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Before 2015 reached its close, Facebook visitors were watching an average of four billion videos each day.
While these intensive efforts ultimately will benefit viewers, Facebook has another objective in mind – accommodating the proliferation of mobile video advertisers.
1) Pre-Roll Video: Designed as an instant attention-getter, pre-roll video generally lasts between 15-30 seconds. 4) Sneak Peaks: Do you dare show people the drama and suspense that unfolds beyond the closed doors of your company? Would you like to learn more about incorporating video with your social media marketing, or about any other video topic? Marketers seeking long-term relationships with any customer sector can benefit tremendously from sequential video marketing. The huge advantage of sequential video marketing is its ‘must see’ requirement – prospects must view a specific video before the next will display. Sequential video marketing syncs perfectly with the mindset of contemporary viewers, who demand to be wooed and informed before jumping to each next stage of the purchase process.
Sequential video marketing enables marketers to track viewer engagement across a series of devices. While all formats stand to benefit from sequential video marketing, DRTV – particularly long-form – is positioned to see an especially generous windfall.
Would you like to learn more about sequential video marketing, or about any other DRTV and video marketing topic?
En una sociedad cada vez mas rapida y visual el video debe ser el rey en las estrategias de marketing. El video en directo o live streaming permite interactuar con los usuarios de manera inmediata y natural. El aumento tanto en el uso como en la compra de los Smartphones con una orientacion vertical hace cada vez mas evidente la necesidad de adaptar los videos a este formato. Muchas organizaciones estan optando por crear su propio contenido video y promocionarlo en su pagina web. En 2015 se revelo que desde que la capacidad de atencion es de unos  8,25 segundos por lo que los gifs son el metodo perfecto para comunicar tu mensaje. El boton de compra se esta incluyendo en todos los contenidos del marketing online, por lo que el video no podria ser diferente.
Uno de los principios del Inbound Marketing, que ha inundado el sector, es que hay que adaptar el contenido al “Buyer’s Journey”. Incluir el video en e-mail tiene un potencial enorme ya que por el momento los proveedores de e-mail no permiten el autoplay.
La capacidad de visualizar video en 360? es un avance enorme, mas aun si Facebook y YouTube lo incluyen en sus plataformas.
El 2016 se preve como el cambio del “one to many” (de uno a muchos) al “1 to 1” ya que las posibilidades para personalizar e interactuar con videos es cada vez mas sencillo. El video online ha adoptado la resolucion 4K (4 veces la resolucion de 1080 de alta definicion) mucho antes que la television convencional y ya son varias plataformas como Netflix, Amazon o Youtube que apuestan por esta nueva tecnologia. No cabe duda de que el video marketing esta creciendo a un ritmo trepidante y que  se ha convertido en una de las maneras mas efectivas de convertir clientes y generar leads.
The Top Video Marketing Conferences of 2016Looking to harness the power of video marketing in the connected age of the internet?
However, with so many different marketing conferences already planned for 2016, how will you know which to attend? Held June 5-7 this year at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, Massachusetts, WistiaFest is the leading conference that focuses specifically on video marketing. While WistiaFest typically draws a young demographic of attendees, don’t let that diminish it in your eyes. The New Media Expo, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, is focused towards digital content creators rather than specifically marketers, and its approach towards understanding the attention factor of content is unparalleled.
So if you’re looking for creative ways to boost your presence on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, look no further than NMX 2016!
While WistiaFest and NMX are American conferences, the Canadian Internet Marketers Conference represents the best that Canada has to offer (and is certainly worth the trip up north!).
What other video marketing conferences are you attending or wish you could attend this year? VietNamNet Bridge – Technology will continue to develop, online marketing will become more popular, and video will be more mainstream in 2016.
A survey of comScore shows that videos account for 87 percent of online content such as blogs, articles and images. After they buy and use the products, they share their thoughts about the products with friends and relatives. Analysts believe that in 2016, video marketing will serve as an important tool that helps businesses access consumers.
A Google report shows that Vietnam has the highest number of video viewers in South East Asia, while 91 percent of Vietnamese viewers share videos with friends and relatives. Experts pointed out that when searching information with keywords, Google prioritizes video clips rather than entries. Tran Anh Tuan, CEO of The Pathfinder, a consultancy firm, said that videos with sound and image effects, attract customers’ attention more than text. Meanwhile, a music video clip launched by Omo, a detergent brand, attracted 846,000 viewers after one week. Vietnam Digital Landscape 2015, the report of Moore Online Solution Development, said Vietnam has the highest number of internet users who watch videos in South East Asia.
