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You know what the iPad Air, the thinnest tablet Apple has made so far, the one that’s 20% thinner than its distinctly not-fat predecessors, never needed to be?
That’s a mighty impressive feat of engineering, but it takes more than ultra-slimness to really rock Stuff Towers. The gadget world’s obsession with thinness could rival that of the modelling world, and at times it seems just as misguided. As well as the silver and 'space grey' finishes of the last generation, the iPad Air 2 is also available in the couleur du jour, gold, which is what our sample is dressed in. Interestingly, the silence switch has been axed, presumably in the name of achieving that 6.1mm thinness. Proper iPad nerds will also notice that there’s now just a single row of immaculately machined speaker ports on the bottom, rather than the two of before. But while only some tableteers will factor the speakers into the to-buy-or-not-to-buy equation, all (one hopes) will prioritise the screen. Not that the numbers would necessarily convince you of that, as they’re the same as the original iPad Air - 1536 x 2048 pixels spread across a 9.7in display, which equates to 264ppi. The three layers of a usual touchscreen (the glass, touch panel and LCD sheet) have been combined in one laminated layer, and the result is that it looks as though the pixels are printed right on the surface of the display. Apple’s also making a big fuss of the screen’s anti-reflection properties, and again the fuss seems relatively justified. The bright strip lights in Stuff’s testing rooms are reflected in bright yellow on the original iPad Air’s screen, whereas the new model reduces them to a dim blue that’s far easier to ignore. In terms of colour balance, sharpness and detail, there’s no real difference between the two models, and that means you get one of the most balanced and natural displays available. 8MP may be little to write home about in the world of smartphones, but for a tablet it’s fairly high - not to mention a fairly significant upgrade on the 5MP of the original iPad Air.
That means you get sharper images with a bit more detail than before, and both the rear sensor and 1.2MP “FaceTime” camera now have a Burst mode. It's got a slo-mo mode, too, which records at 120fps (rather than the 240fps of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) to make it incredibly easy to turn sections of video into crisp slow motion, right on the iPad itself. But here’s the thing, while Craig Grannell makes some good points when he writes that using your iPad for photography is fine, I still couldn’t possibly condone it. Yes, it’s photos have nicely balanced colours and reasonable contrast, and its low-light performance is decent enough for most situations, but compare them to those from the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and there’s no competition.
Geekbench is equally unequivocal, giving the Air 2 a score of 4515 - nearly 2000 points more than the original Air, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. There are few items that can do more damage to your wallet than an iPad, at least when combined with a decent online shopping website and some rubbish TV on in the background.
One lesser-known feature of the LTE version of the iPad Air 2 is its built-in multi-network SIM.
There's not much in iOS 8.1 that users of iOS 8 aren’t already familiar with, but the aforementioned Apple Pay is one big change.
The first part of Continuity is Handoff, which shares actions and tasks between your iOS devices and Yosemite Mac. The way this works in practice is that if you’re looking at a web page, composing an email or have Messages open on you iPhone or iPad, the equivalent app icon appears at the left of your Mac’s dock with a little phone symbol attached to it. But if you’re upgrading from an older iPad or this is your first Apple tablet, the Air 2 is absolutely the way to go. The extra thinness makes it more portable and more stylish than ever before, the new screen tech makes it even more usable in even more situations, and that extra power means you’re ready for the next generation of processor-intensive apps that dedicated developers are dreaming up right now. For iPad, the goal has always been somewhat paradoxical: to create a device thata€™s immensely powerful, yet so thin and light you almost forget ita€™s there. To create the astonishingly thin silhouette of iPad Air 2, the Retina display was redesigned, fusing what had been three layers into one. The iSight camera in iPad Air 2 delivers advanced optics, an improved sensor, and a powerful Apple-designed image signal processor. Wi-Fi on iPad Air 2 is fasta€”more than twice as fast as the previous generationa€”so downloading movies and streaming videos take less time. At Apple, we dona€™t build a profile based on your email content or web browsing habits to sell to advertisers.
The problem for Apple is that each year the iPad is so good it doesn’t need to be upgraded in twelve months, or even twenty-four months. Apple still managed to sell 12.3 million tablets over the summer, which is certainly no small number.
