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If you are planning to setup a private membership website, probably, this is your major concern. However, if you are planning to offer video content such as webinar recordings, special training videos created for members and interview recordings which only your private members can access, this is going to help you choose the best video hosting solution for you. Your web host may have storage limitations and your videos can pretty quickly consume it all. You will need to have multiple versions of your videos because different browsers need different formats. Why go through all that pain if you can avoid it all with a little investment of money and hosting your videos with a hosting service that specializes in video hosting only? When you are offering a premium service to your private members, you need to make sure that your private members have access to something that others don’t, right? A lot of people who do Google Hangout On Air shows, record their shows live and when done, download the video and then delete it from Youtube to only offer to their private members. Now, you need a solution that allows you to host your videos securely and efficiently so that your members can watch them on your website only and nobody can steal your content.
In addition, there are some good-to-have features that you will take if they are available.
If you are setting up a membership website, you definitely do not want to use any free video hosting service such as Youtube or Vimeo’s free version.
Amazon S3 is the most popular cloud based hosting solution where you can host your videos and then use S3 FlowShield for streaming.
Vimeo is my favorite solution, even the free hosting space for hosting is much cleaner than Youtube where they will not insert their advertisements in your videos. However things get real simple, cleaner and more pleasant when you choose Vimeo Pro for your professional quality video hosting.
Vimeo Pro videos don’t show up within the regular Vimeo site videos unless you configure them to be made available to the general public (and they are not commercial videos). When it comes to protecting your videos, security is awesome where Vimeo Pro also lets you lock down your videos to play only on a domain you specify. For any website, you just need to setup a Pull Zone (for caching your scripts and images) and a VOD Zone for media streaming (both audio and video).
Once you have the video’s embed code ready, input that to the video player you are using to play the videos and you are ready to go.
Now, this experience is similar to using Amazon S3 so I wouldn’t recommend it to the beginners. Some of the features that SproutVideo offers include tight security options, SSL embeds, domain whitelisting, easily customizable video players, etc. With SproutVideo, you also get video analytics which will show how many plays your videos get, where those plays are coming from, which of your videos are popular, etc.
They have a feature-rich video hosting service with things like customizing your player, your branding options, putting a call to action etc.
DataCast is another great option in the video hosting arena with their live streaming and broadcasting features.
According to their website, DaCast is a full-featured streaming service that provides everything broadcasters need. They have options for you to sign up on their monthly pricing plans or, if you prefer, sign up on their ‘Pay As You Go’ plan. Vzaar is a great professional video hosting platform as well and quite popular in the video hosting marketplace as well. Vzaar’s initial trial offer is irresistible as well, offering a 1-month free trial with great features.
You can choose if you want to set your videos to autoplay and loop among many other powerful features Vzaar offers.
With their ability to add call to action into your videos, integration tools for Ebay, embeddable video code (including HTTPS embed code), and integration with Google Analytics etc., it makes it a great choice for entrepreneurs as well. Framesocket is a premium video hosting service with an awesome content delivery network designed specifically for developers. What it means is, it is similar to Amazon S3 and it requires you to have some technical knowledge to deal with its APIs to make uploads etc.
While Framesocket gives unlimited flexibility, I would think that you may not feel comfortable working with their system unless you are a developer. Their video management controls are incredibly easy to use, with a dashboard for customizing each individual video.
They offer multiple options to embed your video on other websites including standard embed, overlay, and light box videos.
Viddler started out as a free Video hosting platform (like Youtube) in 2006, with focus on personal video blogging. When you are looking to setup a membership website where you want to stream videos, you need to have a premium video hosting setup for yourself. However, if you need a few more features than Vimeo has and investing money in your infrastructure isn’t a challenge, you can consider any of these above excellent service providers. If you have a question about video hosting, you can post your question in the comments section below and you can get an answer from any of my awesome and experienced readers or from me. If you have used any of these services and you have something to share about your experience, please use the comments section as well and add value to this post. Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media. Great resources for video hosting, I tried MaxCDN from the above list and It’s my favorite too. So yes, it’s important to keep a tab on what’s going around and then be prepared when the need arises! Their monthly bandwidth seems to be very low and that means, if I have 3 videos of 30 minutes of more, my bandwidth consumption will be way more than they allow in their plans and that means if my usage is about 1TB, I will be spending a lot more money on a monthly basis over and above the subscription price. I appreciate that you tell us the difficulty levels of each of the options, that is useful to me. This is a great resource of video hosting solutions for those interested in private membership sites.

