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In some appliaction user want to keep everything (add, edit and delete pages as one page) in one place, where user can add, edit and delete content they want using inline editing features. I have created sample table to implement this, use following sql query to create sample table for demo purpose.
Create index.php file and add following css and jquery files to implement simple textbox inline editing. Now add following a tag and define type following properties data-type, data-pk, data=url and data-title.
Now define inline editing style with following jQuery script as well defining above textbox as an editable one.
Now when user clicks on above a tag text, editable textbox will open where they can enter there name and submit to save.
To implement editable datapicker you need to add following datapicker css and jquery files. Finally create post.php file, which take care of submitted data through inline editing and updates the database table fields.
STEP 3:Now to remove the white space from the swirl, press the magic wand tool and then click on the white portion. First we open one of the images and make the background transparent using the add alpha channel tool in photoshop. STEP3:For the final rainbow effect we created another layer and then used the Gradient tool on Full saturation mode. I love the simplicity of them, and am constantly drawn towards monochromes when processing. However, when I refresh the page with text I have already saved, it displays the text with a line space above the text.
Whether you are working on a webpage, Powerpoint presentation, or a document to be printed, Photoshop can be used to enhance your images.

In the swirls image, press ctrl+a (select all) , then press ctrl+c(copy) and then open the paper art image and press ctrl+v. The Adjustment layer can be added and used to tweak the contrast and brightness of different areas of the image.
The comments textarea puts a lot of whitespaces before and after the value retrieved from the db. In photoshop, this flat image is called background and is logged inside the four walls of the always rectangular canvas.
Now in order to place the wood grain only to the frame, go to the layer menu and press clipping mask. Using the Gradient Tool with Radial shape and opacity set to 50 and violet as foreground colour, we created the effect as shown. To give dimensions to the frame, press fx and then click drop shadow and add your modified effects.
Lighting Editing: Contrast and LuminanceThe keys to stunning black and white images is your use of light, and the tonal range within the frame. Then we used the circular brush tool followed by Gaussian Blur to create the following effects. The way you utilize light is determined as you shoot, while the tonal range can be adjusted in post processing to draw attention to where you want it.
Yes, factors within the frame do affect tones (such as clothing and background colours), but post processing ultimately puts the final touches that make black and white images more effective than colour. Please note these are also based on the assumption that your exposure and white balance were either correct sooc, or have already been corrected. If you are following along and haven’t done that, go and do it now!ContrastWhat exactly is contrast? Some images may be considered high or low key, and may have have all tones represented, but you can still ask – Are the dark areas as dark as they are supposed to be?

Essentially, for a “clean” black and white edit, you want your shadows to be true shadows, and your highlights to be bright. I prefer setting the black and white points independently, so I don’t personally use this option often, but be aware that it is an option.Instead, use the tone curve. The steeper the slope, the more contrast at that range.A simple “s” curve will create more contrast through the midtones, leaving the black and white points untouched.Creating a “bump” increases the brighter areas of the midtones, but notice how the lighter midtones are slightly flatter?
This means there is more contrast right in the mid-range (steeper slope) and slightly less contrast at the upper end. This is usually the range that skin falls into, and a slight decrease in contrast here can minimize wrinkles (hint – great for selfies!)You’ll need to stick with the combined RGB channel for this section.
Using individual channels will create a colour tint.As another option, you can use the adjustment brush and increase contrast slightly there.
This will create contrast on full tonal range, but only where you brush it on, and you can be subtle l with the opacity here too.You can even play around with vignettes. While this isn’t “true” contrast, darkening the edges of the frame slightly will draw viewers in and creates a subtle change in tones to direct the eye. I try to make sure that it’s still there a little, because I think that they way kids dress themselves adds to the story, but that’s a personal choice and you may prefer to minimize it even more.So to recap, a good strategy is to get a full tonal range with the black and white points, adjust global contrast, then selectively adjust local contrast using either the tone curve or adjustment brush. Danika Dickson - Guest PostI’m a hobby photographer living on the west coast of Canada. Through my lens, I can slow down and take notice of the little things that mean so much to me. I’m primarily a natural light photographer, and take my camera pretty much everywhere I go.

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