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The Olympics are a global phenomenon - a small window every two years where the world feels smaller, somehow more connected. To celebrate the games, International Inspiration (a partnership including UNICEF and the British Council for Sport) has compiled a wonderful collection of kids’ games from around the world. So whether it’s Three Tins from South Africa, or Moral from Trinidad and Tobago, or Sur Papaq from Azerbaijan, there’s something in here for you and the children in your life. A few months ago I traveled to South Sudan and saw UNICEF’s work eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus through a wide-scale immunization campaign. Like many countries UNICEF procures and manages the distribution of every single vaccine in South Sudan. Vaccines are fragile and must constantly be kept at a narrow temperature – this is called the ‘cold-chain’ – a system of refrigerated storage and transportation. UNICEF goes to incredible lengths to ensure the cold chain in South Sudan, ensuring no woman or child is too far to be protected from easily preventable – but deadly – diseases. Here UNICEF Health specialist Paula Nuer and government cold chain officer Gabrial Muong Akot, examine a refrigerator of ice packs at Warrap State’s cold store facility in the state’s capital city Kuajok. From the hospital, vaccines are brought to Primary Health Care Units like the one pictured here in the outskirts of Kuajok in a community called Block 14. At this Primary Health Care Unit, tetanus vaccines are stored in solar powered refrigerators like this one. There were a total of 267 vaccination points across Warrap state during this vaccination campaign  including this one under a large Neem tree behind the primary health care unit in Block 14.

Vaccinator Mary Michael walks from her vaccination point to the health care unit to collect more tetanus vaccines with her vaccine carrier.
You can provide vaccinators like Mary with the supplies they need to completely eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus by supporting the Eliminate Project. Many kids’ eyes will be glued to the TV for the next two weeks, watching to see if their Canadian heroes will bring home the gold. While Apple recognized an issue may exist in the wild, the company could not replicate the bug in-house.
As one of the poorest countries in the world that has suffered tremendously through decades of brutal civil war, South Sudan’s infrastructure is extremely limited – in some areas it took over five hours to drive 150 kilometers. UNICEF cold chain officer Ely Tumwine (L), and cold store manager, Jamu Akume (R), receive all of South Sudan’s vaccines here.
Tetanus vaccines are particularly sensitive and must be kept between 2-8 degrees centigrade to remain unspoiled.
They are made of insulated material that can keep the vaccines at the right temperature for up to five days.
The vaccines women receive in Kuajok have traveled thousands of miles through some of the world’s most difficult terrain making eight stops along the way. Jahzara tried to stick up for him, but Scar didn't want his stupid blind daughter to do that so he lashed out at her. You will become a part of a global effort to keep children safe, no matter the circumstances. The tetanus vaccines used during the immunization campaign I visited in Kuajok were originally produced in Indonesia and then shipped to Mombasa and then Nairobi in Kenya and finally flown to Juba and stored here.

If you’ve noticed any of these problems in the last few days, the reason is SnapChat has made a decision to shut down all third party apps by fortifying its API. Game Tops 10 Million Downloads In Less Than A Week Hungry Shark World has broken 10 million downloads worldwide in less than six days, becoming the second biggest mobile game release this year. While Snapchat has never published or allowed access to its APIs by third parties, back in 2013 some clever security researchers published a post in an online security journal which described in detail how the Snapchat API worked. From there, many third party developer have found ways to abuse Snapchat’s APIs and create apps that compromise the privacy of users on Snapchat.“Almost every security issue we’ve had since I’ve been here has been related to API abuse,” Snapchat engineer Tim Sehn told Medium. Sehn joined Snapchat in 2013 soon after the journal article was published.Many of these third party Snapchat apps are lauded for giving users “added functionality,” but the reality is, they are a privacy and security risk.
With the Snapchat API being fortified greatly in the last week, any third-party Snapchat apps simply won’t work. One such app is SnapCrack a $5 application on the iTunes app store that used to save photos sent from friends on Snapchat. The use of third party apps is in violation of Snapchat’s terms of service, and so the company first would warn offenders, then if they continued to use the app anyway, Snapchat would lock the users account.
With the fortified API, Snapchat hopes banning users won’t be necessary any longer as the new API requires download for use.

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