The iPad has always been the best-looking tablet on the market, and it has only gotten better with age.
Previous iPads used three separate components for the display, but this year Apple has combined them to eliminate gaps between layers (something that’s been present in iPhones and other competing tablets); a more succinct way to describe the change is to call it a “fully laminated display” which, in addition to thinness, also promises to reduce glare from bright sunlight (it does) and provide richer colors. And since the LCD layer is closer to your eyeballs, touching the screen is actually a slightly different (and improved) experience. Beyond a thinner profile and better display, the iPad Air 2 is largely similar to last year’s model. When you hold and use the iPad Air 2, you slowly begin to realize that making it thinner really does make a tangible difference; the marketing hype is backed up by real-world results.
It’s easier to hold, for one (even one-handed), meaning you can use it longer in bed, on the couch, etc.
While a lot of people will take notice of the iPad Air 2’s outward changes, the most significant improvements are actually under the hood. We performed a Geekbench 3 multicore score to see just how much faster the new A8X chip is over the Air’s A7, and the results are pretty surprising. In day-to-day-use, you’ll especially notice a boost in performance if you own an iPad that’s a few generations old. Basically, whatever purpose you need the Air 2 to serve, it will more than get the job done. Still, you can expect to go a full heavy day of apps, games, browsing, etc., and still have some battery to spare, which is all you can really ask of a tablet this powerful. The UI experience is essentially what you’d get on an iPhone, just bigger—swipe left and right to switch between different shooting modes, press the big red button to snap a photo and record video. Pictures are decent enough, both in low light and outdoors (of course, outdoors will always be more consistent). The overall experience of the Air 2 is essentially the same as any previous models, just faster. Families typically share an iPad, yet iPads still lack multi-user support, or even a guest mode—features available in Android 5.0 Lollipop.
And with a device like the iPhone 6 Plus now on the market, I’m guessing many of those users will no longer have the need or desire to pick up the iPad. Brandon’s deep love of technology stems from watching the Back to the Future trilogy one-too-many times. With a starting price of $599 and an additional $250 for the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is not the most affordable device around. While most tablets are designed to amuse one person at a time, the 10.1-inch Yoga Tab 3 Pro features a built-in projector for beaming movies, presentations or family photos onto a screen or wall.
The Microsoft Surface 3 is double trouble, working as both a Windows 8.1 tablet and a laptop.
Unlike every other child-friendly tablet we've seen, the Fuhu Nabi Elev-8 has the power of an octo-core processor and lasts more than 9 hours on a single charge. The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3's 15 hours of battery life doesn't come without a couple sacrifices, but if you want the most endurance in a tablet, this is the device for you. The iPad Air is thinner, lighter, and faster than the previous generation, and those three aspects are extremely key when it comes to the iPad.
In terms of the actual journey to the iPad Air, the process couldn’t have been smoother, which is quite a difference from Apple products in years past. I made it to Target around 10AM, and there was no one in Electronics, and they did have the iPad Air in stock. About UsAppleNApps offers the most current, critical, concise, and consistent app reviews around. We strive to bring insightful and thought provoking articles in an attempt to be more than just another news aggregator.
Apple didn't disappoint the tech world and has unveiled, among other things, the latest generation of its iPad tablet line. There is, perhaps, no better test of a processor's mettle than subjecting it to multimedia processing.
As mentioned, Replay is already available on the iPad, and for free, but the update that will bring compatibility with the iPad Air 2 won't be coming until later this month. But even if you're not into media editing, the iPad Air 2 will definitely have mass appeal for all its other features, including Touch ID and a highly improved optical laminated display with anti-reflective coating. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. Combined with the 18% reduction in girth is a new A8X chip that promises more raw processing power than the A7 it replaces, there’s apparently no sacrifice to the 10-hour battery life, and time-saving, joy-inducing Touch ID is along for the ride.
