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This is something of a loaded question for an agency because they do not know what exactly you are looking for in regards to their services.
Some agencies have a very hierarchical process structure that requires a single point of contact between the client and the agency itself. I wish I was kidding, but that “two word change” you sent in via email just turned into a process that causes no less than seven different staffers to bill time to your account.
Because it’s easier to track, many agency staffers will group small tasks throughout the day into a single billable entry on their time sheet. Large full-service ad agencies are notorious for not being able to hold a meeting without costing the client $500+. Chances are the Production Artist will not be billed at the same rate as the Creative Director. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but one of the the main things you want to take away is the cancellation policy. An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. Todd is a Creative Marketing Consultant with Rocketship Marketing, a small business marketing agency near Appleton, WI.
Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. Many recruitment consultants are using Linkedin and Facebook for search clients and today I would like to touch based on how Twitter can really help a recruitment consultant to hunt and look for new clients effectively. Twitter is a micro-blog of Facebook itself and it is can be very targeted if you know what you are doing. The main advantage of Twitter is that it is under-utilised in Singapore and many people are not even in Twitter yet, not even heard about it. If you are a consultant and had been cold-calling to potential clients, I am sure you had faced plenty of rejection straight to the face and usually it feels damn lousy after the rejection. If they were to accept you as a follower, you can send them a direct message and start to build a relationship from there. Anyhow, once you established yourself as a reliable follower, you will get more people of that same level and it can more opportunities can be created from there. Here’s the fun part – People said that Twitter needs to be managed and it takes alot of effort to search for the right client, then they are VERY WRONG, in the course of my training to the consultants, I had shown them some software available so that they can AUTOMATE the entire process of Tweeting! You see, you can automated almost EVERYTHING in Twitter as long as you have this Twitter automated software. Can you imagine you have thousands of TARGETED followers, not just clients but potentially candidates? Dougles Chan is the recruitment Guru ,a Personal Mentor, Business Adviser and also a Web Sales Expert that assist clients in their business needs in recruitment and sales, specialised in creation of sales, leads and traffic in many industries including employment agencies, advertising agencies, gifting industry, education industry, training industry, software industry and many others.
He is the author of Job Seekers Power Manual and recruitment agency manual – Financial Success in Recruitment Industry which had received tremendous praises from job seekers and CEO and Directors of companies all over the world. If you are seeking for someone train and mentor you or to brand and create more sales and generate leads for your side, you can speak to Dougles Chan to see how you can use the latest techniques and technology to your advantage.
Business mentoring and coaching for new and existing recruitment agencies in Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.
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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Social Media in the industrial manufacturing industry is still in its infancy, but it is growing as more companies recognise the potential benefits. Social Media gives you the opportunity to build your brand, connect and build relationships with your customers, suppliers, prospects and partners, as well as improving your SEO and driving traffic to your website. We think it’s important to remember that your audience uses social media personally as well as for business, so personal preferences come into play. The one essential part of a successful social media campaign for your industrial manufacturing company is a blog. What I’m going to write about today are simple questions you can ask while interviewing a prospective advertising agency. Nobody knows your specific business situation better than you, so it’s not uncommon to want a more vendor-like relationship with an advertising agency. Nothing gets done without it going to the Account Executive who then sends it to the Traffic Manger who sends it to the Creative Director who sends it to the Art Director who sends it to the Production Artist who passes it on to the Copywriter who then sends it to the Proofreader who sends it back to the Traffic Manager and who finally sends it back to the Account Executive. You can use this to your advantage by selectively bypassing the higher-tiered employees if one with a lower billing rate can answer your question or address your problem just as efficiently. Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! I can target all the Managing Director in Singapore or even CEO in Singapore if you know how to do it.
However interestingly some high flyers are using it for their own person expression platform. With Twitter, you can add the potential clients as a follower and in turn they may add you as a follower too. His clients comes from Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, Germany and many other countries. He will be able to blend in the most effective way with the least cost to get things done at the shortest time. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Whilst Facebook may not be an obvious choice, it is still the largest network and we consistently record click-throughs to our clients’ websites from Facebook; however, Twitter and LinkedIn are often more successful in terms of driving traffic to sites.
We ensure your company has a presence on all the popular social media sites, giving your customers and potential customers the very best opportunity to access information about you and your products. This fresh content is essential for giving people a reason to visit your website on a regular basis. For B2B companies, the use of press releases is a very valuable part of the marketing mix, adding to the overall brand in the conventional print world - and in the digital space where good coverage also has significant impact on SEO. Together we have built a successful profile on the internet against key phrases relating to our market. I have also spent plenty of time on the other side of the table working with agencies as a client. These are the type of questions that address your day-to-day relationship with the agency, rather than inquiries about high-level strategic thinking or questions about how the agency can fulfill company objectives. You call the shots and the agency gives its input and ultimately makes it happen. However, if you are looking for a true long-term agency partnership, you may shy away from agencies that describe themselves as vendors, service providers, or project shops.

From the client perspective, you would ideally have direct access (phone, email, meeting, etc.) to all individuals working on your account. If the agency bills in 10 minute increments, that’s 90 minutes of billing (the AE and the TM touched it twice) for something that would take the Production Artist quite literally 10 minutes to fix and send back over to you for approval. If left to their own devices, agencies (at least the ones I have worked for) have a tendency to invite everybody except the janitor to meetings.
Now, I wouldn’t be asking a Production Artist about overall marketing strategy, but nor would I bother having the Director of Account Services spend time scrounging up a high-resolution logo.
Many will outsource tasks such as video production, photography, social media management, SEO, SMS marketing, content production, media buying, etc. I had a recent conversation recently with an agency who told their client is that it would not carry out the clients wishes as they would only end hurting the client and the project. Imagine if you are the only recruitment consultant to approach them and you will have no competition at all! Even if they do not add you as a follower, you can actually mention them in the tweet and they will receive the message in their twitter account. Together with the automated software mentioned above, I also download the FREE TweetDeck on my laptop so that I can managed multiple accounts linked with FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN and Facebook Fan Page.
I have found many great clients and candidates from this platform itself using this platform, the market is still consider very raw, you should look into it if you want to have an edge in your search for clients. Also, let’s not forget YouTube, which is extremely powerful and yet still under-utilised in B2B industries.
If you are not sure what subjects to cover in your blog, don’t worry – that’s something we can deal with alongside your PR program.
This includes everybody from the Production Artist up to the person ultimately responsible for your business (usually an Account Executive or agency principal). Ideally, the agency will have a short minimum billable time and some will have real-time billing systems in place so there is no minimum.
These services are usually passed through the agency with a markup (but not always), so you will want to know this before hiring the agency. I have to admit, I really admired their integrity and would definitely consider working with them. The releases are sent to a very large number of pertinent publications, and have good take-up.
On the other, you will be paying for people to sit and listen to topics that may have no relevance to their actual role on the account.
For example, if you’re primarily looking toward an agency for text message marketing, you probably don’t want to choose one that outsources that task.
Ian’s enthusiasm for his craft is coupled with the readiness to help with other aspects of our marketing program where needed, and the giving of advice at regular briefings. The others who beat around the bush and you’re sensing it, are the ones you want to avoid.

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