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Audio Visual Integration is one of the top security camera installation companies in Orlando.
We only use the most technologically advanced and dependable equipment available for our security camera projects.
Our biggest priority for customers requesting security cameras is that they feel safe and protected once we finish a job.
When asked by Guy Harvey Inc., to outfit their new offices and showroom with a new state of the art audio and visual system, our engineers were challenged to tailor the new gear to their needs, wants, the space, and their budget.
Initially, the offices were pre-wired for distributed audio and video including security cameras.
With the continual increase in theft, burglary and vandalism, crime is something everyone thinks about.
In order to figure out exactly what home security camera you need, you will need to understand what types of cameras are out there, from a surveillance camera to a wireless camera. Surveillance systems operate the most powerful cameras and a huge variety of both recording and viewing options. Cameras are able to incorporate color with black and white recording functions, motion sensors and infrared LEDs for night vision monitoring. To keep the area under surveillance many homeowners choose smart security systems, which enable them to control the existing environment from phones, keypads, touch panels, handheld remotes and voice identification. Home surveillance system reviews will not only help you to learn more about security and alarm options, but will also be beneficial in making the right choice. Motion detection record and alarm makes your home or office safer, that will warn you timely.
Our trained technicians are experienced in security camera installations, but more importantly they’re friendly and trustworthy.

After working closely with the VP of operations, AVI engineers formulated a plan which accomplished every aspect of the request. By understanding what is needed to have good security for your surroundings, you will be able to purchase a surveillance system and specific surveillance cameras to suit those needs for things like home security.
Such purchases can be called sensitive ones, as they require much knowledge as to available options, their capabilities and understanding of your own needs. They are usually requested for a huge number of purposes and keep tracking the territory, protecting your place both from outside and inside. Perhaps, the best benefit is the fact they help in identifying the most critical aspects of the video feed. This is impressive equipment that assists many owners in keeping a close track of their belongings. To their main pros belongs the fact that such systems use a huge number of detectors, providing a rather safe environment for many residents. The thing is they are built in houses and handle various devices from heat to security systems, different appliances, light and temperature control of window covers.
No matter what you’re going to protect (home or business), surveillance systems will help to succeed in your cravings and ensure the safety of your property. It is a DIY system that is incredibly easy to set up and use with no need to hire a professional installer. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.
For residential projects, we understand the importance of protecting your home and keeping your family and belongings safe. At AVI we understand the value of hiring a security company you can trust and that’s why we go the extra mile to make sure you’re in good hands.

Another top priority of ours is that we want to make sure our customers fully understand how to use the products we install. What type of security you should invest in, whether ita€™s a home security system or surveillance for your office, are all things to consider even before moving into a new home or office. Compression capabilities and a large hard drive ensure the quality of the recording system and a variety of methods you can view the recordings.
Choose either wired or wireless surveillance cameras to protect your place in a proper way. Besides, this type of surveillance systems is considered to be the most sophisticated, as it can use the smallest cameras and bullet home security ones. You can easily monitor entryways, offices, shops, warehouses, children's rooms, garages, or any other area in your business or home. For commercial projects, we know that protecting your property, equipment and other investments is vital to your Orlando business.
That’s why we say the job isn’t done until you understand every function of your security camera equipment. There are numerous types of options, from spy cameras or nanny cams that are small, efficient and can resemble anything from a fake plant to a wall clock, to CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras used to capture images that can later be used in courtrooms to catch kidnappers and thieves.
Besides, mobile applications and network transferrable feeds allow accessing the video stream from any locations. Weatherproof camera can work by wired & wireless, MPEG4 compression format, greatly reduce HDD usage, Remote Surveillance and control via Internet, that will live monitor from anywhere in the world.

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