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The Curriculum Innovation Service provides several bespoke services to partners with regard to video creation. Please note an average 1 hour school production would take approximately 1.5 days to film and edit to create a completed video of the event.
Please contact Ben on 01274 434824 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. Microsoft has been making big splashes in the mobile pond of late as it works to build on its Mobile and Cloud strategy. The good news for potential users of the Office for the iPad Apps is that the Personal edition will allow full functionality with those Apps on the iPad. Note though that I can not verify as of this moment whether or not the Personal edition pricing is available via in-App purchasing currently. Microsoft Office 365 Personal is targeted mostly towards individual consumers who don’t have a house full of PCs and other devices. Microsoft had announced Office 365 Personal before rolling out the iPad versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for the iPad.
Microsoft finds itself, after a considerable delay, in releasing iPad versions of the iPad Apps in competition with Apple, Google, and third party alternatives that can access and work with documents created on Microsoft Office software.

8K displays may be beyond NVIDIA and AMD at the moment, but it's not like 4K TVs and monitors are all that widespread.
Featuring a diagonal of 32 inches, the new monitor in the MultiSync PA series is among the most accurate, color-wise, which is necessary considering that it's supposed to be used in video creation and editing. Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture technologies are available as well, which pairs quite well with the peripheral switching capability. Without an Office 365 subscription those Apps had limited functionality that did not allow users to edit or create documents on an iPad. Students can take advantage of an even greater discount with Office 365 University that costs $79.99 for a four year subscription.
Another benefit of an Office 365 subscription is that updates for the applications are made available to users as they become ready. It appears that the Redmond company took advantage of a short window of time after those Apps were offered to garner as many full price Office 365 subscriptions as possible before making this new, less expensive and less expansive version available on the market. Though sales of Office 365 subscriptions have been strong, the jury is still out as to how many Tablet users will opt to pay an annual subscription fee to use the mobile Apps when other entrenched alternatives exist.
Also of note, for those wishing to order a full Office 365 Home subscription Amazon continues to offer that package at a price of $63.15.

NEC wants to help move the market forward, so it has launched the MultiSync PA322UHD LCD monitor. It is anticipated that there will be an Android version of the same Apps announced later this year, so those using that platform should have access to the Personal edition when those Apps do launch. While Office 365 as a subscription service had been selling very well by most accounts, there is no word yet on what boost, if any, the release of the Office for the iPad Apps had on that subscription revenue.
This allows users who want the benefits of Word but don’t need to work with spreadsheets or presentations to download just that one App.
The full subscription allows you to install  Office applications on up to 5 different computers. The new Personal version allows you to install Office applications on one PC or Mac and one Tablet.
Users can purchase an Office 365 subscription directly from Microsoft and other vendors, or via an in-App purchase through iTunes.

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