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The following quotes are from Self-Editing for Fiction Writers —Renni Browne and Dave King. The following quotes are from The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction —Jeff Gerke. To make your plot work, let’s say, three-quarters of the way into your story, your hero needs to remove an engine from an RV and restore a 1970 Chevelle. The example below shows what you might need to know to understand your hero’s dreams, expertizes, and values.
In 2007, John and I bought a 1983 Winnebago RV, dubbed it Winnie, and parked it on our land before we built our house. While I write this, he’s at the salvage yard in 26-degree weather, removing his treasure from Winnie. In another post on creating a memorable learning experience, I promised to talk more about layering activities that add to, build on, or complement the message during a learning session. An Illustration of Layering: A preschool Sunday school lesson on Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish as told in the Gospel of John. Example: For a dog training class, hang posters around the room of dogs heeling, waiting, and responding to other commands the dog owners will learn. Story: This was the third time Jesus appeared to His disciples after His death and resurrection. When Peter realized the man was Jesus he jumped into the water and headed to Jesus while the others followed in the boat. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
On the left hand side of the top bar, there are also arrow buttons to undo and redo your actions.
Prezi saves your work at intervals, and the time at which your presentation was most recently saved is displayed in the button at the far left. Additionally, be aware that there is a special consideration for editing frames and geometric shapes that contain text or images within their boundaries. Now that you are able to select your elements as desired, see below for various editing options.
You'll notice that the Prezi workspace contains a grid, which can be helpful in this respect. Note that the aligning function does not work when you have multiple items selected, nor will it activate for images as their varying proportions disrupt Prezi's ability to determine their relationships.

Clicking and dragging any corner of the blue text box outline will enlarge or reduce the scale of an item.
Just as Prezi will help you to align your elements, it will also aid you in scaling two elements the same size.
You will find you have additional options when editing shapes and frames; see this page for more information. This will bring up a dotted border around the image, which you can drag inwards from any side. Right-clicking, or control-clicking, anywhere on the element will open a menu from which you can delete or copy an item. Paste as desired by right-clicking elsewhere on your workspace and selecting it from the pulldown menu.
As you add elements to your presentation and move them around, you may find that one item covers another and that you wish to change this arrangement.
Let's say that I've drawn an arrow over some text, or placed a rectangle over some text, and for the purposes of clarity I wish to move the text in front of both of these shapes.
You may find it easier to move and edit your text if it is layered in front of other elements.
So right before this event you write: He’d spent many of his teen years working on cars and dreaming of restoring a 1970 Chevelle, so he set to work removing the engine from the old RV’s chassis. Layer his dreams and expertizes throughout your story so they don’t seem contrived when the plot suddenly needs them. Understand his passions and the value he sees in things that mean nothing to you. It’s difficult to write an interesting, memorable character if you can’t put your opinions aside and understand what he considers valuable and why.
We mentioned to our son, we’d be glad if the owner of the RV lot junked Winnie to rid her from our responsibility. Role-play the story wearing Bible clothes, rowing, jumping out of boat, cooking, and eating. Talk about the story while children creatively decorate their fish with the Bible verse on the backs.
You can also undo by holding the Ctrl+Z keys (Command-Z on a Mac) and redo with Ctrl+Y (Command-Y on a Mac).
Please note that you may need to zoom in or out of your workspace in order to highlight, click, and edit an element. Note that you can pan across your canvas by dragging an item to the perimeters of the visible workspace.

Additionally, Prezi assumes to some extent that you might wish the item you're moving to line up with, or be centered with respect to, a nearby element of the same type. Frames, whether selected individually or including the elements within them, must be placed relatively close together for the alignment guide to appear. As you scale an item, a nearby element of the same type will highlight when the sizes correspond. If the items are close together, you can click and drag your mouse while holding down the shift key and select them by drawing a box around the group.
Be aware that from this file menu you can send things backwards and forwards as well as to the very front or very back—this permits you to layer multiple elements with respect to one another.
Decorate the space with items or pictures that relate to the subject that will be addressed.
They didn’t recognize the man on the shore who told them to throw their nets to the other side. Prezi will attempt to anticipate your desired placement and displays a blue dotted line when this is achieved (see the video below).
Just as Prezi will help you to align and match the sizes of your elements, it will also aid you in rotating one element to match the angle of another. Copy an item by highlighting it with your mouse, clicking once to select it, and typing control-c (command-c on a PC). Either of these techniques will allow you to reposition or rotate more than one item at a time (and ensure you do it to the same degree for each one).
Your hero might admire a shiny Chevelle early in the story and recall when he worked on cars in high school. As you rotate an item, a nearby element of the same type will highlight when the angles correspond. And he enjoyed honoring Winnie’s retirement. I received a deeper understanding of my son’s passion with cars.

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