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Asked to specify which marketing tactics are most effective, more than 90% judged online activities such as website optimization, email marketing and SEO as somewhat or very effectivea€”not surprisingly given the responses to the previous question regarding 2011 budget priorities. Very good review, Social marketing also matters in b2b marketing, not only tele+direct marketing. A great post, though it is the middle of the year 2011 it is still nice to know what are the trends for b2b marketing. Just as fashionistas know that maroon is the new black this autumn, media pros know that scrolling is the new flipping.
The tablet iteration is appearing in the iPad versions of several Rogers Publishing magazines from Flare to Maclean’s. Rogers Publishing and Toronto-based agency Vizeum Canada created the 35-page interactive tablet version of the retailer’s Canadian catalogue, which includes products from clothing to kitchenware from its fall 2012 collection. Micheal Bispo, senior vice-president and managing director of Vizeum Canada, said this was the next natural step for the “Sears Look Report.” He said Vizeum, which has been Sears’ media agency of record since July 2011, wanted to extend the catalogue to a whole new audience knowing that there’s a growing segment of the population that’s consuming content through mobile devices. The tablet version of the “Sears Look Report” includes features typical of the platform: expandable images, swipe-through galleries, social sharingand embedded videos that feature Sears spokespeople giving details about different lines the retailer carries. It also includes links to Sears’ e-commerce service so readers can directly purchase items by tapping them – an important element, Barlow said. The iPad version of the “Sears Look Report” launched first in Flare’s October iPad issue on Aug.
Earlier this year, Sears Canada president and CEO Calvin McDonald commented that the retailer recognized the importance of visibility in the expanding online and digital world.
Colorful graphs, data analysis, marketing research and annual report background, concept for success business, management project, budget planning, financial growth and education.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In order to strengthen LEGO?s brand image and reputation, the companystarted its corporate branding strategy in the 90s. As part of the company?s 3-year global marketing communication campaign,market research must be aligned with the goals and objectives of thecompany.
The categories with the largest percentage of marketers reporting plans to reduce spending next year were high-cost offline tactics: direct mail, trade shows and print advertising. However, both social media and direct mail can be effective if done right (though social media results tend to start small and build over time). Again, you can download the free executive summary or purchase the full report to get all the details. We have found that DM has been overtaken by e-mail marketing and coupled with telemarketing do make an effective marketing approach. It seems to offer value, build the list, build the brand and sell the product at the same time.
What you might not notice is the limited amount of leads and sales you’ve been driving from Social in your Google Analytics (or other web analytic program). Sears has taken the latter trend to heart and is currently rolling out an iPad version of its “Sears Look Report” catalogue for the first time. If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”. It can also be used to strengthen the image of LEGO as a “good play”toy.Relationship MarketingRelationship marketing is a concept that stresses the importance ofdeveloping long-term win-win relationships with prospects and customers.

