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Leveraging Account and Territory Growth Reviews to Ensure Sales Success Understanding Buyer Decision Criteria How to Avoid Sales Slippage The Four C's of Winning Sales Presentations Recognizing and Rescuing a Failing CRM System Healthcare Account Management Solution Selling for PharmaA® SPI Recognized as a 2016 Top 10 Analytics Solution Provider by Pharmatech Outlook Help sales leaders succeed, in just five minutes.
You can find more tidbits of Solution Selling wisdom like this in the Solution Selling Fieldbook.
Why do so many salespeople struggle with selling value, and instead focus on price or product? Negotiation skills are important, to be sure - that’s why we include essential negotiation planning tools in Solution Selling, and also why we offer an advanced negotiation skills program - but negotiating is but one of the skills required to maximize margins and reduce needless concessions and discounts. Lead with value: Selling value begins before you make the very first call, when you conduct research on your target prospect so that you can develop a value proposition to stimulate their interest.
In other words, leading with value is not only wise, it is probably now a requirement for achieving your sales goals.
If you are struggling with excessive discounts or with positioning value consistently throughout the entire sales cycle, you might want to consider mastering the Value Cycle, as part of your Solution Selling methodology.
In our Key Selling Skills Programme we work with your sales representatives to build strong and efficient sales Skills and Methodologies and provide them with the key sales tools they need to achieve and even exceed their goals.
From lead generation processes to order booking, Innovative Selling ensures your sales representatives use the best techniques at every stage and all levels. At Innovative Selling we know that successful Negotiating is an important skill every Sales Representative must have to reach his highest performance level. Whether you are aiming for the biggest deal of your life or you are dealing with your daily selling opportunities, whether you are talking to a single buyer or involved in complex discussions with a group of executives, IS works with you at improving significantly your negotiating and influencing skills and provides you with key techniques to ensure you reach, in every situation, agreements where all parties win!
Your success and the success of your company is tightly linked to the way you negotiate your deals. Our business is to help you understand the negotiating process, enhance your competences and confidence and sharpen your Negotiating techniques.
At Innovative Selling we understand the importance of Key Customers and the vital role they play in their suppliers’ business. Based on tailored and results-proven techniques our Key Account Management Programme will help you not only create satisfied customers but transform these into committed partners who trust your organization and rely on your support to grow their own business. We will provide you with best-practices and techniques to engage fruitful interactions and interviews with your key clients and ensure these are built and customized to strengthen relationships while also gathering critical data to drive strategic and ROI-driven efforts. Whether you are responsible for direct sales forces or managing indirect channel partners, whether you are managing at middle level or acting at top management level, whether your teams are physically located at your offices or your territory is spread over different continents, your key for success is your ability to communicate effectively with your people and ensure they deliver at their highest performance and in accordance with company objectives, in a predictable and sustainable manner.

But how can you make sure you are successful in today’s challenging environment where complexity and competitive pressures are continuously increasing?
Or business is to help you build strong and harmonized sales organizational structures and develop effective and custom-made sales management processes to drive the very best performance that each sales representative is capable of. For example, a B2B distributor may find that its ability to provide emergency deliveries is key driver of value for many commercial contractors served by the business. Accordingly, the B2B distributor in our example may choose to review its customer history data, and form different segments of contractor customers depending on their high, medium, or low usage patterns for emergency deliveries. In this step, the distributor develops and deploys tools for use by its sales force, to help effectively convince customers that the prices being charged are justified by the value the customer derives from doing business with the distributor.
In our example, the sales force would be trained to review easy-to-reference tools when pricing issues come up in customer discussions.
Even if the distributor’s sales force is well-equipped and trained to use these tools, certain customers will refuse to openly acknowledge the distributor’s true value.
In this step, the distributor’s goal is to align organizational culture and processes to better support customer-value focus. Best Way to Repay DebtI recommend the nonprofit, registered charitable organization Consolidated Credit Counselling Services of Canada for help to Canadians with budgeting and paying off debt.
The snowball started to roll when he was on a vacation and the CFO (power sponsor) checks with the CEO about the business case. Second: he could use the relations to get to POWER, who in the organization is the ROI buyer? So, by leading with value, you are in a much better position to get a complete picture of the potential value your solution could bring to that buyer. And like any other skill, Successful Negotiating can be learned, improved and strengthened through dedicated training and best-practices. Linkages are identified between features of the distributor’s offerings, and drivers of customer value in different market segments.
After all, if the contractor’s team is unable to proceed with a project because a part (which they might not have previously realized they would need) is missing, this can lead to inefficient labor utilization, and drive up the contractor’s cost of completing the project by disproportionately higher amount than the cost of the part involved.
Depending on the extent of the distributor’s pricing power in a particular segment, and depending on where historical system prices stood, in particular segments the analysis may suggest that the distributor should raise or lower system price points, to help ensure an appropriate balance between the need to be competitive, and not leaving money unnecessarily on the table. If key competitors in the commercial contractor segment (such as online suppliers) do not provide a similarly reliable comprehensive emergency delivery service for across the types of products subject to emergency delivery requests, then the distributor may conclude that it has significant pricing power in the segment of “high frequency emergency delivery” customers, and update its price position accordingly.

Lee is a seasoned consultant and B2B distribution pricing executive with over fifteen years of experience leading strategic pricing projects. He told me that this approach has helped his company to sell more ERP systems than anyone else.
The need for hard-nosed negotiation can be reduced greatly if the total value of your solution is understood by your customer. As a result, they usually end up making too many concessions, resulting in lower revenues and profits. In high-transaction count distribution environments, the distributor’s understanding of segment-specific willingness-to-pay levels may be refined using statistical methods to estimate the segment-specific elasticity of volume to price changes. To effectively deal with these types of customers, the distributor must also equip its sales force with tools to present price-value trade-offs in negotiations. His distribution industry pricing background is coupled with engagement leadership roles at top-tier strategy consulting firms. Sample calculations are defined, to help quantify how particular value-drivers reduce customers’ costs, and how they help drive customers’ revenues, relative to applicable competitive alternatives.
The analysis results in a recommended set of revised, more value-aligned prices, which better reflect segment-specific levels of willingness-to-pay.
It is “fair” for your distribution business to capitalize from the investments you have been making in your business to better serve them!
Lee is a Certified Pricing Professional, a Certified Public Accountant, and he holds a full-time MBA in Marketing Strategy from Kellogg School of Management. He must get to the ROI buyer and bring a value proposition based on his knowledge of the client; doing so, he can benefit from the relationship and knowledge. You should lead with value, verify the value you can deliver, justify the value to help close the sale, and measure the value received by the customer. This analysis is performed at a segment level: different customer types may value different things, and different competitors may be at play in different industries, geographies, and product markets. Accordingly, in our example, the sales rep dealing with a poker-player “high emergency delivery usage” contractor could be guided to offer to the customer the option of implementing (or increasing) minimum order quantities or other fees for future emergency deliveries - in exchange for lowering some prices.

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