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Magisto Video Editor & Maker is a free video maker for Android that lets you transform photos into a professional looking video. This magical Video maker for Android will add effects automatically to give you a very cool and stunning video. Download this video maker app for Android with the help of the Play store link or QR code given at the end of the review. This video maker for Android can create the most professional video you will see with only five to ten pictures (This free version does not allow you to add more than ten pictures to a single video).
You can follow the same procedure that I explained above to make a movie from small videos in this Video Maker for Android. Magisto Video Editor & Maker is a great app that magically transforms your pictures into the most professional looking video.
July 15, 2012 by John 1 Comment I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly surprised – and in a good way – by what music app developers can make happen on my smartphone and tablet computers. Which is why I’m also surprised – this time in not such good a way – by the fact that we are still waiting for a really killer audio editing app to appear for a tablet computer. If you are building a software suite for a desktop-based recording system, alongside your DAW and virtual instruments, the odds are you will include a stereo audio editor. So, if stereo audio editing is such an integral part of the music-making work process, where are the equivalent audio editing apps for iOS or Android devices?
If there is nothing available yet that quite hits the mark, what might the key features be to pull it off?
Apply a suite of ‘mastering’ style effects (multiband EQ and dynamics would do but stereo imaging, exciter and loudness maximiser would also be nice). Of course, I might just not have been paying attention here and someone reading this will point me straight to an app that does all of what I’m wanting (which would be nice). I know this article is very old, but you named 3 out of 4 audio editors that I found by googling. It’s the only one I own for now, and it has a great stretch algorithm, but other than that is quiet poor in terms of features. Editing video is also among the many things you can do with an iPhone or an Android smartphone!
For something with a bit more potential, yet hardly more difficult to use, check out Magisto. VideoGrade is not meant to slice and stitch your vidos together, but will allow you to alter the way they look. Okay, SloPro isn't exactly about editing videos, but it allows you to capture them at a high speed and then play them back in slow motion. Video Editor Pro is a professional video editing software can made a fantastic family movie from your camcorder videos. You just have to select a theme and appropriate music related to the theme will be suggested.

The app will take some time to load all the videos and pictures saved on your Android phone. Once you have decided which of the pictures you want to include in the video, tap Next and click Continue.
You can select themes like, Cute, Sentoimental, Fashion, Street Beats, Christmas, Party, Love etc.. To share the video with friends, tap the share icon and share it with your friends using any other apps.
To create an interesting short video from many long videos use this free online Video Editing Service. As a step in the music production process, audio editing is perhaps less exciting than the tracking or mixing phases. It might not be the first thing you buy, nor the item on the shopping list that generates the most excitement, but it is an important building block in the overall system.
For example, on the iTunes App Store you can find the TwistedWave Audio Editor, Hokusai Audio Editor and Pocket Wavepad HD all of which provide audio editing features. Some of this might depend upon what you think the audio editor would be used for so let’s start with that first.
However, if that’s not the case, then I think this is an interesting gap in the app market that, hopefully soon, a developer is going to decide that there is some decent money to be made in. App-based synths, pianos, guitar amp sims, DAWs – we have them by the bucket-load (O.K., a slight exaggeration, but you get my point) – how about an audio editor we can all be proud of? However, before you can turn your homemade videos into classy masterpieces, you'll need the right app for the task. It is an intelligent video editor that stitches clips together, adds fancy transitions, and lets you spice things up with an audio track of your own. Imported videos and images can be arranged and modified with transition effects, speed controls, effects, and more. It lets you modify a number of settings, such as brightness, contrast, color saturation and hue. Even better, when you upgrade your phone or PC, all your content is still available - as you get frame accurate editing with any PC web browser (and Mac) without needing to install the app.
The Nexus 10 has the same resolution as my 30" Mac cinema screen - and has the latest and fastest ARM chips in it. It is really easy to use and quite useful for those who like shooting videos.Video Editor Pro is a video editing software can help you to edit, merge and retouch videos. Once the theme is selected, the app will take you to the music list most appropriate for the chosen theme. In a very short time, the world of mobile music software has become a surprisingly mature one. If you like, you can think of it as a housekeeping type process where you take your ‘finished’ stereo mix and give it the final few flicks with the duster – or even add some extra magic fairy dust – so that it is really finished and ready for consumption by the outside world.

And, whether PC or Mac, there are some truly excellent audio editors available including Steinberg’s Wavelab (both PC and Mac), Sony’s Sound Forge (PC only) or Bias Peak (Mac only). First, when you compare your mobile (for example iOS) DAW against a half-decent desktop DAW, in terms of the feature lists, we all know that the desktop DAW is the more sophisticated beast.
These are welcome and the developers deserve a pat on the back for identifying the gap in the market. Way back when, I made a living as a programmer, so I appreciate that what I’m asking for is not an insignificant undertaking. And trust us when we say that finding a good, reliable video editor made for mobile devices is not as easy as it may seem.Still, we managed to pick a few for you a€“ 10 video editors for iOS and Android devices, and we hope you will like them too.
The editing functions contain trimming, cropping,Splitting, rotating, adding stylish subtitle, applying filter effects, inserting transition etc.
If you have saved pictures on Google drive, then connect to your account and import pictures from there.
I made a video with one of my friend’s photos, to wish him his birthday, and he totally loved it.
They all offer a wealth of features – both creative and corrective – allowing you to edit your audio with surgical precision.
If you like, we can currently think of mobile recording environments as ‘cut-down’ versions of a fully blown desktop DAW, scaled to provide some of the core features in a compact format for a hardware environment that has less absolute grunt. However, having tried some of the iOS audio editors for myself, I’ve yet to be totally wowed, even taking into account the comment above about expecting the features to be a ‘cut-down’ version of what I can currently do on my desktop editors. That said, given the massive (and expanding) potential user base and the wide range of possible applications, a decent audio editing environment ought to sell in numbers. These apps will let you import your videos, trim and rearrange them the way you like, and spice them up with special effects. In addition, if you want to undertake some DIY mastering, these environments provide the sorts of tools that you need.
Incidentally, while this is perhaps true now, I suspect the tablet and the app are going to close the gap rapidly and some might even see it as an advantage to work within a system that is not cluttered with masses of features that, 99 days out of 100, you don’t actually use anyway. For example, the recording section of Amplitube includes both EQ and compression effects that can be applied across the final stereo output but, while great to have, they are not what you would call fully-featured. And if you happen to be a fan of any of the apps we've picked, tell us all about your creations in the discussion below!

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