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About Latest Posts Tom TillisonTom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review. We've been kicking around this concept of the "First 5," or F5, on the premise that how you spend the first five minutes of your day sets the tone for everything that comes afterward.In my last post I offered a few suggestions on how to get started down an F5 path before jumping into the current of the day. The design of Celeste is inspired by the Northern Lights, anyone who has experienced natures most fascinating phenomenon never forgets it. The Hygge 3012 series introduces simple and clear indication of time, with two hand discs providing a recognizable symbol that translates into its character and functionality. Slow watches were created to shift the way people read time so rather than focus on the second or the minute we produced an instrument that measures the moment.
The V01EL is the first watch VOID created and it has been in production since its launch in 2008.
The No.1 reduces the functions of a watch to the barest of essentials — an easy-to-read dial, adjustable strap, and two choices of color. This sleek Braun Digital watch measures 40mm diameter x 10mm thick matt black plated stainless steel case with a black mesh strap. The UNO 24 one-hand watch gives the wearer the chance to approach time in a completely new and far more conscious manner.It presents the entire day at a glance. Sophisticated city slicker: Created by the Berlin-based designer Mark Braun, this watch combines the highest precision with urbane elegance.
The Everyday Messenger Bag by Peak Design is the most successful Kickstarter bag campaign to date (raising almost $5 Million!), and we can see why, this is a bag that fits all of your needs.
New Balance have presented yet another exceptional version of one of their most popular styles in recent years. Most of us hold ourselves to very high standards which is often good—until we become our harshest critics.
The simplified stainless steel case is thought-out to the last detail providing a calm environment to view the display. The lower half of the square stainless steel case houses an inverted LCD display that is protected by a scratch resistant mineral crystal. No.1 is made of stainless steel, milled and then given a black ion coating for durabilty, a finish that gives it just the right amount of matte versus gloss on the wrist, while the only noticable branding is punched into the side. When the stainless steel button is pressed, words that describe the time light up in unexpected places.

The orbiting indications are bathed in a fluid that refracts light like air, so that the indications appear to be displayed directly onto the sapphire crystal – closer to the eye of the beholder. Aimed at travelers, commuters, photographers and creatives, every detail of the everyday messenger bag has been labored over to increase organization of devices, accessories, cameras and laptops. The classic New Balance M1300TT runner features two different shades of suede on the upper along with subtle shades of grey and blue, making this one of NB?s most exquisite combinations this season.
Do something to at least part of your workspace to make it conductive to calmness, focus, control, efficiency, or energy. Today, you will do what you can and you will recognize when to stop and when you've hit the point of diminishing returns.When you feel stuck or find yourself rethinking or revising something for the fourth time, or wondering if you'll ever be done with something—stop! Time is told uniquely by the constantly changing watchface that will spice up your outfits with a beautiful array of colors.
It actually moves at half the speed of a normal watch, but allows you to see at one glance the progress of your entire day.
The watch is equipped with only the most basic functions, it displays time and with the push of a button you can display the date and activate the backlight. This watch also has an electro luminescent functionality, 50m water resistance and a scratch resistant mineral glass. The dial with a date, power reserve indicator, and clear minute indexes is reminiscent of a precise measuring device, displaying the passing of time in the most beautiful way. The high-contrast white indicators against the black dial appear to be projected onto the top crystal as if onto a screen.
The shoe recalls the retro profile of the iconic running original with a Max Air unit in the heel and multi-surface Waffle outsole. Write a word on a sticky note that keeps your number one goal in the forefront of your mind and from getting lost in the detailsd. Ask yourself, "Is this good enough?" "Can I set this aside for now?" "Is the standard I'm applying here too strict?" "What is the worst that will happen if I stop here?" Give yourself permission to stop, to take the pressure off.All right.
The V01EL comes in a range of different colors and finished with both leather straps and solid stainless steel bracelets. Make sure you set up something -- either a visual or electronic prompt -- that periodically reminds you to get out of the current and go to the bankse. Find something pleasurable that you normally rush through or do while you're doing something else.

Make easily accessible things that can be small break activities and put them in ready reach. I'd love to hear from you some ideas for taking the first five minutes of the day and making them into an aiming exercise.
For example: Drinking your coffee, reading the sports section of your newspaper, reading personal email, walking into your building, saying good-bye to family in the morning.
What do you listen to when you need encouragement?Or maybe you need to ramp up your energy level. Try listening to that one song that never fails to energize you and put you in a good mood. Many of us are conditioned to view things with a critical eye and to focus on what isn't working.Looking at life like this often results in a negative mood for us, which is contagious to those around us. Remember that tough assignment you had, the sticky problem you resolved, the overwhelming task that seemed as if it would never end, or that one little thing you could barely bring yourself to attempt? Because you worked on these tasks they were completed, done well, and it made a difference. Also, write down all the things you contributed to the work, the insight you applied, the time you put in, the people you inspired to give their best to the project.
You actually did these things; you played a key role in bringing this work product to fruition. Give yourself permission to take a break, to go to the banks of the ‘current' in which we swim all day long. Without bank time you often end up with nothing in reserve—no energy, no good ideas, no patience, nothing with which to fight the current. Treat these times as an important meeting—no cancelling, no being late, and no answering your phone during it.

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