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We all know that consumer goods, cars, phones, accessories are the most advertised products in the market. In advertising term, a product could be a live person or material thing or even non material things.
Everyone of us is very well familiar with regular household goods and consumer related products being advertised on Tele-Vision, and in Newspapers, and Magazines.
These all above mentioned means are called advertising platforms or advertising media and by using them a business or company advertises their products or services. Marketing and business are very closely related with advertising and survival of all is dependant on each others. If we move a little further, branding, promotions, and public media are the entities that are also closely related with advertising. In the recent years, Online Advertising has become very vast and complex as the new types of online advertising are being invented and discovered constantly, resulting in a more complicated structure of advertising. Ok, we will start discussing about the types of online advertising and will share brief details for each of the type separately. Well, there could be countless types of online advertising, but we will discuss here only about the main types of online advertising. Advertising online by displaying banners of your website or products on others web pages is a face of one of the traditional and most common way to advertise on the Internet. Banner advertising is still successful, but it has shrinked a bit and changed its shape and expressions to deal with the new changes in Internet marketing and advertising industry . As one of the Most popular forms of online advertising today, Search Engine Advertising is very effective and widely used advertising type . Customization facility : Google AdWords is a very potent advertising tools and most powerful of ’em all ! Google AdWords offers you great command on how so much you can optimize your advertising benefits.
Social networking sites have caught people’s imagination to a degree of obsession and now it has become a common norm that every one spends some time on social media and networking sites for various reasons. Nowadays every company, how so big or small,  has their own Fan page on the main social networking sites, like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, where they can get to connect with their potential and existing customers with a different perceptions, angles and aspects. Companies hire separate social advertising agencies to create awareness about their brand among mass people. Anyways, e-mail advertising is comparatively cheaper, more effective, and very beneficial in many ways.
Video sites are making fast movements for grabbing the advertising revenues share of TV and other public digital media. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Daily Motion are examples of a few video social sharing sites that have taken entertainment world by storm. Online businesses create their professional video channels on these sharing sites and get several thousands of subscribers and millions of video views on their professionally created videos to allure the end users.
Content marketing is not a very old advertising method, it has just become popular since the last decade when blogging and content writing gained a lot of craze on the Internet. Sooner, companies started realizing the value of offering their users useful content and sharing with them meaning full content for free. Content marketing became milestone advertising technique for inbound marketing, and it also became the much-needed effective way to connect with your customers and potential buyers to know their needs, interests, inclinations, and requirements more precisely . And it helped businesses a great deal in many ways to strengthen their marketing and brand making strategies more effective and result oriented. For an example, many online service providing companies and businesses run professional blogs that post new contents regularly . He offered his e-book for free on the Internet to let the readers taste it,  and then it broke down all the records of selling paper book print version of the book once the e-book got popular among online users . Getting sponsored comments on your blogs, using online forum sites to promote your brand, and hiring paid bloggers who review your product in their own blogs with back links to your source – are some of the new trends that became good add-ons for online advertising. Blog commenting is cost-effective, if done cleverly, gets huge targeted traffic towards your original web pages. Traffic received from blog commenting is fast and sustainable due to the blogs ever-updating nature. This technique of online advertising – affiliate marketing -is almost as old as the Internet itself ! The biggest advantage of online affiliates advertising using affiliate : you only pay affiliates when they first get you paid by selling your products online . Once set up well, you don’t have to worry more about managing your  affiliates and resellers. You don’t have to pay affiliates for the actual amount of the work they perform advertising your products online, you only pay them whenever they make a sale, even then you pay a share of the revenue you generate. You can check out the similar post on types and techniques of advertising on Best of Weblog Sites !
I would be more than happy to connect with for the projects based on online marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Blogging, SEO, Web Designing, Freelancing, and Business Outsourcing. Live your Life as if you are Going to Die Tomorrow and Learn Like you are going to Live Forever ! Online classified advertising is advertising posted online in a categorical listing of specific products or services. This type of online advertising is considered invasive and hence browsers are enabled with blockers.
Advertising has undergone a sea change since its inception, not only in its methods, but also in its medium.
Internet marketing isn’t just for consumer marketers or large B2B firms – it’s a powerful vehicle for companies of all sizes. Online advertising offers B2B marketers an opportunity to reach very broad or very targeted prospects to generate leads, communicate a message and raise visibility. While a B2B marketer has a smaller universe of prospects than a consumer marketer, the value of each prospect is typically far greater.
Promote a white paper, webinar or demo that can help prospects who are in the early phases of their research.
Run a campaign to share a message, promote an event or offer, or raise awareness about your products. You can capture prospects early, provide valuable information, and nurture them throughout the sales process. As with any marketing program, it’s important to develop a good strategy, target your audience, test, measure and improve – especially because it’s easy and inexpensive to test different aspects of your campaigns to generate the best possible results.
