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There are certain PC programs which are available in the market for free, and every PC user must have them.
There are numerous PC programs for backup solutions, but it is recommended to use online backup services. It is often reported by the users that while downloading files from the Internet, they sometimes encounter the compressed files.
Users can easily rip data from audio CD as well as create data or an audio CD and DVD easily by using numerous free PC programs. Almost all the internet users use online e-mail services for sending mails and e-mail is another service which can be easily done for free. FTP and SSH utility is being used by those PC users who need to download or upload files from or to a server as well as maintains their own web pages. We have innumerable programs and applications for picture and image editing, which even helps in creating as well as organizing images on your PC.
There are numerous multimedia programs featuring different limitations and capabilities and even there are users who prefer watching videos and movies online.

Microsoft Office is one of the most expensive PC program which has been used by all the PC, laptop users. And to protect our PC, we have numerous free PC programs which are worth trying because they are even better as compared to the commercial products. For those dealing with compressed files easily, we have numerous compression utility programs. Many users still use Microsoft Outlook, so it is recommended to use free services, the best alternatives too.
But, when we have free solutions for Office Suite, then what’s the need for using and installing these expensive programs.
All the categories mentioned in this article are really useful, but sometimes gets less attention. Today, I am bringing into notice about the top 10 free PC programs which every PC user must have. Even these alternatives are faster as well as smooth in working and even are more secure than Internet Explorer.

For instance, Filezilla for FTP client and Putty, MobaXterm for SSH client beats all free PC programs. For instance, Audacity as audio editing-creating tool and MPC-HC and VLC as video and DVD player.
For instance, users can use OpenOffice as Office Suite and Notepad++ as notepad and source code editor. Windows features numerous great programs, but there are few which are essential for setting up a PC.
All the PC programs mentioned above are worth a try once and believe me that you will have a great experience using these. There are millions of PC programs, so to manage them out in a perfect manner, I have broken them into top 10 categories.

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