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This week writer, editor and now publisher Jack Dann, a long-time friend of the podcast, joins Jonathan and Gary to discuss his role in launching new small press publishing imprint PS Australia and his forthcoming anthology, Dreaming in the Dark.
As always, we’d like to thank Jack for being a guest on the podcast, and hope you all enjoy the episode! The Hugo nominations came out last week.  As is always the case, they are the tabulated nominations from a wide variety of people. Given that, and given the various parties involved these days, I thought I might list some of what went on my own ballot, if only because it might be of some interest to people as a reading list. Of the books listed, Stan Robinson’s smart, thoughtful, challenging Aurora was my favourite of the year. This month Coode Street co-host Gary Wolfe joins us to discuss Into Everwhere, the latest novel from Paul McAuley.
The Jackaroo, those enigmatic aliens who claim to have come to help, gave humanity access to worlds littered with ruins and scraps of technology left by long-dead client races. The dissolute scion of a powerful merchant family, and a woman living in seclusion with only her dog and her demons for company, have become infected by a copies of a powerful chunk of alien code. If you’re keen to avoid spoilers, we recommend reading the book before listening to the episode. We encourage all of our listeners to leave comments here and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible. During the podcast Jonathan incorrectly says Paul McAuley’s next novel, Austral, is due in late 2016. The Coode Street Roundtable will return at the end of May with a discussion of Guy Gavriel Kay’s Children of Earth and Sky. As we head into our third straight week without a guest on the podcast, we confront our lack of organisation with a smile and a nod.
This week’s ramble touches upon a bunch of issues, from Hugo nominations and awards (of course) to what it takes to be called a major science fiction writer, the need for more translations of non-English language science fiction, the advantages and disadvantages of “fix-ups,” “story suites,” and collections of linked stories, and whether SF has developed a kind of informal hierarchy favoring American and British SF, followed by Australian and Canadian writers, and leaving most other world science fiction as a kind of niche interest (which we dearly hope is beginning to change). Hard at work here (well, actually sort of goofing off right now) on the next Infinity book.
Coming up are some terrific new stories by Kij Johnson, Walter Jon Williams, Lavie Tidhar and others. We discussed his sometimes controversial approach to alternate history, the question of borrowing tropes from pulp fiction in portraying serious events such as the Holocaust and terrorism, the importance of American SF writers like Cordwainer Smith, his own experiences growing up in a kibbutz and what he read there, and the never-ending question of genre literature vs “literary” fiction.
I have just put the last touches to Drowned Worlds: Tales from the Anthropocene and Beyond which is due from Solaris in July. Drowned Worlds asks fifteen of the top science fiction and fantasy writers working today to look to the future, to ask how will we survive? In the new fantasy from the award-winning author of the Riddle-Master Trilogy, a young man comes of age amid family secrets and revelations, and transformative magic.
Hidden away from the world by his mother, the powerful sorceress Heloise Oliver, Pierce has grown up working in her restaurant in Desolation Point. The Coode Street Roundtable will return at the end of April with a discussion of Paul McAuley’s Into Everywhere. The Roundtable always features spoilers, so if you’re planning on reading along with this, grab a copy of Paul’s new novel and get ready for the last weekend in April! With Gary away at ICFA, there won’t be a new episode of the Coode Street Podcast this week.
On our 270th episode, we immediately distracted ourselves from our planned topic of catching up on news, awards nominations, etc., and instead rambled on about various matters of literary influence, of writing sequels or revisionist fictions based on the works of writers ranging from Arthur C.
We did get around to discussing the latest round of awards nominations, celebrating the Grand Mastership of C.J. This month Coode Street co-host Gary Wolfe joins us to discuss All the Birds in the Sky, the second novel from Hugo Award winning author Charlie Jane Anders.
Childhood friends Patricia Delfine and Laurence Armstead didn’t expect to see each other again, after parting ways under mysterious circumstances during middle school. But now they’re both adults, living in the hipster mecca San Francisco, and the planet is falling apart around them. The Coode Street Roundtable will return at the end of March with a discussion of a book to be announced shortly.
There are some books we all agree on as fundamental to the genre, but can we agree on a canon of twenty stories? Jonathan from the Coode Street Podcast was cast in the role of moderator, and the panelists for the discussion were John Clute, Michael Dirda, Yanni Kuznia, Gary Wolfe, and Ron Yaniv. The conversation that unfolded was energetic, thoughtful and entertaining, and even if it didn’t resolve the question, it nonetheless was something we at Coode St thought you might enjoy.