You’ve advertised on a few sites and generated some traffic, but you don’t have data to show whether your campaigns are successful beyond initial visits. Before you launch an online campaign, it’s important to have a good website that can measure your traffic and convert visitors to prospects or customers. For example, decide how many click-through or leads you need to generate, then estimate your response rates to figure out how many impressions you’ll need. Your ad needs to generate interest and get people to click-through to your website to learn more – give them a reason, a benefit. When you keep testing in this way, you can greatly increase your response over time – and that can mean a substantial increase in the number of qualified leads and new customers you generate. Google search ads are online ads that appear alongside the search engine result page when users search a keyword query on Google. AdWords ads are online advertisements created within Google’s AdWords advertising platform, identical to Google search ads. PPC ads, AKA pay-per-click ads, are advertisements in which the cost of advertising is determined by the number of clicks an ad receives.
Facebook ads exist in many different forms, each offering unique pros and cons for advertisers looking to market on Facebook. Marketplace ads appear in the side columns of the Facebook website with a headline, copy, and an image. Promoted Posts are Facebook ads that let advertisers pay a flat rate to promote a single post on their Facebook business page.
Sponsored Stories show a user’s interaction with an advertisers page or product to the user’s friends and larger network.
Twitter ads refer to the paid boosts that brands on Twitter can use to extend the reach of their tweets, promote a chosen hashtag, or gain more followers. Promoted Tweets lets advertisers’ tweets reach more people’s home feeds, and offer a healthy batch of targeting options. Tumblr ads come in a few different formats – Tumblr Radar and Spotlight allow for “sponsors,” aka advertisers, to be featured in areas where Tumblr highlights unique content and accounts.

Tumblr also offers sponsored web post ads, which are pieces of Tumblr content crafted by advertisers that appear in users’ main dashboard feed, integrated with normal, user-generated content. Banner ads are image-based advertisements that often appear in the side, top, and bottom sections of websites. Google Display Ads are a form of contextual banner ads used in the Google Display Network, Google’s collection of network sites that agree to host display ads.
Retargeting ads (see similar, Google Remarketing) entice a user to visit a site by taking into account the user’s past web history. Once the user leaves the advertiser’s site and begins journeying to other websites, targetting ads can be made to appear in certain ad spaces, displaying ads that specifically call out what the user was looking at on the advertiser’s site earlier. Retargeting ads tend to perform drastically better than regular banner ads, with higher click-through rates and conversions. Flash ads are banner ads that use Flash design, often featuring interactive elements to entice users.
Reddit ads are advertisements featuring a headline title, destination URL, and an optional photo.
What really makes Reddit ads unique are the comments and voting – users can upvote or downvote your ad, giving advertisers an easy read on if users like or dislike an ad. The best Reddit ads take their audience into consideration – Reddit is predominantly frequented by a young, tech-savvy audience, mostly males. Most email advertisements feature a large image with minimal text; users will not waste large amounts of time reading email ads, so it’s important to make your message as clear and concise as possible.
Email ads have specific rules – the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, created to prevent email spam for users, authorizes a $16,000 penalty per violation for spamming individuals, which is why many email marketers in the US use an email service or software to make sure they are in compliance with the Act. Gmail ads in Google’s online email service are contextual ads that are generated by an automated process that scans a user’s emails to discover interests and topics that are relevant to the user. While privacy advocates are wary of such practices, Gmail advertising is fully automated and Google asserts that no humans read user emails, only robots. Video ads are growing in popularity as better internet speed performance and online advancements make it fast and easy to watch videos on the web.
Some marketers also implement their own form of Pinterest advertising by hosting contests on Pinterest. There are at the moment no “official” Instagram ads – just brands being creative and producing Instagram pics that can be shared right alongside user-crafted content.
While we're primarily concerned with showing online ad examples, it's worth giving a quick overview of other more common, offline forms of advertising as well! TV ads are a very expensive but still well regarded form of advertising that’s as old as television itself. TV ads are a form of outbound marketing, also known as interruption marketing, which relies on interrupting viewers in an effort to get their attention. News ads are thought by many to be a thing of the past, but they still offer value, especially when targeting audiences who may not be online often. Radio ads are similar to TV ads and newspaper ads in that they too are a form of outbound marketing that seeks out attention through interruption. Urban advertising is advertising that, at its most basic, exists in densely populated cities. Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget. Popular Means, ways, platforms, forms, methods, companions,  and types of online advertising ! While smaller business entities and shop owners try to attract you with a small budgeted advertising campaigns through graffiti on the street walls of your town. Without marketing and business there won’t be any need of advertising, and without advertising, it would be very difficult for marketing and business to survive their very existence .
