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Trish is known for always getting new jobs at the mall and then getting fired because she is a horrible employee. It is mentioned in Club Owners & Quinceaneras, by Trish's mom that first she was fired from the Book Store and then the Pet Shop but before she could say any more Trish interrupted her. In World Records & Work Wreckers it is stated that Trish kept a job at the Calendar Store for a week (but it was a weekend) and Ally filled in for her for both days because she called in sick. Trish took Dallas' job when he quit at the mall's cell phone accessory cart to work for Ally at the Sonic Boom in the episode World Records & Work Wreckers. In Tickets & Trashbags, she told Austin she was planning to tell her boss she quit from Megaphone World because she wanted to get a job at the Dress Hut so she could get a nice dress for the Miami Music Awards.
Although in Club Owners & Quinceaneras, it is said that Trish's first job was at the pet store. It is unknown how long she worked here but in Secrets & Songbooks she said, "Man, I hated this job. In Albums & Auditions, Trish worked at the Post Office for 2 weeks, which is the second longest time she has kept a job (She has been Austin's manager the longest). In the episode Diners & Daters, Trish worked as a waitress for Melody Diner, having Mindy as her bossy manager. It is revealed in MyTAB & My Pet, when Austin questioned the amount of popcorn kernels to put in the popcorn machine, Trish told him she was fired from a popcorn store. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Omni Hotels was named as one of the best companies to work for in Texas in an annual program created by the Texas Association of Business, the Texas State Council of the Society of Human Resource Management and the Best Companies Group. Omni Club Rooms: Located on the 13th and 14th private access level floors, these spacious accommodations include one king or two double beds and feature high ceilings with crown molding. Executive One-Bedroom Suites: These exclusive accommodations feature 1,000 square feet of living space, a separate bedroom with either one king or one queen bed, large living room, dining area and fully equipped kitchen. Whether you’re searching for a light bite or a casual dinner, wonderful food or a refreshing cocktail is always on the menu at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown.
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In Partners & Parachutes, upon a suggestion from Trish and Penny, Ally begins her career, with Trish as her manager. Austin was impressed with her resume, considering her job experience was about 8 pages long.
When Austin ordered flowers for Ally, it was from this store considering Trish was working here at the moment and she delivered them.
Trish got a job at the dry cleaners, but after messing up orders (for example, she takes a jacket and it gets dumped in caramel, then she ends up shrinking it and turning it pink) and not showing up for work very much, she got fired. She was the hall monitor in kindergarten, but when Trish made profit by having people pay her to go to the bathroom, she got fired for the first time. During her time there, she messed up 2 orders, by delivering the food to the rest of Team Austin during a Team Austin and Ally meeting, and after Ally won the Future Five. She got fired for hitting Dez with a racket, or took a racket and the tennis ball machine from the store to use for revenge against Demonica Dixon. She was asked by Penny Dawson what her job was, and she said "At the kennel, scooping poop!" It was unknown if Trish was fired or quit. She enjoyed it because she got to hear people's complaints about her employment in previous jobs. The stores slogan is "We got game and unlimited bread sticks, fool." People such as Demonica kept making fun of her hat. She first walked in there speaking in the megaphone and tells Austin and them that she got "Shiny Money" to perform with Austin by using the siren on the megaphone at his house till he saw Austin's video.
She also gets a waiter spot for Austin since he wants to get closer to a girl named Cassidy. When they were preparing to go on the Helen Show, Trish says, "It was so worth quitting my job at the mug store to come here." She quits to work as Austin's manager, and but the good news is that she and Dez paid for the mugs outside the mug store. She was in control of the roller coaster, which she broke, the Ferris Wheel, which she broke and the spinning tubs.
It was evidently a greeting card store that literally has greeting cards for every occasion.
The outfit was only seen once in the episode (only in the beginning), so she probably got fired.
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Since her job working here was only for the short story that Dez wrote, it is possible that she may have never worked at this place.

However, in the end, Ally returns to being Austin's partner and hasn't been shown working on her career since, so it is unknown what happened to Trish's job. She loves getting him booked at places where he can do an awesome  Trish as Austin's Manager! Trish was trying to prove to Ally that she could keep a job for three days, and after two days Trish quit that job thinking it was already three days. According to Ally, it is a high class cheese shop that is much better than Cheese Just Okay. This is one of the jobs Trish has been shown to care about, because when she received a call from her boss about being late, she would grab all the food and run towards the door. She would often misuse her equipment, like using the magic shock finger she got to shock people and using a smoke bombs to sneak past the security guard at Waah Miami 3 Studios (which is outside the mall of Miami) to get past her. She was fired because she refused to get more chicken pot pie for Dez and also because she defended Dez. She would constantly close down rides to correspond with the music video, leaving a young girl upset. They both planned to get fired at this job, so they fried everything in the restaurant but fish. This is the longest job Trish kept, due to her being fired as Austin's manager in Managers & Meatballs. The employees get all the reject cupcakes, so Trish gave Ally the one she dropped on the floor. She got fired from this job for using a smoke bomb outside the magic store and violating the store's policies. She told her boss she quit because she wanted to get a job at the Dress Shop so she could get a nice dress for the Miami Music Awards but her boss told her she was already fired. She didn't want to be fired, so she quit once Mindy had thought of firing her.This job really annoyed Trish as she had to sing everything for the customers. She would then raise the height requirements so the girl was unable to go on the ride anyways. She got fired from this job because being a horrible-known employee grounds for termination. Though she was hired again,when she put the effort to get Ronnie Ramone to see her perform.

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