Meanwhile, I totally agree with your reasons for why self-hosting the videos is not a great idea, even the podcasts for that matter, sin’t it?
Twitter:harleenasYes Kumar, I did host it locally and would try to use MaxCDN for the future podcast, whenever it is.
For those that are trying to build a membership site and for those who are serious about their blogs, I highly recommend using your services. Most of the people I’ve spoken with use Amazon’s service for hosting their videos for their membership sites but would you recommend that one also for audios?
For audio podcasts, I still do not recommend hosting your audio on your own server because you still run the same risks as with video hosting.
Now that the marketing automation market is leveling off and most businesses medium and large have adopted marketing software like Marketo, there is now (more than ever) a need to integrate the types of content that move the needle.
While video was easy to integrate, it was not done so correctly and basic rules of marketing were being broken. Not only were marketers breaking these basic rules, but no ROI goals were established around the video content, and if there were goals they were not aligned with the organizations objectives. Video Hosting Technology — Marketers needed a solution besides YouTube and Vimeo so they could own the content (live on their domain), brand the content and video player object. Advanced Analytics with APIs — Without detailed information on video playback and engagement, measurement was solely based on play counts.
Lead Gating and Identity Tracking — Sure, video can sit on a landing page and enrich static content there, but there are instances where a video might need to be gated with a form, or secured for a specific type of contact to access it. Over the last year there have been a number of companies in the online video space that have solved the 3 big missing things, and they have done this by creating completely integrated video marketing technology that plugs directly into Marketo, so the modern marketer can now start incorporating lead scoring, email nurture events and more based on video engagement data.
For Marketo customers, there are a number of great video software options that connect to the platform right out of the box. Vidyard hosts your videos, analyzes their effectiveness, and transforms them into powerful marketing tools.
Wistia gives marketers the power to track and analyze web video viewers including the ability to measure each individual’s video viewing session, their location, organization and IP address. Vidcaster provides an out-of-the-box solution for implementing and managing video experiences. LoopLogic provides video with analytics and lead generation for companies looking to use video strategically.
To learn more about Video Marketing and Marketing Automation, schedule a video strategy call with our team. Matt is an expert video content marketer with over 12 years of sales and marketing experience. The video host will then store the video on its server, and show the individual different types of code to allow others to view this video.
Just like the modern hosting services, it allowed users to upload clips or full videos in different file formats. If you do not have video content to offer to your private members, probably this won’t be of much help to you. If you plan to host some premium video content, you also need to concern yourself about piracy which adds to the pain even further. Wouldn’t that allow you to focus on your business while all these headaches are out of your way? Why host, manage and struggle with mundane tasks of maintaining your WordPress when you can have a premium hosting service like Krishna World Wide Host take care of all that for you while you can focus your energy on your main business? And that is why when you are offering videos to your private members, you do not want to host with Youtube.
With Vimeo Pro, you can host commercial content for up to 50GB of upload space, unlimited on-site plays, and up to 250k embed plays.
If you aren’t sure if they are the right solution for you, try them without risk and you will know if you like their video hosting service.
I like the way they have priced all these options making it very affordable for small businesses and scale up as business grows. After a quick setup, the platform can be easily used to do high quality streaming to monetize video without having to be locked into any commitments.
I think that is a great flexibility because depending on your custom needs, you have the ability to choose what gives you more value for the money. All videos are in high definition and you have full control of privacy options, domain controls etc.
It has easily customizable video player, customizable channels, automated audience building tools, and mobile compatibility inbuilt as well.
Too many options means too many complexities to deal with for people looking for simplicity. That means you can experience their service for free and decide if they are a good fit for you. Oculu also offers tools to manage, measure, and optimize your video campaigns like many other services. But, the site changed its focus to become a premium video hosting platform for its paying customers.
Videos hosted with Viddler are HD quality, embeddable, and have all an enterprise may need. And speaking of that, if you are just getting started, Vimeo Pro is my favorite option to recommend. With everything these days needing to be extra secure a bullet point outline of resources to that end is very helpful. With Google Hangout’s popularity, number of people doing videos has dramatically increased. I’m happy with both of them, but like Wistia so much better for my new membership site.