There are the other factors and catalysts that are also involved in it a lots and they drive online advertising to a new horizon. Banner advertising was flourishing in that times when majority of the advertisers was not aware about any other forms of online advertising that were so easy, effective, and commonly available . AdWords offers you great flexibility, freedom, analytics, and customization features in order to enhance your advertising campaigns. Why pay for USA clicks when most of your potential customers resides in UK, Europe, or Asia? You can experiment with them continuously, and set campaigns that gives you maximum advertising profits. You can even use social networking sites for direct advertising, like Facebook, Tumblr are already open for providing paid advertising services to anyone – individual, professional, or business. Watching your favorite media channel, Entertainment TV channels, movies, songs on these video sites have become now a common thing.
They get to advertise before the same TV, media channels viewers on these video networking websites with a cost that is 100-1000 times lesser than for those traditional live entertainment channels.
It became a mandate for every online business to have their own company blog where users and customers could interact, complain, seek online help, or give a feed back on their products. They get good number of daily unique visitors on their blog, later on these users or visitors might turn into their customers. These were the by-products of the major advertising weapons invented by the revolution of social media and web 2.0 sites ! You just have to sit back and take care of the backend, all other advertising activities are accomplished by internet affiliates on your behalf. In this way affiliate marketing is very profitable and cool concept of online affiliate advertising. Ad posting is so much simple, effective, wide-spread, less costlier, and frequently used advertising type that this word could be used interchangeably with online advertising.
Examples include online job boards, online real estate listings, automotive listings, online yellow pages, and online auction-based listings….
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In this article, we will give you a glimpse of some of the major online advertising types used. At other times, as soon as you enter a website, before you can view the content you wish to, you are made to view a pop up ad of a particular company. Online advertising has become a widely sought complement (if not an alternative) to other forms of advertising.
Following the same principle of picking random postal addresses, email ads target email addresses that may have been entered on a site that may cater to a need the user may have felt at some point of time or completely random ones.
Well, now just put that on a web page, and you have the same effect, just in color and a little bit more attractive.
With a targeted campaign and a good offer, you may only need to generate a handful of highly qualified prospects to generate substantial revenue. Drive them to a special landing page; give details about the offer and capture key pieces of data so you can follow-up when the prospect is ready. Drive prospects to a special landing page that describes your offer in detail; if you need to give more information, create supplemental pages as needed.
You use them to generate prospects and customers, but gaining visibility is also important.
You don’t create special landing pages – you drive visitors to your home page, and you rarely test your ads. It’s also helpful to address your online campaigns in your annual marketing plan and budget. You can reach a large audience with your ad, but that doesn’t mean you should – narrow targeting means you can speak more directly to their needs. Don’t drive prospects to your home page; instead, create unique landing pages that focus on the topic you used to generate their interest.
You can test the offer, the design of your ad, the size and place of the ad, or the sites you choose. 92% said they trusted recommendations from personal acquaintances, 70% trusted consumer opinions posted online and 50% trusted "emails that I signed up for".
For new marketers, it can be confusing getting a grasp on the scope and variety of online ads available. Advertisers can manage their ads through the Bing Ads service, formerly known as Microsoft adCenter. To learn all about Facebook advertising, read our Facebook Marketing blog post, or check out our list of 45 Facebook advertising tips.

These ads take into account a user’s web surfing history data, letting an advertiser show an ad for a product a user was looking at earlier on the advertiser’s website.
Twitter ads also include Promoted Accounts, letting advertisers show up more often in Twitter’s Who to Follow recommendation feature. With 54 million users posting 70 million posts per day that get over half a billion page views each day, the Tumblr community is an active and lively one. The Google Display Network also includes Google properties such as YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, etc. When a user visits a website, a retargetting campaign cookie is attached to the visitor, taking note of what pages and products the user visits while browsing the site. If you're already using Google AdWords, we have a step-by-step tutorial on creating your own Google AdWords remarketing ad. While flash is still used subtly in certain display ads, the playful, interactive, and somewhat hokey flash ads that were common in the millennial years are no longer considered a popular form of banner ad. Reddit ads work on a bid-based system, in which advertisers can set campaign budgets and choose how long they want their campaign to run for. On a whole, the Reddit community is very wary of blatant marketing, so posting a Reddit advertisement can be a bit like playing with fire.
