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When it comes to video games, it’s not a degree or status that matters; it’s merely experience and passion.
The thing is it is actually possible to create your own video game especially now that there are a lot of things that can help you in creating a video game you desire. The truth of the matter is that there is actually no stopping you when you start creating your game in any way you want.
There is one rule of thumb that developers do before they start creating a new video game and that is they do market research first and try to figure out if there is any game that is almost the same as what they have in mind. What’s even more important is for you to know that there are online resources that can help you in this feat.
No matter how much advancement there would be when it comes to the resources that one can use in creating video games, one thing remains to be really valuable and that is the game developer’s talent. Four new species of the zombifying fungi, members of the Ophiocordyceps (or just Cordyceps) genus have apparently been discovered. Once it infects an ant, the fungus uses as-yet-unidentified chemicals to control the ant's behavior, [study researcher David] Hughes told LiveScience. Ultimately, the fungus produces a long stalk that protrudes from the ant's head, shooting spores out in the hopes of infecting other ants.
The video below, from Planet Earth, gives an incredible time-lapsed view of what Cordyceps fungi can do. The discovery of these four new Cordyceps species, each specific to a different ant in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, will help scientists study the role of zombie fungi in a degraded habitat, reports Mongabay.
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Before we look at how to create a storyboard for music videos, we need to know why you need to. When it comes to making a music video, some people like to completely overlook making the storyboard before hand.
Another reason you need a storyboard when recording a music video, is so you know what footage you need to get. Creating storyboards is all about saving time and getting things right on the day, which can be more useful then a lot of musicians realise.
As well as having the drawings, it is also important to have notes on what will actually be happening in the scene. As you’re making a music video, one important thing you need to bare in mind when creating your storyboard is the timing of it all. You will also need to make a note of any effects you want put in the scene, any lighting effects you expect, and any scene switching effects (E.G.
Below is a free printable music video storyboard template which you can print out and use free of charge.
I am very good at producing music, but when it comes to video, I am way out of my league, thank you for taking the time to help the little guys, I am try to plan a video shoot and you have just showed me the way. Planning is all important when shooting a music video, so the storyboard definitely will help. My friend and i are are in year 9 and have to shoot a video of an new invention and were are going to sing in a music video for it. Simply click one of the social sharing buttons in this guide and it’ll appear at the bottom of the article.
Join thousands of musicians who receive exclusive career changing advice direct to their inbox! From the very beginning when I started working on my Mobile Web Revolution video, I had the idea to capture my process of how I created the motion graphic video as I went along in order to share it online with others as a resource for learning motion graphics.
I’ve outlined my basic process of creating simple motion graphics videos using Keynote previously in another post. The presentation below contains scans of my sketches and hand-drawn storyboard as well exports of Keynote storyboards and mock-ups. Another  key lesson learned here is to generate several alternative visual ideas to explain a given element of the video and to be flexible and not too locked on to one particular graphic or edit idea. Additionally, if you’re going to be narrating your video, I think it would be useful to do at least a rough narration early on the project before getting too attached to storyboard and visual elements. If you’ve got some key lessons learned from creating animated infographics videos, please share by commenting below. This is great…a little above my multi media challenged head right now but will definitely bookmark for later. Like Tania, this post is also OMH… but there are some other posts of yours that may be better suited for my skill level. Yeah, the post is mostly targeted for people who may be wanting to get into creating their own videos. Like software development, spend the time up front to really hone the overal tone and purpose of the end product. I agree with Courtney and Tania…seems very technical, but I am totally open to cool new things for sure!!
The video turned out great and I think will help with several of our marketing projects; thanks so much for nailing it!