We’ve spent the last week finding out and let’s put it this way: we’ve no intention of giving it back. The curved edges that separate the pancake-flat front and back sit rather nicely in the palms. Truth be told, while instinct suggested this would look far too ostentatious, the reality is a rather smart and stylish look - at least when it’s not ‘complemented’ by the bright green Smart Cover that was supplied with it. You’ll now find the control in the Control Centre, which is accessed as before by swiping a finger up from the bottom edge. It’s reasonable to assume that the speaker drivers themselves must also have shrunk to fit the new chassis, and sure enough this iPad sounds different to its predecessor when played out loud.

It’s not a major issue but you’d think it the kind of niggle that Apple would put a lot of effort to stamp out. It may seem a small detail, but it has a fairly profound effect, particularly if you’re a regular iPad-reader - it’s much closer to reading a real page.
Having used the iPad Air 2 in bright press events, gloomy pubs and outside in unseasonably bright sunlight, I can confirm that while reflections aren’t eradicated, they are reduced.
Whites are pure, blacks are deep, and colours are supremely realistic - the iPad Air is as fantastic for photo editing and movie watching as it’s ever been.
You’re much more likely to have your phone with you when a photographic opportunity arises, and your phone is almost certainly a better camera than the iPad 2. It opens apps half a second faster, starting a new game of FTL or Republique is just that smidge quicker.
In everyday use there’s practically nothing in it, but a heavy gaming session or mammoth movie run will drop the Air 2’s battery a little quicker than the original Air’s. And while losing any longevity at all is clearly not a cause for celebration, you’ll only ever notice during long-haul flights that you intend your iPad to fill in their entirety. The iPad Air 2 is now fully weaponised, featuring Touch ID fingerprint recognition with Apple Pay integration (one of iOS 8.1’s added features).
Worthwhile features, all, and if you take your time teaching the iPad a selection of your digits when you first set it up it’s very consistent and ultimately impressively time-saving. This will allow US and UK travellers to switch between contracts without digging the SIM out of its slot – a very neat trick for regularly country-hoppers eager to save on roaming costs.
Start an email on one device and finish it on another, for example, or decide the page you’re looking at on your iPhone deserves a bigger screen and open it directly on your iPad.
Click on it and you can continue where you left off using your bigger screen and proper keyboard. If you’re using a compatible app on your Mac, it’ll appear on your lockscreen in the bottom-left corner of your iDevice.
Let’s say you’ve Googled a restaurant on your iPad and now want to phone to make a reservation - just click on the phone number in Safari and it will be dialed on your iPhone. And there’s probably not quite enough for all but the most feverishly Apple-dedicated of existing Air owners to justify the upgrade, either. Apple could have done far less and that would still be the case, but instead the combination of small but significant tweaks means the iPad Air 2 has increased that lead even further. Not only did this make the display thinner, it made it better, with more vivid colors and greater contrast.
The A8X chip was designed to deliver substantially better CPU and graphics performance than its predecessor. It gives you an unprecedented level of security because it uses naturea€™s most perfect password: your fingerprint. Whether or not youa€™re in Wi-Fi range, the superfast Wi-Fi + Cellular model supports a wide range of networks around the world. And there are hundreds of thousands of apps on the App Store, designed specifically for the large Retina display (instead of stretched-out phone apps).
And with improved built-in apps and multitasking features like Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture, iOS 9 helps you get more done in powerful yet simple ways. Or you can use iCloud to access them securely from anywhere.4 You can also store and manage them with third-party apps and services.
Because iOS is engineered with such a focus on security, most of the mobile malware in the world ends up on other platforms. For the past few quarters now, the company has faced a noticeable decline in sales, highlighting a worrying trend for a device that was once ubiquitous with the tablet market. Last year’s iPad Air was the best tablet Apple has ever produced, and this year’s update raises the bar even higher. That is to say, if you purchased one in the past year or two, it probably still works just fine.
Now it’s just a matter of Apple figuring out how to convince consumers that upgrading more frequently is worth it.
The iPad is one of the most reliable toys in technology, and it should come as no surprise that the newest one is the model you should buy (except if you own the iPad Air). Apple has always emphasized thin; we’ve seen just about every product category in the company’s stable shed some inches in one way other another. Apple devices have always been responsive, but the Air 2 is better at providing the illusion that you’re touching and manipulating the content onscreen.