One of the most common examples of in-game advertising is billboards appearing in sport games. AdMob itself is Google’s mobile advertising platform, enabling app creators to make revenue off of free games by offering ad space, and allowing advertisers to get ad spots in the most popular mobile games and apps. Email ads can be used to notify subscribers of certain promotions, discounts, or new features, among other uses. Email ads also rely on a compelling subject line to ensure that a user will open the email. If a user is writing and receiving many emails about air conditioners, that user may see ads about air conditions appear within the Gmail client. The most successful video ads avoid blatant advertising, opting instead for educational, how-to video content that naturally appeals to users, with some (if any) product suggestions discreetly integrated. YouTube advertisements can appear as banner ads, in-video overlay ads, in-stream video ads (which are video ads that appear before or during another YouTube video), as well as several other setups. When marketing a specific product, marketers create Pinterest advertisements by adding a dollar sign before the price amount to the description. While this doesn’t result in direct sales, contests are a great way to drum up user attention, engagement, and boost site traffic, depending on how the contest is organized.
In order to avoid being received as obnoxious by viewers, many television ads now make an effort to appeal to a viewer’s emotions through humor, a sense of goodwill, nostalgia, or even sometimes anger or sadness.
News ads can build brand awareness, although tracking the performance of newspaper advertisements is nearly impossible. As with other forms of advertising that don’t operate online, radio ads can be difficult to measure and track. As we all know, social media and social networking have made the most powerful impact on online advertising. But as you do for the SEO of your business website , you need to perform a well calculated social media optimization for your social activities to get the desired results out of your social media campaigning. Yes, in contrast to other means of online advertising, you have to master the art of email advertising. This is one of the best online advertising technique where you get the most relevant, filtered, and the kind of leads that could be converted into sales very fast and easily as your audience will be most likely to be interested in your products due to the location proximity of  your business with the inquirers .
Apart from that, via blog’s email-subscription option, companies make mailing list with good numbers.
Even very small companies can run their online affiliate or reseller program easily without needing much investment and management. You may have noticed a strip (horizontal or vertical) highlighting a particular company’s name, services, and tag line at the top, bottom or sides of the web page. This system will generate and display ads that are based on what information the user has entered in the search engine. Rivers is the creator of Sportsbook Investing, the premier website for making money using the best sports betting strategies. You calculate ROI so you can compare the return of these investments versus your other programs. You occasionally test and tweak your ads, but it isn’t a priority.  Since you use cost per click to measure success, you can’t accurately calculate ROI, but you’re satisfied with what you’re paying for traffic. You cringe at the prices for the sites you’d really like to use, and you think you’re wasting money since you’re paying for impressions not clicks. Start with the element that’s most important – for example, the offer – and create two versions of the ad. We've compiled a thorough list to help catagorize and explain each form of online ads present on the web.
Google’s PPC search ads are managed by Google’s AdWords advertising platform, which allows advertisers to bid on keywords, craft ad text, set budgets, and more.
Promoted Trends gets your custom hashtag in the Trends bar, earning additional attention and notice from the Twitterverse. In order to post your online ads onto the Tumblr platform, you'll have to become a Tumblr sponsor. You'll typically find them in all sorts of news-based websites, blogs, and specialized web communities.
Reddit ads allow for some unique targeting options and are often fairly cheap, with low cost-per-impressions. This can be useful for advertisers because it allows users to provide direct feedback that goes straight to the advertiser.
If you advertise on Google AdWords, you can advertise to mobile devices by taking advantage of Enhanced Campaigns. In-game ads also might appear as brand-name products like guns, cars, or clothing that exist as gaming status symbols.
Take note that while you do not have to pay Pinterest to create ads, you will have to spend significant time and effort to create beautiful online ads to attract lurking buyers on Pinterest. Online ads, on the other hand, offer audience targeting options, performance measurement analytics, and a wealth of other advantages against classic news ads.
Urban advertising also often exists as a form of alternative advertising, using unconventional or unique methods of spreading a message. This gives them a sense of reliability for your business that is based locally, and near by them their own living places. In the same fashion there is a lot of scope for the online advertising where you are offering your readers and customers some useful and advantageous content in the name of free !
For instance, if you happen to be searching for shampoo, immediately above the search results, you’ll see links taking you to a hair care website.
What are the different types of advertising that are used by people who market their services or products online? Many websites brokerage their ad space with ad exchanges such as Google's Display Network, or you can buy the ad space in the same manner you'd buy an ad on a newspaper. To serve online ads on the Google Display Network, you need to start by using Google AdWords.
Pinterest marketers can then link the pinned item to the official product page to drive retail traffic.
So, if you’re looking to advertise on a website, you can decide what the most efficient way to get to your target audience is. And if you’re simply browsing through, you know what form of advertising you’re seeing on numerous websites! When you visit a particular website, you are sometimes warned by your browser about it having blocked a pop up.
And even within online advertising, there are different types that aim at reaching different clientele by using different tactics, techniques, and even technologies. It begins as a huge ad on the first page, and the ad, in various sizes and forms keep reminding you about it!

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