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Friends, here’s a set of 20 popular social media icons in two different sizes including retina-ready.
The download file includes 4 editable PSD files of the icons with effects and without effects.
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In a changing market as the social media marketing, it is important to analyze what is happening during the year on this field to adopt the measures working best. The quantity of information generated through surveys, email marketing, data bases, tools and applications will be given to get more and better information about every user. Wearable devices will be widely used in 2015 and it will be the platform used for marketing strategies, both for collecting data and for creating interaction. Social networks will be surfer a sustained growth without great upheavals and any horizontal platform isn’t expected to be launched. On the other hand, according to the Social Relationship Platforms, there will be a higher integration on the social networks, as the customer relationship management tools (CRM). I thought video format was currently widely used, so I don’t understand why it will be boosted in a future. Great post, Marketing trends are changed day to day and as we know that social media marketing is a biggest platform to do this, Here you gave a nice explanation about the trends and social networks. Frog Social Media Solutions is a social media based marketing team built on providing effective and affordable advertising solutions through the integration of social networking technologies and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Identify your influencers and better understand what might drive them to care about your company.
The net result is that you’ll be rewarding and engaging with customers in a way that will generate positive advocacy, the nirvana of all marketing. ROI can only come about if you link social’s performance to true metrics, not as a bolt on.

Everything stems from conversations between your community and your community manager(s)…is it positive?, negative? Not too many companies are acting as social businesses let alone investing in a true social media strategy, so first mover advantage is there to be seized.
Social ROI is a heavily discussed topic and seems to be the main block of many good social initiatives.
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To this end, analytics tools must be applied orderly and specifically by applying the intelligence marketing to analyze the data and, consequently, to get measures and personalize the offers and attention to clients. It has been proven that 65% of clients visit a page after visualizing a video, so it’s the most effective mean of communication to create traffic on the ecommerce and websites. They are used by companies to follow, analyze and answer all the aspects related to client’s necessities. I use this information to make my living by managing other people’s businesses socially online.
It will be very interesting to see how digital marketing gets integrated into wearable technology. Make sure to follow our blog where we post easy to learn social networking and writing strategy tips daily. We tweet regularly and strive to keep a strong connection with all of our fans and future business partners. As we know lots of brands have not even got this right with many companies making the classic mistake of jumping onto a tool BEFORE putting any thought into the thinking or design that goes into effective monitoring and response. A process must be designed which connects multiple stakeholders together who can quickly get information and perhaps more importantly be able to connect with others on intepreting what it means.

Working towards a flat structure will entail policies and guidelines to adhere to as more employees become engaged with the socialisation of the business.
There are not too many case histories out there because social strategy is still emerging but zappos can be held up as a good example of what can be. However what I really don’t understand is that many brands believe in fishy traditional media ROI metrics such as magazine circulation figures or TV viewership but refuse to see any value in a RT from a Twitter follower.
In that respect, mobile devices are expected to become the most used gadget, so apps will be more useful, easier to use and interesting for users. Reading our Twitter stream located on the side toolbar makes it easy to keep up with all our latest news and feedback while browsing our site. If we can put that sin to one side, for the moment, then the red stepping stones represent some key initiatives for a successful external programme. Maybe  brands are not trying hard enough and need to start taking social media really serious? On the other hand, QR codes will be more used by people with higher developments and utilities, and there will be more personalized offers due to geolocalization.
The above chart is a demonstration of the kind of process that you can tailor to your company’s culture. Social Media is, in many respects, like eggs that hatch into full-grown chirping chickens all over the internet. Since the introduction of the smart-phone, there has been a huge rise in the amount of people on social media sites sharing and looking at content.

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