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Grow Where You Are was invited to organize Georgia State University’s first farmers market. Students as well as Staff visited the tables making purchases and engaging in rich conversation with the qualified vendors.
If you live in the Portland area, there is neither a shortage of local farms and food growers, nor is there a shortage of farmers markets. This entry was posted in Sustainable Agriculture and tagged psu farmers market, psu saturday market, Saturday Farmer's Market at Portland State University, supporting local area farms, sustainable and local agriculture.
About Planet Matters BlogPlanet Matters and More is an information powerhouse, dedicated to bringing its readership the latest in news and opinion about healthy living and eating. The University Community Farmers Market began in 2007 as a community event to bring fresh produce and market goods and support local business in the neighborhood.
This market is a collaboration between the University at Buffalo, the surrounding South Campus neighborhoods and local organizations to promote wellness and community sustainability through the availability of fresh produce and locally grown food while promoting local entrepreneurs. Community members are welcome to join the market planning committee and volunteer at the market. Freshly picked strawberries from a roadside stand can only be described as plump, sweet and juicy. Somehow our society has decided that it is worth our resources to ship any produce we desire from halfway across the world when it is out of season in our region. Yet the pears are hard and tasteless, the plums are sour and the avocados lack richness — regardless of how long you put them in a brown paper bag. Flavor aside, produce that is not allowed to finish ripening naturally has fewer vitamins and minerals and is therefore less beneficial to our health. If you think that you prefer chips to cherries or brownies to broccoli, try them again from a local farmers market.
God gave us food as a wonderful gift and the colorful bounty of produce found at these markets serves as more than enough proof.
With all these options within reach, it seems almost foolish not to put off a bit of homework in favor of picking up some of nature’s sweet treats one of these fine May days.
I have been on the lookout for farmers' markets in the area - thank you so much for this info!

We highlighted local growers and food producers that grow and create unique, high quality products. Among the very best, the PSU Saturday Market in the streets and neighborhood surrounding the downtown campus of Portland State University has been bringing local produce to PDX residents for years.
Sponsored by Smalldoggies Omnimedia in Portland, OR, we believe in educating our audience, thereby creating intelligent and healthy members of a conscious society. In direct contrast, supermarket strawberries may be bright red and look succulent, but they are full of lies. Farmers markets have rapidly sprouted up in every neighborhood, from rural to urban, in the past several years.
As impatient creatures and self-proclaimed masters of nature, we demand produce to be picked well before its time in a faraway land. It is ironic that in the midst of trying to fix people’s diets, our country peddles pounds of food that lacks essential nutrition. Produce picked the same day that it is brought to the market tastes extraordinarily different than produce that is coated with food-grade wax after spending a month in cold storage.
Many farmers often have different varieties of fruits or vegetables that are not sold commercially, yet will be some of the best foods you have ever eaten. Do not hesitate to explore — there are many farmers markets in the area surrounding Biola throughout the week. I haven't been to all of them yet, but if you can get down to Irvine on a Saturday the UCI market is so worth it!
Chris Lineberger of Layers by Chris presented a variety of delicious desserts, vegan and old fashioned.
We will continue to build the market steadily over the cool season to insure that it is efficient and abundant by Spring! The majority of the time I am disappointed by a watery, almost strawberry-flavored fruit and regret the purchase.
Refrigerated, fumigated and artificially ripened, it is shipped across the globe simply because it is possible. Mealy hothouse tomatoes grown in Brazil will never compare to the firm, sweetly acidic tomatoes from a couple towns over.

Just as there is a proper time for everything in life, summer is for peaches, and beets belong to winter. Of course, for college students, the ultimate perk is that farmers sell high quality produce for a low price since the middle man is eliminated. The first market was a success due to student support from Nicole Ryerson, Emily Bower and the Nutrition Network. Chris was positioned along side Tree Water Beverages “The sea moss people.” as they sampled their unique, flavorful and nutrient rich drinks. As a Southern California native, strawberries are my go-to example, yet this same principle can be applied to most produce in grocery stores across the country.
Led by fearless business people who organize farmers, artisans, travelling restaurateurs and musicians into one cohesive event, farmers markets are a bustling hub where one can get delicious food while supporting local economy.
The more you think about it, the more ridiculous it sounds — we have turned into a generation of Veruca Salts. Although your region may not have the fruit you crave available for a few more months, the wait is worth it.
The GSU Office of Sustainability presented the market and their excellence in promotion, planning and problem solving made this process happen smoothly. Young farmer, Chris Edwards of Mayflor Farms was the featured produce grower, displaying specialty varieties of eggplant, tomato and multicultural greens. The Office of Sustainability has plans to present the farmers market once a month, the next one will be November 10th.   This schedule will allow time to develop the resources as well as promote it thoroughly so as to have maximum attendance and beneficial impact for all who desire access to fresh, local food on GSU campus. Farmers Exchange had two tables full of an eclectic selection of fresh produce and locally crafted products.

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