It’s not the best tablet display around—that honor goes to the Galaxy Tab S—but it’s still beautiful after all these years. And, don’t worry, the device is incredibly durable and strong, so you won’t have to worry about the device bending (unless you purposely try to).
The Air 2’s A8X processor clocked in at 4,489, which is up from the A7’s 2,600—that’s a pretty significant difference, and is proof positive that Apple’s rebuilt processor is incredibly powerful.
An older iPad is still more than capable of playing games and firing up processor-intensive apps, but it’ll more likely than take its sweet time, like it’s in no particular hurry.
Simple tasks like browsing the Web and checking email is slick and fluid, while streaming movies and playing games is smoother than ever. Since the iPad Air 2 is thinner than the previous model, it in turn sports a smaller battery; it’s not significantly smaller, though we would have preferred Apple give up its pursuit of thinness and instead use larger batteries. You get shooting modes like Time-lapse, Burst Mode, Timer Mode, Panorama and even 120-fps slo-mo, which isn’t quite as fun as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’s 240-fps slo-mo.
Let’s be honest, you’ll be sharing these photos on Facebook and other social networks that don’t demand the highest of quality anyway. It’s little things like this that would improve the experience by a lot, yet Apple has yet to address these omissions.
You essentially get the same experience, but with the iPhone you get a better camera and superior portability. If the iPad is to keep its distance out front, it needs to start exploring new territory, which others, such as Microsoft’s Surface lineup, have already started to do […] Apple has an opportunity to release the device Microsoft is so desperately trying to get right. It has the best hardware of the bunch, Touch ID, a good camera, and has more power than some older laptops.
Brandon drafted his review based on notes written by Jon, and also used the tablet over a four-day period.
We love the sleek design and stunning True Tone display, which makes the most of the 1 million tablet-specific apps available in the iOS App Store. It offers a bright and colorful 10-inch display, an epic 12 hours of battery life and solid quad-core performance. Better still, this powerful Android slate has a colorful 2560 x 1600 display, powerful speakers, a convenient kickstand and a luxurious leather back.
Parents can hand the tablet over to Junior with confidence, since the tablet comes with strong parental controls for managing the entire experience. The instant you pick up the iPad Air, you can tell that lighter isn’t just a claim, and dropping the device to one pound overall is a major achievement. It makes the iPad more enjoyable, and now you’re more prone to use it for extended periods of time, worry less about stands, and even take it out and about.
I was able to order a 32GB black iPad Air just after midnight this morning using the Apple Store app. Our site's coverage extends to everything Apple 'n' app related, but our primary focus is on the cross section of the two. The iPad Mini 3 might have a harder time finding a warm cozy spot, but the iPad Air 2's substantial diet is sure to endear itself to many almost immediately.
For that purpose, two apps went on stage at Apple's event to demonstrate how their apps fly on the new iPad Air 2.
The new A8X chip, however, gives it more breathing room and more power to work with, which, for a video editing app, is quite essential for a pleasurable user experience. Pixelmator, on the other hand, will be out for the new tablet soon and it will carry with it a price tag of $4.99. At 437g it’s just 32g lighter than the original iPad Air, and that means it still feels satisfyingly weighty and robust.
For those who are used to the physical switch it will seem annoying at first but become second-nature within a few days.
Contrary to expectation it’s actually louder, although it unsurprisingly sounds less than stellar when pushed to the top of the volume range. Consider the original iPad Air scores around 42,000 and we imagine it grabs you rather firmly. The difference is minimal to the extent that you’ll only notice if you do a side-by-side comparison, but the gap will almost certainly widen as developers start building apps designed to take advantage of the A8X’s extra grunt. In our usual video loop test (half-brightness, Wi-Fi and syncing switched on), after eight hours the Air 2 had 28% of its battery remaining compared to the 36% of its predecessor. In other words, the extra slimness, new display and even the increase in power are going to have more of an impact on your daily tablet life than the battery difference. Soon, if a site accepts Apple Pay, you’ll be able to part with the cash via credit cards stored in your Passbook app with the touch of a fingertip.
