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2012 Free Webex is already availableAs Cisco promised, its web-conferencing service WebEx is becoming free. Main Page ContentPolycom is a system that provides a communication channel between multiple parties using specially equipped rooms.
WebEx combines desktop sharing through a web browser with phone conferencing and video, so everyone sees the same thing while you talk. The free online meeting can support up to 25 people simultaneously and provide the variety of tools: screen-sharing, whiteboard, remote control, file sharing, presentations, VoIP, video in HD-format, recording.
You might be surprised that the service is currently in Beta status (after all, WebEx has been the web-conferencing market leader  for many years). It's a new version of WebEx, which in addition to web-conferencing adds a workspace for collaboration before and after online meeting.There you can not only plan meetings and invite participants, but also share files before the online meeting and discuss them with your colleagues. And after the virtual meeting you can share the meeting record as well as files created during the meeting and continue the discussion. At the Collaboration Summit in Miami Cisco has introduced the new version of Webex and the subscription free plan for 3 people and 250 MB of space.

In addition to basic functions (screen-sharing, whiteboard, online presentations, document collaboration, VoIP and instant messaging) the free version also provides video conferencing (but not in HD-quality).
Of course, there are several other web-conferencing services that offer free version, but WebEx differs by high quality and extensive functionality. According to the Cisco representatives the free version is already available, but we couldn't find it on the WebEx site. It's an intranet-collaboration SaaS service that includes file storage, tasks, calendar, discussions, contacts, mail and of course it was integrated with WebEx online meetings. The next WebEx version will feature the new shell - WebEx Meeting Space, designed for collaboration before and after meetings. For example, in this workspace you can schedule a meeting, send invitations to attendees, share some files in advance and discuss the upcoming meeting in comments and live chat. The first users have already downloaded several millions iPad applications, but most of them are consumer apps, rather than business applications. And not just because of the lack of webcam, multitasking, Flash support and security measures.

Despite its originality, iPad will compete in the corporate market with an army of netbooks and smartphones (including iPhone). But certainly iPad will be useful for business of software vendors, which have already begun to announce iPad clients to get the customer attention.At the forefront of those who wants this attention is Google.
Unlike Google's browser-based application, it's a full-featured client that can be installed from the App Store.
Rackspace created mobile client for the iPad, that allows to control the cloud infrastructure.
IBM announced Lotus Sametime communications app for the iPad.But Microsoft was most original. Company representatives said they are not developing and have no plans to adopt Outlook and MS Office for the iPad.

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