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While working in a science lab it is very vital to take all the necessary safety precautions while working with science equipment.
Laboratories are dangerous and if safety precautions are not taken, there is a possibility of mishaps occurring.
It is always best to work under the guidance of someone who has the experience of working in a lab.
Make sure you read the bottle labels carefully and only use what you are supposed to use during an experiment. A photographic studio may be the rather grand term for almost any room where one can clear enough space to take pictures in.

Your studio should offer you full options for subject, camera position, lights and background, and is undoubtedly the best place to master the fundamentals of lighting and composition. Is the quality of your laboratory supplies are good, the chances of accidents also go down and safety is taken care of? These films are often referred to as tungsten balanced films.Begin with a still life subject since it is simpler to spend some time experimenting with this than when shooting a portrait or living subjects. The goal of most studio lights are to provide a very natural appearance like lit by the sun. This means having one predominant source of light and shadows, positioned high over the scene.

Create your light source (a spotlight, for instance) somewhere above camera height and off to one side of the subject. Adjust it to give the most effective lighting direction for showing form, texture and shape – anything you consider the most important features of your be subject to highlight. Outdoors, in daylight, the sky always gives at least some illumination into the shadows, in a darkened studio direct light from a single lamp can leave very black shadows indeed.

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