No, they're not getting any cheaper, but neither is the iPad Air 2 more expensive than its predecessor.
It also includes great apps for productivity and creativity, and powerful new features in iOS 9 like multitasking.
Then an antireflective coating was added, giving iPad Air 2 one of the least reflective displays of any tablet in the world. In fact, with its 64-bit desktop-class architecture, iPad Air 2 is as powerful as many personal computers. So with just one touch, you can instantly unlock your iPad Air 2 or make secure purchases from the App Store.

The front-facing FaceTime HD camera has been redesigned, too, with an improved sensor and larger pixels for even better low-light performance.
In addition, the cellular model lets you choose from a variety of carriers and flexible short-term plans.
So whether ita€™s photography, gaming, traveling, or managing your finances, youa€™ll find an app that will help you do it better.
Whether youa€™re researching on the web while writing a book report or browsing your photos while creating a presentation, youa€™ll get more out of your iPad than ever before. And with just a tap, you can use AirDrop to quickly and easily share your documents and files with people nearby.
More affordable Android competitors have nudged in and, let’s be honest, the iPad has more and less remained the same since day one.
Tim Cook knows and understands this. During Apple’s most recent earnings call, Cook admitted that iPad owners hold onto to the slate longer than they would a phone. That doesn’t immediately jump out as a significant difference, but the change is definitely noticeable when you pick the iPad Air 2 up. In turn, it’s a bit more immersive; depending on what you’re doing, you feel more connected to the device, which is a feeling few companies are capable of achieving. It’s worth noting, however, that we did notice a slightly pinker tint (especially noticeable when viewing websites and pictures with a lot of white).
Even with a thinner and lighter frame, the Air 2 is rigid and sturdy, never for a second sacrificing its premium feel. That means longer Netflix sessions, more Goat Simulator and time spent editing photos and video. The idea of completely replacing a laptop with just an iPad is still not something I’d recommend to most folks, but the iPad Air 2 is certainly capable of being your only productivity machine.
The trend of tablet photography isn’t going away anytime soon, and Apple has embraced this fact of life by including a new 8-megapixel sensor in the iPad Air 2—an upgrade from the 5-megapixel shooter in last year’s model. So, if you really must take your iPad on vacation to snap photos of the Grand Canyon, you should expect some good photos.
But it’s becoming more and more clear that consumers are no longer buying into the small iterative improvements Apple makes year after year.
I mean, this thing has laptop-level guts, yet the experience is vastly inferior to what you’d get on a Macbook Air. Multi-user support would be a great feature for kids in particular—just give them their own profile with Netflix and a bunch of age-appropriate apps.
Sure, the iPad’s screen is larger, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say the iPhone 6 Plus’s 5.5-inch screen is plenty for watching video and playing games.
Some Android devices come really close, but none can match Apple’s overall quality, and there’s still no beating the iOS ecosystem. You can easily edit 4K video on the go, thanks to the powerful A9X processor inside the tablet.
It features one of the brightest, most colorful screens around, and comes with a three-position kickstand.
Its grippable silicone bumper case makes it easy for small hands to hold the Elev-8, and its bright, 1280 x 800, 8-inch display is great for watching cartoons and using the mountain of creative and educational apps that Nabi has pre-loaded. Unfortunately, its Snapdragon 212 processor puts out mediocre performance, and the big battery takes up a lot of space, but it doesn't stop when others do.
I have used the iPad 3 since it launched back in March 2012, and the difference is indeed night and day.
The best part was that personal pick-up was an option at my local Apple Store, so I was ready to go down, and pick it up in the morning with no lines.
But while it's slim profile might be one of its most eye catching features, we mustn't forget the very thing that makes it tick. Pixelmator is no stranger to those who love to edit photos on the Mac, but it will soon be making its debut on Apple's mobile platform as well, particularly on the iPad Air 2. Three storage configurations are available, with 16 GB starting at $499, 64 GB goes for $599, and the highest 128 GB costs $699.
