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Utilisation d'un eclairage module en fonction de l'eclairage exterieur, ventilation naturelle et free-cooling. Haute performance des equipements de production et recuperation des energies de l'activite. Acces direct Porte d’Aubervilliers depuis le boulevard peripherique et les boulevards des marechaux. Gabriel, originally from Ontario in Canada, says: “From being in the construction industry, I was interested in being a part of bigger and better projects.
Gabriel completed the Premium Package, which includes ADAS Parts 1, 2 and 3, at The Underwater Centre, Tasmania in 2010. He recently returned to The Underwater Centre to train as a saturation diver on the ADAS Part 4 Closed Bell course.
For more information on getting started as a commercial diver visit our Tasmania site here, or if you’re thinking of taking your commercial diving career to the next level, read more about our saturation diving here.
We can’t comment on the other commercial diver training establishments, however we would encourage you to compare and contrast the training schools you’re looking at.

We do hope this is of help – but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve any other queries regarding what we offer here in Tasmania.
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Il se trouve a un carrefour strategique de voies de communication, entre les portes de La Villette et d’Aubervilliers.
He had worked as a bar tender and part-time in the construction industry before looking for a career that offered job satisfaction and excitement.
I was made aware that commercial diving also gave you the opportunity to travel, which I love. A few years ago I had an accident whilst underwater and almost lost my leg in a lifting procedure. The saturation diver training now allows Gabriel to expand his career and look for work in a new capacity.

I do believe our school offers you the most with a great base to start your career as a commercial diver. Il a defini une integration harmonieuse du bassin, canal et des espaces d’agrements qui favorise la convivialite des lieux. He was already a keen sport diver, so he put that together with his construction experience, and training as a commercial diver was the obvious step into a new career. The fact that when something goes wrong, it can go terribly wrong, is what I least enjoy.” Thankfully these kind of incidents are few and far between due to the procedures and processes put in place to protect commercial divers.

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