted just a few years from now. With so many apps like intagram, vine, twitter, etc it is realistic to see how many media souces would go for those apps and services.
The data above is interesting but not too surprising considetring the fast growing indiustry when it comes to technology. Not everyone is sitting in front of their TVs to get breaking news, and even if they are, they're still most likely scrolling through their phone for the latest information. It was just a few years ago I had a blackberry and thought it was capable of so much, and now when I compare that to my iPhone, well, there just is no comparison. I think that the news industry is going to start giving you news through differnt ways through mobile devices. As far as news consumption goes I think that most news will be received primarily through mobile devices but there will always be printed news mainly because of pass along readership.
Many other websites often have popup video ads as well which are sometimes impossible to escape. I clearly remember him lecturing us about how huge tablets were going to be for school and work.
I believe that number of people whe read the print newspaper is decreasing enormously, and people that read online is currently increasing. It was announced 5 minutes earlier and I already say dozens of posts about it online, telling me all that I really needed to know at that time.I do see social media playing a predominant role in media going forward. Another thing that surprises me is that video advertising and marketing has increased so much. Now the percent of people using the internet is increasing and the number of cellphone users is increasing expotentially. The Wall Street Journal believes that one half of their consumption will be via mobile devices. This will only continue to increase as long as smartphones remain at our fingertips all day, which they will. I am currently doing a project for another class based on peoples prefence in reading print newspaper vs. I do however almost always watch the evening news when I'm cooking dinner and starting homeowork. It is interesting to examine how much the news realm has changed especially in our age range.
Mobile phones attribute to the increase in online news for me greatly, whenever I need to figure out a sports update I turn to my phone rather than look in print media. With the shift toward mobile devices, the ability to get news on the go I think will be a huge part of the trend in the next couple years for the news media. Twitter updates happen continuously and instantaniously that I assume that the links from tweets are the most credible.
I actually feels that every webpage now has a digital ad or promotional tv ad before it plays.

I do find it suprising that 30 percent of young people already have tablets already, though I must assume the percent of users will go up after the technology becomes commonplace. I almost never read print newspapers as all of the information they contain, and more, can be found online. This is made possible by tracking the cookies associated with certain consumer’s devices to identify what actually suits them.
Another interesting part of the report was that mobile advertising is skyrocketing so quickly. I feel that Twitter is the fastest way to get up-to-date information, and it's easy to see what the biggest news is through what's trending. I find it interesting to watch this take place and see thr social media grow rapidly and seeing old teckniques that use to work not work as effectively anymore. With that, there is a risk that the personally selected news sources lead to one-sided information. It will always be around in the same sense that live television will never go away because of sports broadcasting.
I just expect that news should be taken more seriously and actually watched instead of viewed through a social source. With that, there is a risk that the personally selected news soures could lead to one-sided information.
Even though old technology is also convenient, I think that whatever is the most convenient will always stay on top.
After all, When Jabari Parker announced his committment to Duke (and NOT MSU) earlier this Winter, it was on Twitter before it was on ESPN. The most interesting thing that i found from this report is that how fast digital advertising is growing. I thought that all companies had already figured out that online video was an excellent resource to take advantage of. Being social and being updated with our family, friends, and current events has been one of the top things that humans have been focusing on in their lives. I personally get a lot of my news from Twitter by following major news sources, such as the New York Times. Seeing how and when TV ads will become second to online ads is the most interesting aspect, but this hasn't happened, yet. This form of advertising has been growing significantly in the recent years surpassing the conventional cable and broadcast advertising.
As they collect data from several sites across the Internet about the activity of a given user, they are able to effectively capture the interests of that user and determine what would suit him or her, a method referred to as behavioral targeting. Only television advertising surpasses online ads today – but considering digital advertising is growing three times faster, this will eventually change. I like to be able to search for my news when it is convientent for me instead of having to sit down and watch television at a designated time or read a daily newspaper. Personally I don't believe mobile advertising is successful and I think business's would be smart and put their funds elsewhere.
I feel that in order for news organizations to stay afloat, they need to get information out as quickly and as accurately as possible, and that's through mobile devices. I actually never watch TV and I almost look down on it because the internent is so convenient.
With the rapid increase in tablet and smart phone use, this is how we will be getting news from now on. As news is becoming more instantaneous, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media will become the first responders for breaking and up-to-date news, further making newspapers and physical print more obsolete. Thus, it seems that the standard web based browser market is already being left in the dust.
I have a feeling news organizations have only just scratched the surface in terms of the kinds of things they can do with mobile. I thought the fact that 31% of adults own a tablet and 45% own a smartphone was interesting. It is wasn't for breaking news from CNN on twitter, I would not know half of what goes on in the world. It has grown so much as to attract the attention of regulators due to increasing controversies that usually surround it. This allows them to give precise information to that particular user and raises the chances of closing the deal with the user. One of the ways in which distance education is capable of reaching online learners is the basis and method of meta-communication. Like the findings on the report, i believe the news industry is going toward using the interest and social media to inform others. I have CNN, ABC news, E News, Sportscenter, Weather, Twitter, Facebook, and many more sources for news. Whereas I learned Osama Bin Laden died from Perry Farrell, the lead singer of Jane's Addiction during the concert, I still felt as though I was one of the last people in the audience to learn this as I didn't have a data plan for my phone at the time. I think as everything in the digital world is growing so rapidly, old media such as newspapers will fade away in the near futre. There are a lot of companies that get some help from otehr Marketing companies and not doing by themselves. Advertising revenues have been declining as a result of these regulations prompting other advertisers to introduce pay walls.
It is also possible for advertisers to target consumers who reside in a given locality through a feature known as geotargeting. Google dominates online advertising.I also thought this chart on what kinds of digital advertising are growing online was interesting.
I use my cellphone for twitter and instagram, but as far as reading the news or really gathering information its definitely done on the computer. I personally get a lot of my news from social media (especially twitter because I follow some news programs - like the State News- as well as company's like Forbes who always are updating on newest financial interests). This is made possible by use of IP addresses of the individual’s computer or even mobile phones. As you can see, search advertising (like Google AdWords) dominates the digital advertising market, but online video is the fastest growing digital ad type:What do you find most interesting about this report? I believe the news industry will be 100% digital within the next ten years because of the quick advance of the smart phone. I think it would be even more interesting to survey what those adults use their tablets for. How do you consume news and information - and where do you think the news industry is going? From personal experience, a lot of people only purchase them for game applications and social media.
I clearly consume most of my news and information through my phone, considering I just named off 6 sources without blinking an eye. I try and watch the nightly world news as often as I can, turn on CNN when I'm just sitting around the house, read The State News while on campus, and check Twitter and Facebook for trending stories on a daily basis, but by far my primary source of information is my phone and mobile apps. There are strategies and skill sets that are essential to your academic work as an online student.
Today people have an offline reputation and image, but are increasingly creating one or more online personas.

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