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Studio City Sound has an excellent staff of engineers experienced in all facets of post production, featuring state-of-the-art and industry standard equipment, recording and editing in both ProTools as well as Final Cut Pro. Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Madonna,Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Etta James, Rod Stewart, Don Henley, B.B. Being our own video production company ensures consistent brand themes, so the marketing message doesn’t get lost between the strategy & production phase. As we look back over our 10 years of creating advertisements we sometimes feel like a blossoming teenager looking at old pubescent year book photos. The industry as a whole is very much the same way. In the early days, Eyestorm acted very much in the traditional agency meets production company relationship; serving as a video production company for brands and agencies. With top-level production knowledge from USC’s Film school, hands on experience in live-action marketing from LucasFilm, and over 10 years of client experience under Eyestorm – we’re finely tuned for video production. The benefits of acting as both a creative advertising agency and video production company do have major benefits to consider.
Our creative production company has a proven edge since we craft the campaign message and keep a close eye over every part during the production phase.
About 90% of the time we are commissioned to handle both the creative strategy and execution of the campaign. Kolkey Productions is located in Los Angeles, California and is owned and operated by Eugene Kolkey. Kolkey Productions has produced short films and videos since 1995 but began producing special event videos in early 2000.
Kolkey Productions has filmed and edited multiple digital video projects across California and Los Angeles (including Orange County) with talented videographers producing: corporate event videos, training videos, informative documentaries, commercials, infomercials, wedding videos as well as educational videos.
In addition to winning several awards, Kolkey Production's videos have been distributed internationally, nationally, and state wide. Our Los Angeles videography services promise to capture the underlying meaning you wish to communicate.

In Los Angeles where your image is everything, video production is a powerful way to communicate.
We have become the go to company for people in the greater Los Angeles area who have an important event to produce or a message to deliver.
Dermalogica, Inc.A professional skin care company with products in 50 countries asked 1545 Media to produce a series of short videos for their website highlighting their new product line and their commitment to clean product development and consumer education. LA FitnessA leader in the fitness industry chose 1545 Media to create a series of videos for their website illustrating the benefits of various fitness classes they offer. Whether you're looking for a fashion photographer, event photographer, headshot, a family picture, line of products, poster, flyer, professional CD or DVD cover, our unique approach will make your pictures stand out.
We shoot high quality videos with our top of the notch equipment and with our professional editing and visual effects skills we will make them even more outstanding. Rafi B is affiliated with local and international television networks as well as websites and magazines.
All real estate advertised in The Property Source Online is subject to the 'Federal Fair Housing Act' of 1968, which makes it illegal to advertise preference limitation or discrimination based on race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, marital status or presence of children or an intention to take any preference limitation or discrimination. The Property Source Online will not knowingly accept for publication any advertising for real estate which violates the law. We also offer two full-duplex ISDN transmission lines in-house, for either ISDN or DolbyFax. In the traditional advertising agency model, an ad agency will devise a campaign strategy and outsource each piece of media to different companies based on the best suitor for the various channels on which it’s being distributed. We’ve handled everything from small viral internet videos done with a skeleton crew to massive commercial productions. Eugene has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cinema and Television Arts with a minor in business marketing from Cal State University Northridge, where he graduated with honors. Since its early days, Kolkey Productions strives to push the limits of digital video technology to produce the most interesting and artistically engaging event videography in and around the Los Angeles area.

Water Aerobics, Spinning, Body Works, Yoga, Kickboxing, and Pilates were a few of the featured videos.
By understanding what our clients need and using the right equipment we manage to keep our price affordable and competitive.
Productions we offer professional photography, movie productions, commercial and infomercial clips, industerial and event photography and art design.
We will help you introduce your product or represent yourself to whole world that you always thought it was not possible. We always encourage our clients to commission us for both the strategy and execution of the campaign as we find the results are more laser focused to maintain a consistent brand message. It influences who to cast, what they should look like, what the best frame, camera move, lighting, set design, or color scheme should be to elicit the underlying emotional message that all starts from the strategic marketing message. After working in Hollywood, he now dedicates himself to producing creative films and videos for individuals and organizations across California.
Consumer traffic on the website has increased since the introduction of this series onto their website.
We were able to communicate quickly and effectively to their members the benefits each class offered and as a result their enrollment increased. Combination of photography and movie production has given us a strong sense of imagery and artistic approach to all of our projects. Whether we’re working for an agency or direct-to-client, being our own video production company ensures the marketing message doesn’t get lost from the strategy phase as it moves into the production phase. This concept is at the crux of our video production and the same concept applies to other platforms such as digital, social, and mobile campaigns.

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