This post brings to mind a famous quote about smart people knowing when to hire someone else to do work that is not their specialty. Though presently I do not have any such requirements or plans, I’m going to bookmark this post for reference.

Yes, we should host podcasts also with a third party service or use MAXCDN for it if the bandwidth allows. A group of us just produced a writer’s conference and plan to sell the vidoes on line. So as a core content type, video was just left out, and left up to the marketer to decide which video hosting method to use.
As an example, for SEO and branding purposes, content should always live on your own domain. For example, video success was measured based on play counts, increased time on site, and maybe increased conversion in the case when a video was embedded on a landing page. Opening up information on video completion and drop off rates, any pretty much any action a viewer takes inside the video player was crucial for integration with marketing systems.
Knowing whether a tracked contact that has landed on a page with video and then specifically how they engaged with the content is important. Below are just a few, with an extended list found directly on Marketo’s LaunchPoint website.
Vidyard provides everything you need to manage your video collection and ensure the optimal viewing experience for your visitors. Matt has produced and deployed thousands of videos and works with Fortune 500 companies executing video strategies that drive measurable business results.
The website, mainly used as the video hosting website, is usually called the video sharing website. I think that Vimeo Pro is a perfect solution for a professional quality video hosting on membership websites. You need to contact them and work with their support to get a custom solution for your needs.
This amazing guide will guide you step by step to build your brand identity and also make money online.
Though I currently have no plans for this type of service I will bookmark this excellent presentation in case the need arises and will recommend your research to anyone I know who may benefit from it. Video posting seems to be an ever-growing medium and keeping the medium safe, as much as possible, is always important. I also use Google Hangouts on Air and stream them live to YouTube and then embed them on my Facebook page using 22Social. If you face any challenge when you get to it, please feel free to ask any additional questions. In the case of video, marketers were hosting content on 3rd party domains, as a result giving up ownership of content to that service. Vidyard’s simple approach to video hosting eliminates the barriers to using online video, by integrating visibility, control, and optimization, into a single unit?ed solution.
I am far from a techie, but I find all three of these to be very easy to use and valuable for my business. Even though the video itself was not hosted in a location where the other corporate content lived, such as white papers, ebooks, downloadables, etc.. Another major rule broken more times than not, was marketers sending web traffic away from their domain to a YouTube channel to watch video. Vidcaster’s integration with Marketo turns video into a seamless part of your lead generation and nurturing activities.
We all know that the goal of a business website is to attract, retain, and convert web traffic, not send that traffic to an uncontrolled environment. From embedding video on your website to creating video resource libraries, Vidcaster makes it possible to take your video where you need it to go.
Taking this into account, it’s good to know where to host your own video content to be watched by numbers and numbers of viewers. Found in 2005, only after 6 months it was purchased by Google and became the flagship product of the company.Looking at the volumes of presented content, YouTube obviously wins this category. The only obstacle you will come across is the limited time of uploaded videos (up to 15 minutes), but this one’s easy to omit with a a few simple tricks. For example, a free account gives you access to 500 MB of disk space, lets you upload 10 videos dily and only 1 HD video weekly.
That makes a significant difference if HD quality content is a priority for you, or your business demands uploading more than 10 videos daily.Also, when you take the upload queue into account (sometimes it takes hours!), the free Vimeo account looks not-so-user-friendly. However, you can upgrade to a Plus or PRO account and pay 59.95$ or 199$ annual fee for more upload options. You can use advanced privacy settings or SEO tools, personalize the player layout, collect emails thanks to a built-in web form. But the feature that distinguishes Cincopa from the other video hosting companies is the huge variety of beautiful skins they offer, more than a hundred, without programming. Making mistakes is a human thing and if you accidentally upload a video with any sort of error, then replacing it on every single page you embedded it takes ages.
When you can replace the video at the source link, the update will appear on other pages automatically.
Unfortunately, neither YouTube, nor Vimeo offer such a convenient feature.When it comes to free solutions, YouTube will remain the leading option in the nearest future.
Speaking of paid platforms, the choice doesn’t seem so obvious, as Wistia and Vimeo offer equally appealing set of tools and vary only in details.
The most reasonable solution would be to use each of the platforms for 30 days – looking at the free trial periods available.
After thorough testing ,the choice will be much easier.What is your experience with video hosting for business?

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