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Our students participated in Film Art festival conducted by INPR and received second prize for Photography.
Students must have their own laptop computer with CS6 software for the duration of the course.It is compulsory for all students to start with a DSLR camera with HD video capabilities .
Flash news : ADMISSION IS OPEN FOR ONE YEAR COURSES IN DIRECTION, CINEMATOGRAPHY, EDITING AND SOUND. Chennai Film School is a well known premier institution fully dedicated to quality of education in film making and allied visual media . After completion of the course we issue a certificate recognized by the Government of Tamilnadu that can be registered at employment exchanges and can be used to get Govt. Multiple approaches to learning provide students with an exciting choice of educational programs.

Chennai Film School is located in the East coast road for about 1km away from the seashore.
The students are well trained in film cameras like Arriflex, Mitchell which is included in the part of their daily training schedule.
The course has been designed to train in four main areas of the Graphic arts and Multimedia sectors in the market: Graphics (pre-press), Photography, Videography and Web Design. Our Ultra-High throughput Carrier Grade Infrastructure, combined with our feature rich applications, gives you unmatched reach to realise the potential of mobile marketing. Ours is a fast track program and fits people who have the passion to plunge into film making, but don't have the time to undergo a leisure course. Fill out the form below with some info about your course and we wil get back to you as soon as possible.

The modern Graphic artist is able to understand and apply skills across the many social media available today, along with real skills in design, creation of design and concept art – with vector skills to put together design components. The duration of the course is one year (Full time) compared to four years in traditional film schools. We have structured our curriculum based on the needs of the industry and train them vigorously with the intricacies of the art not to get jobs but to impregnate their art in the history of media. Through a cutting edge program taught by inspired, gifted experts, we equip students with aesthetic, theortical and practical knowledge and are their gateway to professional opportunity and excellence in their choosen fields.

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