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With so little rest while playing basketball, it is vital for the body to supply sufficient oxygen to the muscles to maintain optimal performance. As a basketball player’s fitness level improves, the body will pump blood move efficiently to the working muscles, and activity will become easier.
Working to improve overall cardiorespiratory performance will be rewarding in more ways than one.
As a former basketball player, I can tell you that the most important element of being a basketball player is having endurance.

For a sport like basketball, two metabolic pathways are used to supply oxygen and energy to the working muscles. Overall health, activity level, and confidence can increase in response to the body working more efficiently.
Obviously, the cardiorespiratory system is extremely important in making sure that a basketball player can make it through an entire game.
The phosphagen system works for 10-30 seconds of high-intensity activity, and the glycolytic system is used for 1-4 minutes of intense activity.

By improving the cardiorespiratory system, not only will endurance improve, but intensity of play and training can increase as well.
A quick burst to the basket is the work of the phosphagen system, while sustained play with no whistle from the referees over a long period of time uses the glycolytic system.

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