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Visitors to B2B Exchange know that it helps to have the right features and a brand that will be there for you, but at the end of the day the price you pay for web conferencing will be among the most important parts of the decision. There are a variety of options for you to explore as you think about buying web conferencing.
An integrated web conferencing solution provides a central online meeting place for people all over the world.
When you're ready to purchase a web conferencing program, go with the vendor who offers the products and services that best suit your business. Holographic representations of remote conference participants could be about to step out of science fiction and into real life, two recent job posts by Microsoft Research suggest. The first advert, for a principal software development engineer, asks for applicants who want to be responsible for redefining the way people telecommute, communicate and work. Microsoft said the successful party will work on what it terms a “groundbreaking new technology platform” that will “revolutionise communications and touch millions of customers around the world”. The second advert, also for a software development engineer, refers to the “Microsoft Mesa project” – mesa meaning table in Spanish. The Mesa Project is similar in nature to Viewport, a previous Microsoft Research project that aimed to build a “shared virtual environment for immersive telecommunication”. However, as both the Mesa-related job adverts are listed as part of the Startup Business Group, and given the tone of the ads, it could be that Mesa will take the technology out of the lab and into the office and home. However, as cloud computing opens up the possibilities of remote working, people are turning to new, unified communications technologies to deliver the immediacy of an in-person meeting, while still being able to work from another location. H.323 is an umbrella recommendation from the ITU-T, that defines the protocols to provide audio-visual communication sessions on any packet network. Generally speaking, application writers will find that TAPI 3.x provides better support to implement flexible communications controls. RTP - Real Time Transport Protocol is an Internet protocol for transmitting real-time data such as audio and video.
In this example, I used TAPI3 to create audio conferencing, For more information, see Rendezvous Code Examples on MSDN. In this example, I used the Wave Library to capture and send voice through the network and I used the Stream classes to transfer captured video images from a camera.

In this article, I have just posted some examples that will help you to start creating your conferencing system. I have downloaded the Video_Voice_Conferencing project, which includes the H323 VOIP sample. Question1: Can I simulate two clients talking to each other in the same computer, or the two clients have to sit on different computers?
I am testing an IVR example program related to Graphical User Interface for the voice recognition. The SIP registration information of this sample application is stored in the application configuration (app.config) file. For my second test, I moved to a ubuntu linux install on a much better machine with 4 gigs of ram. What you are going to find is that hardware and bandwidth are going to be your limiting factors (as always!).
Help VMukti get the support they need from the user community to continue developing such a great project.
I have followed install instructions, and everything is working, except, that when I try to upload a document to the whiteboard it times out, and does not load. I am not a computer person, can you please put into simple language how to install this program, and exactly which program is needed to run Open Meeting. You get application sharing that allows you to pass the controls of your PC over to a participant at any time. Web conferencing solutions usually provide polling, Q&A capabilities, and live chat to enhance their experience. Also, look for companies that are financially stable — you don't want to select a vendor with an unproven background. It is currently implemented by various Internet real-time applications such as NetMeeting and Ekiga (the latter uses the OpenH323 implementation). Possible applications range from simple voice calls over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to multicast multimedia IP conferencing with quality of service (QOS). RTP itself does not guarantee real-time delivery of data, but it does provide mechanisms for sending and receiving applications to support streaming data.

You can also use this example to capture from any other capturing device such as a TV Tuner and then you can send it through the network.
In other word, can I use just one computer to test the application and simulate the call process? I just want to see how my voice is passed from one computer (computer1) to another computer(computer2), or how a phone call is made. It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really belive you will do much better in the future .
White boarding and screen sharing allow everyone to take down notes and share ideas in real time.
Floyd episodes: The dates below are for dates of first podcast release of each episode of The Radio Adventures of Dr. From time to time, you will find new examples and tutorials on VoIP, Video Conferencing and Network Programming on my site and also in our Forums that specialize in Network Programming and VoIP.
It is a part of the H.32x series of protocols which also addresses communications over ISDN, PSTN or SS7.
Typically, RTP runs on top of the UDP protocol, although the specification is general enough to support other transport protocols that know how Windows supports Real Time Communication. At computer2, shall I run the same application and set the IP address to the IP address of computer1?
This recognition will help ensure that their software gets the attention it needs to continue to provide a great set of features to the software community.
H.323 is commonly used in VoIP, Internet Telephony, or IP Telephony and IP-based videoconferencing. I have one desktop and one laptop at home, both of them are equipped with MIC and speaker, which are connected by a single router.

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