The primary purpose of market research according to Baines andChansarkar (2002) is to gather information which will allow a company of anorganization to make better, more informed decisions. An interview isconcerned with gaining insights and determining meaning from aninteractional relationship between interviewer and interviewee.
The fact is, direct mail and telemarketing are still powerful lead generators for B2B when done correctly. By mid-September, it will appear on other Rogers publications’ tablet editions for Chatelaine (the English and French editions), Hello!
It isa marketing communications approach that is aimed at establishing profitablerelationships with loyal customers. Market research isclosely linked to the marketing concept as it implies a customer focus, that thecustomer is central to the activities of the company, and the opinions of thecustomer are highly valued and useful aid in decision-making (p. In-depthinterview is the communication between an interviewer and the individualparticipants.
While there’s no reason to expect sales cycles to shorten, an improving economy next year should help stabilize the length of the decision process.
For a lawyer who makes $400 per hour to spend 20 hours per month (5 hours per week) on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, that’s a cost of $8,000 per month. Relationship marketing according toDuncan (2002) is marketing seen as relationships, network and interaction. This is applicable forexperiential brands such as LEGO.LEGO was a strong umbrella brand, guiding the company though extensiveinternational growth as well as product innovation. But if the product being sold has a high enough value, the payback on the investment is huge and well worth the expense. Itis aimed at establishing long-term relationships with customers.The relationship marketing strategy of LEGO will focus on the different playmaterials that it offers based on the market segments. However, in the 1980s andthe 1990s, brand extensions and product sub-categories have resulted to afragmented LEGO brand. TheMarket Research Society of the United Kingdom defines market research as“the collection and analysis of data from a sample of individual ororganizations relating to their characteristics, behavior, attitudes, opinions orpossessions. In-depth interviews usually lasts for an hour and the interviewermay ask open-ended questions.
In order to deal with the challenges facing LEGO ofmaintaining the company heritage and at the same time allowing continuousinnovation and expansion, the company employed a corporate brand strategy.The corporate brand strategy of LEGO was made up of 4 cycles. It includes all forms of marketing and social research such asconsumers and industrial surveys, psychological investigations, observationaland panel studies” (MRS 2000 cited in Baines and Chansarkar 2002).In order to LEGO?s market research to be successful, the company mustbecome more consumer-centric. The objective of the in-depth interview is toprobe the respondent?s answers in order to identify underlying reasons andmotivations.
Play materials (0-5) consists of LEGO Primo (sets of toys for children frombirth to 36 months) and LEGO Duplo which targets basic bricks and themedsets at children in the 18 month to six-years old age group.2. The firstcycle focused on stating the foundation for the corporate brand and linking itto corporate vision. The company must focus its researchinitiatives on the consumers rather than its competitors. Discussed below aresome of the market research methods that LEGO can use in its 3-year globalmarketing communication strategy.Focus GroupsFocus groups or group discussions is one of the most popular form of marketresearch. The interviewer is free to let the respondent explore a number ofissues related to the central themes of the questions (Baines and Chansarkar2002).Like focus groups, the data that can be gathered in in-depth interviews tend tobe subjective.

It’s more complicated then ROI because the ROI from a brand awareness campaign is very difficult to measure. The traditional LEGOBasic and LEGO System, which has more than 150 different sets based on arange of themes designed to appeal to boys. A focus group according to Baines and Chansarkar (2002) is aninformal discussion conducted with approximately eight to twelve people whoare assembled by a business or research agency to discuss some aspect ofmarketing.
Lastly, the fourth cycle focused on integrating vision, culture andimage (Schultz and Hatch 2003).In the next three years, corporate branding will remain as a strategy tostrengthen the LEGO brand and the reputation of the company.
Don’t tell your SCM that you expect a tree 20 feet tall that produces 50 apples per month. Play materials (7-16+) pffers a range of LEGO Technic products, based ona technical design and construction system. In the nextthree years the LEGO brand will create a strong image and reputation in theminds of the consumers by the different offerings of the company. The focus group research method can be used by LEGO in assessingand studying consumer preferences, needs and wants.
This has recently been joined byLEGO MIndstorms, a new kind of system using a microcomputer which allowschildren and adults to build robots that are capable of moving.Strengthening Lego?s Brand Image and ReputationLEGO group has embarked on a research in order to find out how consumersconnect with the LEGO brand.
Thecompany will still focus on the consumer experience with LEGO that servesas communicator of the LEGO brand. Focus groups can beused by LEGO to determine which products and product features must bedeveloped and improved. Otherwise, limit your time and who you follow to just those people in your industry who will help you to grow at an individual level. In conjunction with LEGO?s revision of brandarchitecture, the company did a research, which aimed to study howconsumers see and connect with the LEGO brand.
According to Baines and Chansarkar (2002), focusgroups can be assembled to discuss the following:1. It has been found throughresearch that consumers? images of the LEGO brand differed by marketsegment. The Asian and Latin American consumers, onthe other hand, view LEGO as an innovative and fun brand.In order for the company to dig deeper into the differing opinions ofconsumers and to have more understanding of how parents and childrenconnect with the brand, the Global Branding unit initiated ethnographic studiesof families with children in many locations around the world. These studiesreveal that in every culture, play is an important aspect of childhooddevelopment and of life. He has been mentioned as an SEO Expert by Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, and CNN, working with multi-location and eCommerce clients.
The studies also reveal that parents and childrenassociate the LEGO brand with bricks, construction, creativity, imagination,and the experiences of authenticity and autonomy. The core values of LEGO that will be communicated tothe employees and will be embedded to the organizational culture are self-expression, endless ideas, playful learning, active fun and trust. Steve trains and supports many of the industry's largest digital firms and volunteers to help marketing students.

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