The Coode Street Podcast team would like to thank the administrators of the World Fantasy convention for permission to present the panel here, and would specially like to thank sound expert Paul Kraus for his hard work on making sure the recording was as good as it is. This week we are joined by World Fantasy Award Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and long-time friend of the podcast Peter Straub, to discuss his brand new short story collection Interior Darkness, writing, genre, music, and much, much more. As always, we would like to thank Peter for making the time to join us on the podcast and hope you enjoy the episode.
A quick head’s up for all of the dedicated listeners to the new Coode Street Roundtable. Tonight we discuss, as we do all too often, the beginning of the awards season, as well as the sometimes problematical Hugo category of Best Related Work, the question of authors who are so prolific that new readers may feel intimidated, and some of the parameters of who and who should not be covered in the Modern Masters of Science Fiction series of books, of which Gary has recently assumed editorship. This month James, Ian, and Jonathan discuss The Thing Itself, the latest novel from British Science Fiction and John Campbell Memorial Award winning author Adam Roberts.

As a storm brews and they lose contact with the outside world they debate Kant, reality and the emptiness of the universe. The Coode Street Roundtable will return at the end of February with a discussion of Charlie Jane Anders’s second novel, All the Birds in the Sky. Awards season is once again  moving into full swing, with nominations now open for the Nebula Awards, Hugo Awards and World Fantasy Awards. Having been fairly busy during 2015, I’ve been fortunate enough to help publish a number of what I think are really excellent works of fiction that I think are worthy of your consideration.
I hope you’ll consider supporting the talented people that I’ve worked with during the year.
I edit The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year anthology series for Solaris Books.
Learn Photo Editing software is created by Patrick who is a professional graphic artist, a photographer, a clorist and photo editor. Take in Photo Editing is a robust inspiration for you to ace the symbolization by photomanipulation, compositing, and modifying. Follow exactly the instruction of this program that are photo manipulation and retouching, you can create any cartoon characters or transform photos to cartoon.
Bottom LinePowerDirector 12 is an advanced video editing product with a multitude of up-to-date and in-demand features. I have been reviewing CyberLink’s PowerDirector video editing application series since version 10, and quickly became a fan.
Launching PowerDirector 12 presents the familiar look and feel of prior versions, with some minor logo and other presentation differences. Features and tools are logically located on the GUI interface screen, and I find them to be very reliable.
Another new addition to PowerDirector is Theme Designer, which lets the user automatically apply a look and feel to an entire production.
PD12 touts several enhancements and capabilities which place it on the category border of pro-sumer and pro. Of note is an area where PowerDirector was already a leader … speed of creation of the final output file from the edited project. As is the case with PD12 predecessors, the program edits and produces in wide range of SD and HD formats, with multiple flavors of each being selectable. Gary attending the Nebula weekend, so with one thing or another, we can’t seem to work out timing. The Roundtable is a monthly podcast from Coode Street Productions where panelists James Bradley, Ian Mond, and Jonathan Strahan, joined by occasional special guests, discuss a new or recently released science fiction or fantasy novel. But although people have found new uses for alien technology, that technology may have found its own uses for people. Driven to discover what it wants from them, they become caught up in a conflict between a policeman allied to the Jackaroo and the laminated brain of a scientific wizard, and a mystery that spans light years and centuries. Do we face a period of dramatic transition and then a new technology-influenced golden age, or a long, slow decline? Wolfe join Jonathan and Ian to discuss Kingfisher, the latest novel from World Fantasy Award and Mythopoeic Award winner Patricia A.
One day, unexpectedly, strangers pass through town on the way to the legendary capital city.
Next month our intrepid readers will come together to discuss the new novel from Paul McAuley, Into Everywhere. I feel like I should do something to commemorate the 20 years of anthology editing come next March, but I’m not quite sure how. Gary and Jonathan are both busy with one thing or another, and can’t seem to work out timing. Cherryh, and finally trying to figure which if any SF works seem relevant to the current U.S.
After all, the development of magical powers and the invention of a two-second time machine could hardly fail to alarm one’s peers and families.
Laurence is an engineering genius who’s working with a group that aims to avert catastrophic breakdown through technological intervention. Our panelists will discuss which twenty books are essential reading for understanding the genre and how this list has changed over time. With the first episode under our belts, we’re working hard to make sure we get a new episode out every month as promised.
