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A Got my Craftsman GT out of this shed this past weekend, gave itA an oil-n-filter change, a new fuel filter and of course a bath. The Craftsmans of this era were built by AYP (American Yard Products) withA Kohler power plants and Hydro-Gear transaxles.
Everyone had to run the gauntlet of fake pregnancy posts on social media sites April 1, more commonly known as April Fools’ Day. Social media is a resource everyone can access easily, but that doesn’t mean it can be trusted. White lies on the Internet often are seen as childish pranks, but they also can become detrimental when large enough groups of people mistake the lie for fact.
Students seem to be skeptical of social media; almost a complete distrust is maintained at all times as a protective barrier.
Students believe websites that are run by news publications and sources with great amounts of credentials. Students view social media sites mainly as entertainment rather than as valid sources of news. The executive board of the Student Government Association undergoes a change in leadership each year. The Ranger is a non-profit, weekly, print and online publication established as a laboratory project of Amarillo College journalism classes and as a student organization.

Opinions express in the unsigned editorials are the views of the newspaper staff, decided upon in weekly editorial meetings. Statements appearing in Ranger editorials and columns express the opinions of the staff writers and not necessarily those of the Amarillo College administration. The Ranger welcomes letters to the editor and outside opinion columns, both subject to editing.
A public critique and evaluation session is open to the campus community at noon each Friday of publication in 214 Parcells Hall except the last Friday of the semester. The Ranger is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press, College Media Advisers, Panhandle Press Association, Texas Intercollegiate Press Association and Texas Community College Journalism Association. The journalism program is nationally accredited by the Community College Journalism Association. Best-selling author Ruta Sepetys holds Between Shades of Gray, Amarillo College’s 2015 Common Reader. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and even Reddit are being used by unfathomable amounts of people each day. Pranks and false leaks of media run rampant across the Internet in frantic hopes of catching readers off guard with sweet lies.
In order to stay safe while surfing the Internet, always double-check the sources of an article and take everything you read with a grain of salt.

Personal columns are opinions of the individual writers and not necessarily of the Ranger staff.
A It was a Father's Day gift for me 16 years ago and it's never let me down, very comfy and not to loud. Unrestricted, free media being posted on a daily basis in forms such as status updates, tweets and pins all garner attention and are used to communicate. Weather and traffic conditions can be reported quickly, and their followers receive them instantly. If possible, do research on the topic discussed and look up related articles on the subject. It came with a 46" deck and a triple baggerA which it's a perfect combo for my yard andA we all know mowing with a hydro is faster and easier than a gear driven tractor. THANK YOU By: pathesisx15 mns agoChain Lightning By: tandemwarelephant20 mns agoDoes this still happen?

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