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On the other hand, even if you know exactly what types of content you want to create, you may find it difficult to distinguish your brand and ensure that your efforts are heard above all the noise in a crowded landscape.
Regardless of the specific struggles hindering your content productivity, one thing that might help get you back on track is to take a look at examples of the amazing strides businesses are making with their content marketing programs.
If you are in need of a little inspiration, our new e-book, 75 Examples to Spark Your Content Marketing Creativity, serves up some of the most exciting content efforts out there. Visual content platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram are more popular with consumers than ever – providing plenty of opportunities for brands to tell compelling stories and forge meaningful connections based on their mutual areas of interest. Supporting worthy causes through your content efforts humanizes your brand and can help demonstrate its commitment to the causes and issues about which your audience cares the most. Case in point: Whole Foods took visual marketing to a whole new level with its Do Something Reel Film Festival, a collection of provocative, character-driven films that focused on food and environmental issues – and inspired others to help make a difference. Empowering your fans and followers to show off their personalities in a brand-relevant way is a win-win – you gain a better understanding of their needs and interests, and they get a powerful, prominent platform for self-expression and creativity. Some of the most powerful content campaigns are those from brands that zig when everyone expects them to zag. People typically have questions they need to have answered or concerns that need to be addressed before they make a purchasing decision. Everyone loves a good story, but sometimes consumers just need to get down to business and find a workable solution for a specific problem. Case in point: To help demonstrate its technical authority and expertise, IBM has compiled a library of resources – a centralized location for analyst papers, education, training, case studies, data sheets, executive briefs, FAQs, systems red books, white papers, consultant reports, and just about any other technical documentation a site visitor might want. Creating content in a new format or publishing it on a trendy but untested channel can be intimidating. For more great examples from companies of all sizes and across various industries, download 75 Examples to Spark Your Content Marketing Creativity. If you know of an example that we might have missed, why not add it in the comments and tell us why it’s one of your personal favorites?
Jodi Harris is the Director of Editorial Content & Curation at Content Marketing Institute.
Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Are you struggling to increase your YouTube subscriber numbers despite regularly uploading interesting and relevant content? If so, fear not, this is a common problem for many new (and sometimes established) YouTube channels.
Some of the most successful YouTube channels all have the same thing in common – upload consistency and scheduling. This is a great way of building a fanbase on YouTube as viewers can factor in watching your video as part of their daily or weekly routine. One of the best ways to ensure consistency with your channel is to develop a video upload schedule. Remind the viewer to subscribe to your channel if they enjoyed watching your video – you will be surprised by how effective this method can be! Once the views start coming in to your videos, you may notice that people start to leave comments on the videos. This gives you a great opportunity to develop new video ideas based on their feedback or ways in which you can improve your channel.

