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The Nokia 130 can keep you entertained for hours thanks to its built-in video player, MP3 player and FM Radio. Watching videos couldn’t be simpler, just pop in an SD card loaded with movies and the Nokia 130 can play them for 16 hours. If that’s not enough, the built-in MP3 player can pump out the tunes for up to 46 hours, that’s almost 2 days of playback! Lumia 550 is now available to buy in most of the markets now revealing its pricing and Shipping (Release Date) dates. A YouTube channel has posted Video capturing shootout between two flagship devices belonging to different platforms.
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The Nokia 130 is available in both Single and Dual SIM offering standby times of up to 36 days and 26 days respectively. I think some of the Asha phones would’ve done well if made available in the US, particularly the pre-paid MVNOs. The Asha range has everything you need to keep you in the know - surf faster, be super-social, play everywhere and explore everything. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. I actually plan to purchase a couple of Nokias feature phones within next week specifically for my dad, he does not and will not bother with a smartphone whatsoever, but at 76, he doesn’t understand how to use them without asking someone how to do something 20 times a day, every day. In fact, the video player is hidden away in the camera app rather than being given a status all of its own. What he wants is specifically this type of phone, he loved his Nokia 3310 and other Nokia phones similar to that style, but they are not available anymore in the US.

It is clearly designed primarily for playing back videos shot on the handset itself.Most of our test videos wouldn't play - even our MP4 videos were too large for the Asha 201 to cope with - and it appeared only to want to handle small size, low frame rate videos on a par with those the handset can shoot itself.
In any case, the 2.4-inch screen isn't one you'd want to use to catch up on your favourite films or TV shows. Having to press 'Options', scroll down to 'Settings', then scroll down to 'Play via' is a bit of a pain. It's not top notch, but it does a reasonably good job, and sound is definitely less tinny than it is through the Nokia Asha 201's own speaker. As we said before, the Nokia Asha 201 has 10MB of built-in storage, which won't enable you to save much in the way of media content.

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