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Paul Vallely writes in Newsweek about how Francis’ leadership style and perspective were profoundly shaped by the people who live and work in the slums of Argentina.
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The scammers and hackers often load the malicious websites with click-farming techniques and methods. Financial advisor and evangelical Christian Dave Ramsey probably wasn’t expecting this much pushback when he shared a piece contrasting the habits of the rich with those of the poor.

Ramsey fired back, calling the pushback “immature and ignorant.” This from a guy who just made 20 sweeping assertions about 47 million poor people in the US — all based on a survey of 361 individuals. If you find any joy or value in it, or want to support The New Evangelization, please consider becoming a subscriber with a reoccurring monthly donation of your choosing. It is very important to understand that hackers and cybercriminals will try each possible method to infect unaware users, and in this case, they have selected the Facebook video scam method to lure unaware users. In her response on CNN, Rachel Held Evans noted that Ramsey and Corley mistake correlation for causality when they suggest (without actually proving) that these habits are the cause of a person’s financial situation.

To come up with his 20 habits, Corley talked to just 233 wealthy people and 128 poor people. Ramsey can talk all he wants about Corley’s research passing the “common-sense smell test,” but it doesn’t pass the “research methodology 101” test.

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