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Software maker Adobe has begun a trial program for a€?Gingera€?, a new iPad app that lets users create video presentations with a variety of creation and sharing options, reports CNET. The Ginger software, aimed squarely at the creative types at the core of the company's business, is designed to make it easier to build animated video presentations.
Adobe is limiting the trial program to select users who previously expressed interest the beta and will allow the sharing of content created on the app but not information about the app itself, requiring testers to sign confidentiality agreements. Great so now other companies will get the goods in this possible app, copy features into theirs and render this pointless.

Apple has invested $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing company and Uber competitor Didi Chuxing, reports Reuters. Specifically, the app includes features such as touch recording for voice narration, a wide variety of fonts, colors, and motion effects to choose from, and streamlined animation and sharing to social networks.
It's designed for sales pitches, product explanations, and other situations where a person needs to get an audience to see the light.
A public release for Ginger appears likely but is not a certainty, as an Adobe spokesperson stated last week that the product is "one of many explorations" in the company's product pipeline.

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