The overwhelming response to the video was positive (from viewers around the globe) and that it spoke clearly to a complicated subject. Jeff has been a pleasure to work with, very responsive and proactive, and I highly recommend his services.
Thanks so much for all your hard work on this and I look forward to working with you for any future animation needs!
Jeff – you were an absolute delight to work with – incredibly creative, patient with us and our script edits and extraordinarily fast with our Consumer Electronics Show deadline in mind!  We very much look forward to working with you again and to actively referring you to others at every opportunity!
I use the videos literally every day in our new business efforts and they are so helpful in not only creating a sense of professionalism but in making a complex business case and product clear.
The reason why there are a lot of people who have the urge to create their own video game is because they know very well what they like for themselves and what they don’t in a video game. When you ask a couple of individuals kids and kids at heart about what they should consider first when they are to create their own video game, they would perhaps some varied replies. For instance, if you would like to come up with a sketch of your characters, there are in fact graphic software that you can download for free from the net. These fungi are the sworn enemy of tropical ants and other insects, infecting them and causing their unusual behavior, according to Mongabay.
It directs the ant to leave its colony (a very un-ant-like thing to do) and bite down on the underside of a leaf -- the ant's soon-to-be resting place. Two of the four newly discovered species also sprouted smaller stalks elsewhere, including from the victim's feet and lower leg joints - the equivalent of knees.
On this storyboard, you will have rough sketches of how you want each scene to look, as well as notes on what you want to be happening. Instead, they have a rough idea of how the video’s going to go, and just record on the day. It doesn’t have to be a perfect or even good quality drawing, but it does need to show a few things. While sketches can be good to visualise things, notes can emphasise things that are harder to sketch.
Let’s say for example your lead musician needs to be spinning clockwise over three seconds, this would be hard to show in a sketch. You should note down how long each scene is going to last, and match it up with the timing of the song you’re making a video for.
We’ve made it even easier by giving you our free storyboard template in the section below, so all you need to do is download that, print it up and fill it out. They’re a great time saving tool, and help ensure you have covered all areas on the day of your video shoot.
I’m going to be adding a new guide on creating a music video on Music Industry How To soon, so check out that site and sign up to be informed on when I put it out. Now also includes insider information, competition announcements, and music marketing discounts. I wanted to be able to show not just the final video, but the script ideas, the rough brainstormed sketches that lead to storyboards and mock-ups in Apple Keynote.
Those interested in the process can compare the original sketches and storyboard with the final video.
You need to spend a lot more time refining, distilling and honing the script up front before you jump into production or even storyboarding.
You might have an idea for a really cool transition from one scene to another, but it may be technically difficult to produce or may not add to the effectiveness of the explanation. I had used Apple Motion before in other projects, but not for anything near the scale of this project.
Many people aren’t really satisfied hearing themselves speak, and that certainly applies to me. By laying down a narration track early on, you can get a better of idea of the timing of your animations.
Of course, I could have slowed down the narration or left a long pause, but I wasn’t happy with that result either.
I am not at all up to your level, but having done a little bit of storyboarding and concepting, I really appreciated your dual focus. It explains a complicated process in a simple way, and has helped our sales effort and built awareness with a much bigger audience than expected. Strong indication of how well the video turned out is that it received more than 3,000 views within just two weeks. I felt very confident throughout the process that you were going to deliver an extremely useful and professional product for us and I couldn't be happier with the result. Some would say that they have to come up with a really interesting storyline and work from there. When there is an aspect of a video game which you think is what completes a video game, then you should work on that first. It involves simply dragging and dropping the features that you would like to be included in your video game. Once it is killed by the fungus, the ant remains anchored in place, thanks to its death grip on the leaf. Today we will look at what a storyboard is, why you need one when making a music video, what you should include in a music video storyboard, and finally how to put all those pieces together and create one.

While storyboards can be designed on white boards of black boards, it’s often easier and more convenient to design them on paper.
If you have a story board before hand, you will be able to see exactly what footage you need to capture. You can easily put this in the notes however, so it’s still clear what should be happening in the scene.
Most of these things will go in the notes section, or on a separate page if they are instructions for your video editor. You fill it out by sketching each scene in the provided box, and make a note of the what’s happening in the text area. If you’re learning how to record a music video, you should also add storyboard making into your skill set. Good luck with your video shoot, and feel free to show us your completed storyboard if you like.
Keynote is great for simple basic animations, but can’t compare to infographics animation in Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects for complex motion graphics.
Some portions came out very similar to the original concept but I found that a lot of my original ideas where difficult or time-consuming to produce.
It wasn’t until I was well into sketching and storyboarding that I realized my script was too broad.
If you’re just starting out creating motion graphics or animated infographic videos, whether you’re going to use Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects or even Keynote, writing, editing and producing your own video on a topic of your choice is a great way to not only learn the process, but also the software tools you’ll need. Beyond that, I’ve learned from narrating several videos over the past year just how badly I tend to slur words together in my normal speech.
Had I layed down even a rough narration earlier on, I would have realized that wasn’t much time to visually show much here and could have come up with some different concept for depicting that. Jeff is great to work with - he really took time to understand what we needed to communicate, and got the work done on time and within budget. We are excited to begin sharing with everyone and we have already recommended you to some of our colleagues who have asked for animation video production! Others on the other hand would say that they would like to draw and conceptualize the characters while some more would think that would like to focus more on the glaring and blasting effects of the game. If you think you are better off with premade ones, you can actually choose among those that are accessible for free from sites online; they can be 2 dimensional or 3D.
One other site that kids can go to when they are into video game creation is Stagecast Creator. We also provide your with a free music video storyboard template so you can get started on creating your own one right away. Furthermore, you can plan what order you’re going to record the footage in, the most important parts going first. Most likely you’ll want a different scene beginning around then, so make a note of the time the scene should start. You will also want to include how long each scene last for, so you know how much footage you need to record. The whole point of this is so you and everyone else have got a plan, and know what they should be doing on the day. Now you know how to create a storyboard for music videos and have a free printable template to get you started, good luck with plaining your video.
I initially started out with a broader idea of discussing the trends of what some people have termed the Post-website era, but it turned out that there were too many issues at play for such a broad topic and so I decided to narrow it down to the mobile revolution. I loved the slide show around 36 – something mysterious became instantly clear and dramatic. This is the first animated video we created, and it all started with a script and a skimpy storyboard. People that may need a copy include the video recorded, the director, the video editor, and anyone else that’s involved in your music video. As you’re paying to hire a video recording crew, you will most likely have a limited amount of time to shoot your video. As long as it gives people time to plan ahead, know their role and know what the final outcome should be, the storyboard has done it’s job. I think the video still suffers a bit from this mid-course correction, not being as focused as it could be. If both you and everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing (Especially the video recording crew) then everything will go a lot quicker.
This will make it a lot easier for your music video editor, as they will know exactly what is expected of them. Any important details need to be sketched in, so everyone knows exactly where they should be and what should be happening.

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