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The internet is full of audio editing software for windows which makes it difficult to choose one for yourself.
Here is a list of the top 5 audio editing software for windows which will surely make your editing much easier.
Audacity – Audacity is one of the easiest and simple audio editing software which is free to download on your windows PC or laptop.
Ardour – Ardour is another software which is free to download and is made in a simple manner so that anyone can use it.
Wavosaur – If you have little space on your PC and do not want to download audio editing software which takes up too much space, then this is perfect for you. Adobe Audition – If you are a DJ and are looking for audio editing software, then Adobe Audition will be the perfect choice. With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration. If you want to edit a soundtrack of a movie or just want to mix up some songs for an audition, you will need good audio editing software for Windows.

It allows a number of features like polishing your audio, removing noise from any audio and normalizing your audio. One can easily record music, edit it and mix different songs together to create a new audio file. Although it can be bought for a price, the free version which allows only non-commercial use is a must have software for music lovers. With a price tag of $349 USD, it allows users a number of features like splicing, remixing and even restoration of audio easily. Internet also provide plenty of platforms for all the rookies who are not  good with softwares.. Audacity allows even those users who have less knowledge of computers to edit their audio with perfection.
It also offers many different advanced features which need to be mastered in order to use them.
Go to this site and edit your music, make ringtone out of any audio piece and download straight to your smartphone.

One can download ringtones from the internet and add their personal touch to it with the help of this software.
One can easily delete a part of the audio of insert another audio into an existing audio professionally. It supports many different audio formats and offers many features such as trim, cut, copy, paste, remove noise from background, normalize the audio file, fade in and fade out and many other features which are perfect for personal use. Once you learn and start using Adobe Audition, you will not need any other editing software ever.
It also allows users to record their audio live into the software and then export them later to other devices.
It also offers audio effects like equalizer, normalize, envelope, amplify and many others which can be added to your audio.  It supports almost all different audio files.

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