You might be buying just one extra layer of grease on an already buttery-smooth performance right now, but you’re also doing a bit of future-proofing. Ita€™s power efficient, too, with a 10-hour battery life that lets you work, play, surf, and shop all day long. We lead the industry in delivering operating system updates as quickly as possible, and we make it easy for you to download and install updates on your iPad to take advantage of our latest protections. The Air 2 is thinner, sports Touch ID, has an improved camera and is more powerful than any other tablet out there. There are more tablet-optimized apps than there were a year ago, too, and Apple’s own suite of apps (Pages, Numbers, iMovie, etc.) are free, so you’ll have plenty at your disposal. Coupled with the power efficient A8X chip, the Air 2 got over 10 hours of battery with heavy use; the first generation Air, however, lasted an hour longer under similar conditions, so there is a slight downgrade. There are a ton of great smartphones out there with amazing cameras, so you’re still be better off with what’s in your pocket. After all these years, iOS on an iPad still hasn’t really been built to take advantage of the extra screen space or power.
Family Sharing in iOS 8 is a good start, but that assumes every family member owns an iOS device.
There are some obvious areas Apple can make improvements, but you still won’t find a better experience anywhere. Add in 10 hours of battery life, and you have a lot of reasons to invest in this premium slate. The comfortable, snappy keyboard, which goes for an additional $129, attaches easily to the tablet transforming it into a laptop.
Deluxe games launch faster, iMoves runs without hesitation, and the entire device feels like it’s begging for more powerful software. I planned to head down around 9:30 after the initial traffic died down a bit, but found out that Wal-Mart was selling the 16GB for $479. The total came to $505.57 out the door with tax, which is exceptionally high here in LA county. We try to bring you the highest quality articles on everything Apple 'N' Apps, as well as recommendations of other items in the Apple universe.
Apple's A8X processor is no weak beast, and there are two apps that are more than willing to prove it.
Fans shouldn't be worried about getting a gimped version on a tablet, however, as Pixelmator promises a full editing experience, albeit streamlined for a touch-based device.
Replay's own engine, which is capable of serious volumetric effects, is noted to run as much as four times faster on Apple's new chip than on the previous generation A7. Cellular connectivity adds another $130 to the price tag, though you might want to wait for more details on the Apple SIM if you're aiming for that one.
The mode does work well with the main camera, though, turning fast action into usable shots that the iPad will sort through if you can’t be bothered. It can also be argued that it’s very similar to the iPad Apple released last year, and the year before that, and so on. Games run fantastically well, while you can do even more with cool apps like Pixelmator, which was demonstrated onstage during the iPad Air 2 event.
Apple’s newest slate is poised to last a few years, easy, so you should feel good about your purchase if the iPad is your preferred tablet of choice. You get the sense that it’s definitely on the minds of Apple executives, it’s just a matter of the company breaking from its predictable formula and executing something new. Everything you do on the iPad revolves around holding it, so you will alwyas feel and notice the weight. Also, since this is a brand new device, the first time you open the App Store, you’re greeted with a pop-up to download Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, and iPhotos for free alongside other free Apple apps. To further the point, other stores were price matching, which includes Target, who offers 5% off with the Target Red card. Getting a $499 device for just $6 more is a great deal in my book, and I can make due with 16GB, as I alway have before. Never again will you have an excuse not to be able to touch up a photo or even make substantial edits on the go when you only have a tablet with you.
I’m excited to see how app developers (especially games) take advantage of the new A8X; already there’s a noticeable difference with how smooth games (Five Nights At Freddy’s!) play.
It seems Apple is relying too heavily on app developers to create those flagship experiences.
The company needs to find a better solution to its upgrade dilemma aside from just making its hardware thinner.
The iPad Air is also thinner front to back, and the width is reduced with the bezels shaved down. I then confirmed that I could cancel my Apple Store order in case everything went smoothly at Target. It’s so much more convenient to hold in one hand, and now tilt based gaming is much more comfortable.
I then cancelled the Apple Store order with a couple of clicks, and was able to unbox my new iPad Air from Target, and create the following video for you with initial hands-on impressions.
Apple claimed the iPad Air was thinner, lighter, and faster, and all three factors are effortlessly noticeable to a major degree as soon as you power on the device. The iPad Air was effortless to get from multiple sources, and I hope you can get one too, if you’re interested.

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