According to Tuan, Google plans to displays ad videos when showing searching results in the time to come.
According to the organizers of the BigOff Online Friday on August 28, which is the largest promotion for online shopping in the country, 700 enterprises were involved with more than 11,000 promotional products.

HCM City's primary and secondary schools are facing challenges to serve 85,000 students, nearly 40 per cent more than last year, according to Le Hoang Quan, chairman of the city's People's Committee. The report’s findings show that Vietnam has a higher percentage of smartphone users than the global average. HA NOI (VNS)— The 2015 Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Forum will be held in HCM City on October 30. The forum, titled, "Acquiring, Reaching and Engaging the Right Consumers with Mobile," will bring together more than 20 well-known guest speakers from different countries. At a meeting of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Vietnam last Friday, advertising professionals advised businesses, especially those targeting young customers, should develop mobile advertising campaigns because this marketing strategy is gaining traction locally. So… before getting the ground breaking, the following statistics and trends (in the ever changing landscape of online video) will help you understand the magnitude and the impact online video will have on your business in 2016 and beyond.
About UsOur aim is to become the forerunners and innovators to harness the power of multimedia technology and convert them to simple, easy to understand visual marketing Strategies and help business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs reach out their target audience with their message(s).
DisclaimerFrom inception to completion, our clients are actively involved (and informed) in everything we do. 37% said they were annoyed when the video didn’t explain the product or service clearly enough. Videos that explain company products typically fail to interest viewers and increase sales for reasons other than visual quality.
Bottom Line: While video has produced proven results in digital marketing, many companies produce video programs that don’t meet established quality standards and, therefore, turn off customers.
William Comcowich now serves as CMO of CyberAlert LLC, the media monitoring and measurement service, and editor of the CyberAlert Blog which covers PR, marketing and social media. While videos may be working wonders for the companies that are doing them right, it seems like there are a number of companies putting money into video production only to be met with sub-par results.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Do you need some juicy video marketing statistics to help get your video budget increased or even to help a skeptical boss see the light? Eager to play a vital role in this burgeoning and profitable marketing phenomenon, the social media powerhouse is doing everything possible to create a flawless video delivery system readily embraced by a diversity of brands. Instagram, YouTube, and a slew of other social networks are racing to beef up their video capabilities. Since they target very specific needs, how-to videos are an excellent means for increasing both shares and number of brand followers. Look for the hot topics raging on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, using them as raw material for dynamic video content. Revealing what goes on behind the scenes at your business often proves a fool-proof interest arouser. As the name implies, sequential video marketing is a strategy that delivers a continuous message or story through a series of static ads or videos. This continuity also meshes wonderfully with the modern consumer’s multiple-device usage patterns. Information collected during the tracking process can be incorporated to optimize DRTV commercials and other marketing videos in real time.
As a format that builds on a succession of different but related messages, DRTV is well-suited to the serialized progression that defines the sequential approach. Already, scores of software, device, and ad-tech firms are rushing to build the infrastructure necessary to make it part of the everyday marketing landscape.
El video supondra un 80% del total del trafico en internet por lo que el video marketing es el camino a tomar.
De hecho, la red social Snapchat revela que sus anuncios de video verticales tienen una tasa de finalizacion 9 veces mayor que los videos en formato horizontal.
Facebook, Twitter y Google son algunas de las plataformas que han incluido el boton comprar en sus videos, ademas se ha adaptado al formato movil.
De este modo, cada video debe servir como un paso en el camino del comprador, es decir, el contenido debe facilitar la conversion del usuario en cliente. Este nuevo tipo de video permite una mayor interaccion con el usuario y sobre todo una nueva forma de sotrytelling.
Mientras que las empresas B2C ya han encontrado una manera de realizarlo, hay nuevas tecnologias disponibles para facilitar a las B2B con estas estrategias. Por ello, es importante adoptar estas tendencias con la ayuda de una agencia de marketing digital. It’s probably time to begin attending video marketing conferences and share in the kind of knowledge exchange that keeps video marketing best practices on the cutting edge. Its highly specialized focus gives it a distinct advantage when compared to other conferences, as speakers and attendees are looking to educate and learn specifically about the power of video. The youthful passion these attendees have for video marketing led to last year’s conference being an incredible incubator for innovative ideas. All too often, video marketers get caught up in producing good content for their in-house websites that they fail to learn how to get the most out of external video hosting platforms, which is where NMX comes in.