The tenth volume in the series will be published in May 2016, and the eleventh will appear in May 2017. It is extremely advantageous for any individual who needs to make their photographs more expert with wealthier shades and higher contrasts. Your portrait gets to be all the more enthusiastic and more honed by a super modest lightening setup for article photography.
On the off chance that you are not content with Learn Photo Editing for any reason, you will get a 100% discount with no inquiries asked inside 60 days. Even you are a genius or a talent, you need to learn and level up your technical knowledge that available in Learn Photo Editing. The program provides an amazing amount of prosumer-category power and sophistication and is a real value at $99.00 or less. Clean, organized and colorful with operational features available across skill levels, ranging from the casual to pro level enthusiast.

The real differences and improvements aren’t readily apparent, with some being under the hood.
This is an advanced feature that’s fun to experiment with, although the end result is of pro caliber. Essentially template driven, Theme Designer assembles the project’s video elements into a seamless movie including titling, special effects,  transitions, backgrounds, music, etc. Many of the features and quality are close to pro level, at a low cost suitable to the consumer. PD12 incorporates several acceleration techniques and tricks, which results in amazing fast creation of output, even when working with complex HD and 4K source material. Its interface suites a wide range of user skill levels, and its ability to automate various editing processes boosts its appeal to those wanting to produce quality home and business videos without the need for extensive editing knowledge and skills. Humanity is about to discover why the Jackaroo came to help us, and how that help is shaping the end of human history. Sea water is flooding the streets of Florida, island nations are rapidly disappearing beneath the waves, the polar icecaps are a fraction of what they once were, and distant, exotic places like Australia are slowly baking in the sun.
Swim the drowned streets of Boston, see Venice disappear beneath the waves, meet a woman who’s turned herself into a reef, traverse the floating garbage cities of the Pacific, search for the elf stones of Antarctica, or spend time in the new, dark Dust Bowl of the American mid-west.
LinkedIn tells me that Coode Street Productions started up in March 1997, which would mean that it would be twenty years old next year. If you are finding the real solution to level up your photography skills, you should read this Learn Photo Editing review to get the best answer. Note that several versions, suites and promo packages of this product are available, and cost is dependent upon what you select.
Full Feature Editor, Easy Editor, and Slideshow Creator are mode choices presented when initially launching PD12. Some other editors plague the user with pop-ups saying that something more is needed to run this or that module. It allows the on-the-fly switching of up to 4 video sources which outputs into a single video file. Video and photos are easily inserted into template slots at the points they are to appear in the movie. These include keyframe editing (a precise timing and sync method), chroma-key editing (allows the silhouetted placement of objects from one clip over another … e.g.
Of course much of this acceleration is hardware dependent so performance may vary depending upon system configuration, video capabilities and compatibility.
This doesn’t detract from the near-pro user’s ability with PD12 to tightly and precisely control the editing process. See the future for what it is: challenging, exciting, filled with adventure, and more than a little disturbing. Jeremy Byrne and I pitched The Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy to Louise Thurtell at HarperCollins Australia around then.
I was living in a place on Coode St in Mt Lawley then and decided to produce a review magazine with Steven Paulsen for the 1999 WorldCon in Melbourne.
Little do they realize that something bigger than either of them, something begun years ago in their youth, is determined to bring them together–to either save the world, or plunge it into a new dark ages. The other surly, superior and obsessed with reading one book – by the philosopher Kant.
A checkbox selection sets the program to always launch in a particular mode, although easily changeable.
Automation of the clip assembly process is available to quickly develop a themed production. In fact, marketing material cites that some file creation tasks are up to 40% faster than prior PD versions. While several aspects of the product could be further improved, such as the limited storyboard feature and the somewhat confusing, although robust, Magic Music feature, the overall product is well matured, solid and cutting-edge. We only produced a single issue, but that was the birth of Coode Street Publications (probably in June 1999). While this does not work with live input of multiple cameras, it does load 4 separate video clips into a matrix display of  windows.
The availability of an online support web site and availability of material shared across a large group of PowerDirector users adds to the products appeal.
Tools are present to view and edit each clip, and to best synchronize them for on-the-fly combing into one video. Several additional themes are available by download with the likelihood of more becoming available.
The assumption is that multiple cameras simultaneously recorded the same event from different angles and decent audio, and that combing them with proper timing and synchronization will allow the final product to look like a “switched” recording.
The caveat is you must plan in advance of your shoot so that multiple cameras simultaneously record the action.

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