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Whether a user has the latest version of a browser, or something ancient like Internet Explorer 6, they'll get a similar experience with Video.js which uses a super-lightweight Flash player for browsers that don't support HTML5 video.
That says to me that if I have an instance of IE8 without the Flash plugin installed, this "super-lightweight Flash player" should display the video.
I think you misinterpret that statement, and that the wording they use there is not so good. In other words, the "super-lightweight Flash player" they mention is not a replacement for the entire Adobe Flash Player plugin. So to the question "Should Video.js work in IE8 without Flash plugin?", the answer would be no. How to translate a list of English words in to other language using online translation service with mathematica? Though support for HTML5 is still evolving, a video element has clear benefits for the users who can now get browser-native video players without any third-party plugins at all.In the current blog entry we've covered some of the best HTML5 media player implementations to help you get the most out of HTML5 video tag and embed video content into your web pages. I believe "super-lightweight Flash player" should be read kind of as "super-lightweight video player implemented in Flash, requiring Flash Player plugin".

This round-up is done specifically for you to decide which HTML5 video player is better for your website design project, so check out a few of the solutions that we particularly like. The idea is that when HTML5 video is not supported, Flash will be used instead, if the Flash Player plugin is installed.
We invite you to rate the content, quality, and genre of these great video players and opt for the choices according to your needs.* * *JW PlayerWhat about skinable open source JW Player, this solution is all about Flash and HTML5 working together as part of a single video player. This solution supports the major CDNs, YouTube, Adobe's Flash Media Server, HTTP streaming, major advertising networks, analytics providers, and more. Note that this solution supports a limited number of browsers since it’s still in experimental state. Sublime Video solution is not based on any JS library and aims to provide a high quality user experience thanks to its consistent implementation of both HTML5 and Flash user interfaces. Based on Video for Everybody, it adds custom video controls made of HTML that you can style anyway you please with a bit of CSS.
To install Projekktor, you’ll only need to add two line of JavaScript to your web page (and one more CSS for styling), besides you’ll be able to add and remove Projekktor whenever you want and without the need to alter your HTML at any time. Based on Video for Everybody it uses a custom Flash or Silverlight player that mimics the native HTML5 API for older browsers.
MediaElement.js builds a fully skinnable player with features like support for the HTML5 track element, fullscreen video, and even ambilight.

Unlike other HTML5 video players, it has developed a full library for videos so that with it videos can be watched even in IE. Having a cross-browser, cross-plugin and cross-device support, it's based on HTML5 media elements and Flash (JW Player) as backend and has CSS stylable and accessible controls as flexible building blocks.
It has support for subtitles using HTML5 track element and language-selection by label attribute of track. The player has built-in fullscreen mode, volume controls and can handle multiple videos in a single page. This fully-featured solution is for those who want something really simple and are unfamiliar with HTML.
This chart covers some key features to show you which video player has the options needed for your project, and additionally offers links to demos to see each video player in action. If you've tested on a browser or device any of the above-listed players or maybe some other ones not mentioned in this list, please let us know your impressions and give us a short feedback in the comments.
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