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The Steak Sharer is ideal for two diners to enjoy a selection of sizzling meat, fish and vegetables in the centre of the table. Simply heat the stone (on the hob or stove, under the grill, in the oven or on your barbecue) and present your chosen cut of meat, fish or vegetables on the sizzling stone for you and your guests to enjoy cooking every bite exactly as you like. The Lava Stone used in all SteakStones products is guaranteed to be the best available product from which to enjoy hot stone cooking. To check whether the stone is hot enough following heating, place a teaspoon of water carefully on the centre of the stone. What a fantastic product, we had a great steak last night – every bite cooked to perfection!
The dry, searing heat will trap in all the natural moisture and flavours of your chosen cuts and the famous SteakStones Sizzle will help create a fabulous dining experience.

We recommend a pair of our top quality oven gloves are purchased with this product to handle the heated stones. The stones require heating to between 280-350° Celsius (approx 540-660° Fahrenheit) for optimal use and you will soon find the perfect temperature for you to enjoy your steak, exactly as you like.
If the stone is fully heated this will instantly sizzle and visibly evaporate after 10 seconds.
Bought back great memories of a sizzling steak on the stone that we used to have in Portugal on holiday.
The versatile stone can also be used for presenting all manner of foods, from warmed antipasti starters to perfectly chilled cheeseboards, or even to serve and carve your Sunday roast. Heating your SteakStones can be achieved in the oven in 40mins, under the grill in 30-40mins, on the hob or stove – either gas or electric – for 20-30mins or even on the barbecue.

If this does not happen you can continue heating for a further 5 minutes and repeat the sizzle test. Needless to say the stone will not go up higher than the maximum heat of the chosen method so, for example, a stone left in a 240°C oven for 3 hours will still only heat to 240°C, so if this is the limit of your oven, one of the other methods will give you a little more sizzle. Your SteakStones Lava Stones cannot be overheated using standard household ovens, but we do not recommend exposure to direct heat i.e.

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