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1)VLC Media Player : VLC converts VLC video stream into a format that is supported by windows and can also play all broken files, there is no reason that it gives its users not to use VLC media player.
2)Real Player : Real player is also known as Real One Player, it is a cross player created by Real Networks used to play recorded media.
4)mPlayer : MPlayer is a popular media player that is both used for playing music and video on your windows phones. The 5 best Media Players for Windows which will provide you with guaranteed results are as follows.
Many of you have dream of watching new movies in the bus but now it has became reality due to advancement in mobile technology.
It`s been used by more than 1k people, are you ready to join the best video experience as it can offer? To watch FLV video files from Youtube or from internet you need a special player, and this player has that specialty.

On Wednesday, Lynch announced on his Facebook page that he didn't owe the NFL anything because he had filed an appeal and won it. It helps you to watch AVI, DivX or MPEG movies in player window or you can even watch on full-screen mode. Windows phones does not support video format like WMV3 and also third party with its own proprietary server software is needed to play videos.
This app can automatically scan your device`s internal memory or SD card for compatible films.
NFL spokesman Greg Aiello cleared things up on Wednesday night by explaining that Lynch didn't technically win his appeal, which was heard by NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson, but Lynch can avoid the $50,000 fine.
However this default can be recovered by simply downloading various media players that you wish to play videos on your windows phones in high quality.
Hence, you will get simple option of locating file, adding a URL without impacting your device`s memory.

So basically, Lynch was fined $50,000 for not talking to the media and the only way for him to avoid the fine is by talking to the media. If Lynch decides not to talk to the media again, he'll be looking at a minimum fine of $100,000.
In case you're wondering what happens when Lynch does talk to the media, here's a small taste. Lynch said a total of 75 words while answering nine questions over 90 seconds before calling it a day.

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