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Today we will see top four best online video editors which are easy accessible, creative and collaborative. Black Desert features an active combat system, similar to those found in MMO’s such as TERA.
Black Desert features a death penalty and offers players the opportunity to opt into open world PvP, meaning players must keep on their toes or face losing character progress. Each game profile contains useful information about the game, gameplay videos, user reviews, gameplay screenshots, system requirements and more! Many people like me were drawn from how nice the combat looked, but once you play for around 10 hours, you realise theres is pretty much nothing to it during PvE than buttom spam most of the time. Even though its advertised as such, the sieges and node wars that people mention are not out yet, so you are stuck with 1v1 and party pvp for a grind spot most of the time.
You gonna grind ALOT in this game, and even though once you get the hang of it its not hard to reach max lvl its still gonna get annoying, cause unless you money incomes comes from other activities ( trading etc) then you will grind over and over again to get silver.
Now, the character creation in this game is amazing, it provides so many options for you thats its really nice to see what many people who actually spend time on it can do. Now if you want to dye that custome you can buy a dye pack from the cash shop, the problem is, even though you can buy the colour you want the actual shade that it will be its completely based on RNG, they said they will look into it in the future but right now thats how it is. Most MMO’s have rng elements in them, this is no exceptions and it has a little bit more than your average MMO.
Now there are more things ofcourse and opinions differ, there are of course alot of good things about this game but the point is to give some new people who think about getting it some info about since it will save you money and will save the community from someone crying in the chat about how terrible this is!
The combat is extremely fun when you get the hang of it, but it’s not even the central aspect of the game necessarily. The game is far from perfected, but the team behind it are actively discussing and listening to feedback from the players, and are not only aware of some of the shortcomings, such as the atrocious dye system and way too high cash shop prices, but they have plans in motion to do something about them and have even fixed a few things as I’ve been writing this. I don’t usually write comments about this stuff at all, but everything said there was such a lazy waste of a good experience.
Only thing is there is no endgame,dungeons and large bosses are only summoned through scrolls from dailies.
Moreover, there’s no healer class so ppl who like playing this roll have not muvj to do. To sum up, a game with an amazing pontential but developers havent managed well to make profit of it. Game looks GREAT, Only problem is I need to be able to read it as in I speak english so hope they make it english version also. Hi Jade, i really really would like to try this game on my PC , please can you help me to install and play this game ? This looks like a replica of Archeage, virtually the same look to, hopefully it has more to offer. Many of Black Desert’s abilities however, require players to pull off intricate key combos while dodging attacks, instead of merely pressing a skill icon.
NPC’s go to and fro, performing daily chores and errands while the player goes about their business.
Outside of open world PvP, the MMO also features Castle Sieges, where guilds can face off against one another in a bid to control a castle.

The PvE is one of the easiest you will ever find provided you are at the grind spot where you are supposed to be for your level, after 50 there are some places that you need a group but eventually you will be able to solo them.
Now the problem is not that you need to grind lots of hours in particular rather than that for a grind based game there are so few spots. Also if you want a pet to loot for you, you need to buy one from the cash shop which costs around 8-9 euros, if you want higher lvl tier pet you need to breed them together so you need to buy more and so on. Now personally i dont really mind it and since the items you will want to drop you can actually buy them from the Auction house all you have to do is grind silver. There’s so much to do and so many ways to do it that a person can and will get overwhelmed.
Guild Boss is a joke, one guy pull aggro while others hit boss from behind for 20 mins, there’s no challenge or fun in it. There is no healer because there is no instanced pve where you need a healer and party cordination to handle and deal with boss mechanics (thats what makes pve funny imo).
Images can be uploaded from your local computer, facebook, instagram, google drive and many more…. With Magisto for Google Drive, you can automatically turn all the videos on your Google Drive into beautifully edited movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes. If you believe the content on this post violates your copyright, please send us a mail for removal. We provide you with hot technology information, tools, and suggestions that help you to know the ever growing techy world better and better. NPC’s even return home at night, making some available to interact with only during certain hours of the day. These castles then supply the owners with control over the local economy and taxes from the region. Also because the potions have 3 second cooldowns if you 1v1 with someone equally geared as you then it becomes a pot spam, there have been many times where me and the other guy just stoped and went our ways cause it was pointless.
If you are not in a strong guild then you will just get killed over and over by other guilds and random people and it will become frustrating by some point.
On most classes the armor you will be wearing will make your character look like a sack of potatoes. Now that might not sound much and its not much if only buy an outfit once, but keep in mind that the outfit costs exactly as the game costs, that has to say something, and that said, its also character bound meaning that if you decide to change a character and you want another one its +30 euros. But if you are the type of person who gets frustrated after trying to drop something for 20 hours only to see a guildy linking in guild chat and just got it in 5 minutes of trying then you might not wanna try it! Some people will try harder and put a little effort into learning the game, others have less patience and attention span and will go back to simpler things.
Castle sieges and node wars… only benifits pvp guilds, siege weapons are only good for damaging enemy fortress.
Healer is not needed at all because ina world boss if you get hit you go back a bit and u can heal yourself without any prob . You need to provide access to your google contacts so that WeVideo creates a history of your videos for later access. Just choose your videos from your Google Drive, pick a soundtrack and give your movie a title and the Magisto movie maker will automatically edit your movie.

Classes are currently gender-locked, but Black Desert gives players arguably the best character creation tools currently available.
Outside of combat, Black Desert even features an active parkour system, giving players the ability to leap over obstacles and climb to the tallest vantage points atop buildings. Players may purchase instanced houses of varying sizes within a city and then proceed to decorate them with a wide variety of goods. And lastly, this is a heavily gear based game ( like most mmo’s i guess) but here if the enemy outgears you, you will die most of the time. You can try different channels yeah but if you are playing on the prime time hours keep that in mind. Your gears matter the most so you have to dedicated your time collecting black gems and forget all crafting, fishing, trading, horse breeding and so on, if you want to win these wars. Players have full control over their character’s slightest details, all the way down to the placement of individual strands of hair. 99% of time your character will look almost exactly like that, now many people dont bother with that, but for me personally and many others i assume this is an actual problem, i dont like my character looking like that which brings me to my next point.
You have no idea what is going on, you just run around, can run right up to things that are suppose to be KOS, and they just walk around you, no aggro at all. Of course you can ignore these war, but having no controlled nodes you’ll be charged with tax every time you trade.
There’s no pve content at all, all you do in pve is grinding over an over again because theres no lvl cap.
I have purchased a Korean vpn for like $10 just to play this game and It was kind of exciting of first but despite the appeals it still feels grindy with the quest system and loses it’s entertainment value relatively fast. This game is recomended to 18+ players not because of sensorship but its a game for grown ups ( the way it handles). Cause if you are not playing with a good guild you just gonna get pked and pked all the time trying to grind in a populated spot. Dont get the attraction here at all, good luck Black Desert in the USA, i don’t think it will last. Combat system is nice, it reminds me to TERA but omg tera is a hundred time funnier than bdo without having astonishing graphics. I have also played Blade and Soul and I can assure you B&S will be my main mmo because I believe it is the better of the two. As you can see the IS end game and a lot of it so please think before you say these kind of things.
BDO probably has the most beautiful look and nice combat system (even though mob is dumb and group combat is almost no existent) but these things alone wont make this game good either.

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