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Since I wrote that article, we have seen some more data on the market share trends of the iPad and Android tablets, including some very interesting data on the Kindle Fire. In fact, this shows that the iPad has lost market share in every successive quarter in which there hasn’t been a new iPad launch.
As per NPD, this seems to have been driven by build up of inventory during the holiday season, specifically for the Kindle Fire.
A recent survey from comScore highlights the market share of Android tablet usage, among individual tablets, from December 2011 to February 2012. Also, since the tablet market is growing at an incredible pace, constant market share implies the segment is growing at the same pace as the market, not a flat sales performance. 1) The two fastest growing segments in the tablet market are the low cost media tablets (Kindle Fire) and the hybrid tablets.
Again, this is no surprise since the functionality offered by all media tablets is practically the same, albeit at different levels of quality. However, since the Kindle Fire is at an industry leading price point it has emerged as the winner.

This is also the same problem the iPad seems to be facing.4) This also highlights that there is plenty of room in the low cost media tablet segment for more competition. Since hybrid tablets are more of a long-term play, Apple’s only other option is to retain the existing iPad and hope the market share loss can be contained.
And since the iPad had a head start, the installed base of iPads is probably double that of Android tablets. Of course the browsing numbers will be skewed towards iOS.And the enterprise market is always conservative, in the sense that they will not adopt devices unless they are established in the consumer market and security helps. I could take a survey of people in my company and claim that Android tablets have 90% market share.
The fact that companies that do real, scientific surveys for a living all come out with roughly the same numbers is telling. Sequential QoQ shipping growth in multiple quarters is a very good indicator of rising sales, which is why we need to look at 4-6 quarters of data. Which was the whole point of the first half of the articleMaybe if you stop trying to shift the goal posts and look at what we were actually discussing, you’d see the point.

We just finished the first quarter thus, all your gains and decreases for 2012 are invalid as they are based only on Q1 — still a long ways to go in 2012 not to mention Win 8 release.Kindle Fire did NOT collapse in anyway. That has nothing to do with apple, other than you all reflect poorly on apple and turn many off that may otherwise consider apple products.Seeing that we have two apple fanbois that love to visit an Android site to comment anytime there is something about apple or the ipad.
Since you like your numbers I’ll use them and make you a $10,000 bet and 8PAQ can get in on this also. I’ll bet you $10K, and if apple ipad sales go below 64% at any point in time I win the bet.You should be safe, right?

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