With over 1,100 attendees already registered for the mid-April event, it’s sure to be a fantastic event. At least 96 percent of viewers click on links given, while 90 percent make decisions after they watch videos. It automatically runs videos on users’ Facebook pages while there is no need to click on the clip. Let’s be realistic – planning and implementing an effective video marketing strategy will take time, effort and resources. Once you have your first video published, download The Anatomy of the Future Video SEO Strategy and learn everything you need to know on how to win the future. One thing will surely matter – You cannot ignore the power of online video and hope things will be fine come 2018.

Most companies plan to either initiate or increase video marketing in 2016 as video continues to produce enhanced marketing results and return on investment.
Almost all (91%) plan to either increase or maintain video spending this year, and 67% plan to increase spending. Organizations that fail to produce high-quality videos risk alienating more than 60% of their potential customers, the report warns.
Mehroz Khan, co-founder of Video Explainers, explains key elements of high-quality explainer videos, in an Entrepreneur article.
The best voiceover artists rivet listener attention, while an unpleasant voice will prompt them to hit the close button.
These may seem inconsequential, but make an enormous difference in maintaining interest and increasing conversions.
Companies embracing video marketing must produce videos that meet consumer expectations for quality. No matter how much money you throw into a video project or campaign, it still has to feature a compelling message or delivery that is going to capture the attention of your audience. Apparently, anyone and everyone in cyberspace will have the capacity to deliver vibrant video messages on behalf of brands.
The advantage of pre-roll videos is their ability to deliver lightning-quick messages viewers can’t ignore. Everyone from fitness trainers to programmers are using these to boost their followership on destinations such as Instagram.
Equally important, anything that lets people inside your company automatically creates a closer bond with viewers.
You’ll discover why we’re Orange County’s premier producer of TV commercials, infomercials, and online videos for a wide range of businesses, organizations, and brands. Ad content is delivered one at a time during website visits – either in a single session or multiple.
After a video is viewed on a laptop, the next one is readily available on a smartphone or tablet, creating a stream of ongoing engagement across all devices.
Basically, each user-jump to a new device allows marketers to respond with an appropriate video ad tied to click choices. As with an infomercial, sequential video marketing builds one message on top of the other to create a powerful overall impression and drive consumers to take action. Desde un punto de vista empresarial, se puede utilizar para presentar novedades, realizar conferencias o ponencias.
De este modo el nombre del usuario, sus gustos o preferencias se entrelazan en la narrativa comun.
And with speakers from big brands that know their way around video content,  as Google, expect amazing insights and ideas for improving your video marketing strategy. Here is a look at Online Video Marketing Statistics 2016 that will shape the future marketing landscape. At any point if a you are not happy with our services, you have the right to cancel any agreement and be entitled to receive a full refund of the remainder of services. However, many businesses struggle to produce and promote marketing videos; poor quality videos often disappoint consumers and reflect badly on businesses that produce them.
Prior to CyberAlert, Bill produced interactive multimedia programs and served in PR positions in major non-profit organizations. As digital video marketing becomes even more prominent in the next year or so, I feel like more companies are going to get the hang of delivering their message the right way using video.
Confronted by swelling demand, Facebook has been redesigning its infrastructure to improve the process of loading and watching videos.
As with any other endeavor, however, there’s an effective way to go about it and an ineffective way.
Interestingly, one survey reported that 76% of respondents were willing to share videos – provided they packed entertainment value.
The resulting continuity builds powerful engagement throughout the video journey, culminating in a compelling offer intended to clinch the sale.
Addressed during the progression are all the DRTV touch points – awareness, consideration, purchase, offer, etc.
But what does it mean to your business?  If online video is the next big thing, how can your business benefit from it? Videos that fall short on good storytelling and production values are likely to fail in delivering expected marketing results. Marketers who prefer to be in the former group should take note of the following five prominent types of social media video to determine which ones best match their objectives. Presumably, when all the chapters are digested, viewer interest will peak – and hopefully trigger a sale.
It’s as if you could take each part of an infomercial and display it at different intervals – where and when the viewer chooses. By incorporating video technologies acquired through the purchase, Facebook will offer brands the ability to follow the consumer viewing path from device to device.
By continuously selecting play, a viewer accesses a customized flow of information and forges an ongoing relationship with the brand. Whether it’s short explainer videos, infographics and other shareable visual content, we create the visuals that help hundreds of start ups on up to big brands stand out in an increasingly competitive environment.

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