Watermarks allow viewers to easily subscribe to your channel directly from the video watch page.
However, do bear in mind that annotations do not currently work on mobile devices (although I’m sure this is something that YouTube are working on).
In order for your video to get found on YouTube, you need a clear title that entices viewers to click on your video.
After you have thought about your target keywords, ensure that your primary target keyword for your video is at the very beginning of the title. You can also utilise the description box underneath every video to really tell potential viewers exactly what your video is about. When you are writing your description, keep in mind that only the first 3 sentences show in the search results and above the fold on the video watch page. While growing your subscriber numbers on YouTube can take time, ensuring that you have all of the points listed above could certainly increase your chances of becoming the next YouTube star. If you are a brand and are thinking about starting a YouTube channel, check out my previous blog post on why you should be on YouTube. With so many techniques, formats, and channels for your content efforts, it’s easy to become paralyzed by indecision when it comes to executing your carefully constructed content marketing strategies. It illustrates best practices for a wide range of tactics and formats – from content marketing mainstays like blogs and print magazines, to visual-centric social media platforms, to innovative multichannel experiences. To keep audiences on their toes, go beyond talking about the products and services you sell and, instead, focus on the stories of how those products impact the lives of your users.
By supporting their research process, debunking commonly held myths, and clearing up confusion, your content can help steer them in your direction and help them feel more comfortable that they are making the right choice. Visitors can choose from a range of challenges, get advice from behavioral experts who demystify the issue, and access a wide range of interactive tools to help them resolve the problem more effectively. Smart brands know that creating content that provides the answers or guidance consumers seek in the short term goes a long way toward establishing and maintaining brand loyalty over the long term. But, the potential rewards are huge – such as a powerful surge in brand awareness, search engine rankings, consumer engagement, and industry recognition – and can pay off in ongoing content efforts. Register by May 31 to attend Content Marketing World 2015, take advantage of early-bird savings ($500 off registration) and use code CMI100 to save more ($100).
First things first here, do not give up if you don’t instantly see hundreds of subscribers flooding to your channel.
Whether that be uploading on a particular day or at a particular time, your viewers need to know when to check back on your channel for your latest upload.
This way you can incorporate the video into your diary and ensure that you never miss an upload.
This may sound overly simplistic but it is something that is often forgotten by creators and brands on YouTube. You could also add an annotation to your video asking viewers to subscribe to your channel by clicking the subscribe button below the video. This is a fantastic way to interact with your viewers and allows you to speak directly with the people who are engaging with your content. Be sure to link to your social media pages from your YouTube channel too so that people can engage with you on social media. They can help make your videos stand out and can encourage users to engage with your videos.

Before naming your video, have a think about the keywords that you would associate with that particular video. This is because YouTube’s algorithm assigns more value to the keywords at the beginning of your video title than the ones at the end. If your title is deemed to be misleading in any way, you will find your audience retention rate dramatically drop as viewers click off of your video.
By telling emotionally powerful stories, like Independence Day, the brand brings out the humanity of technology in a rich, interactive way.
Jodi has developed and managed print and digital content projects for marketing, entertainment, automotive, health care, and biotech publishers, as well as for entertainment industry and media brands. There are many ways in which you can feature a subscribe call to action in your video, but the most commonly used is by featuring it in your end card or outro. Watermarks can easily be set up via the InVideo Programming section of your channel settings on YouTube. Annotations can be used in a variety of different ways, from simply adding a call to action, such as subscribe to your channels, to linking to other similar videos that you have created. You could use a tool such as Google’s keyword planner to research keywords and identify the high volume search terms. Whilst is important to include relevant keywords in your description to aid in the discovery of your video, ensure that your description reads well and doesn’t appear to be too keyword spammy.
When creating a video title, it is important that your title accurately portrays what is in the video.
In the long run, this solution proves to be perfectly convenient – if you need to run a few YouTube channels at once, you can create all of them within the same Google Account. In a nutshell – it’s a sort of a channel name to replace the automatically generated channel’s URL. You can easily automate this activity within your YouTube account and give yourself more time for other content ideas… or some jogging in the park to get a bit of inspiration.Integrating  your YouTube channel with Facebook and Twitter profiles is all it takes to share your new content on social media (Google+ shares it automatically – yay!). To enable this option, visit the account sharing settings page. Let others find youHave you ever thought about the way you look for information on the Internet? Select them carefully and help your potential viewers find themselves watching your videos! Once you do this, the search engines won’t treat you like a bot that starts fake accounts, but like a real human actually using the service. To go through the verification process successfully, take a look at the Verify page.The service will ask you to type your phone number and will send you a text message or make an automatic call to this number. Once your account is verified, you’ll get an instant functionality upgrade to your account. From now on, you’ll be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes – sounds exciting, doesn’t it?Final touchesThere’s one important element of your profile you can’t forget about – describing your channel in a few sentences and adding social media links or other contact information so that anyone could reach out to you easily.Your channel description does not only provide useful information about the content you post, but also has a strong influence on the search results.
Unfortunately, I created my channel and account name way before all kinds of changes were implemented so now I am stuck. If you’d ever like to share some knowledge and write a guest post, shoot us an email!

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