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Leading brand engagement agency providing brand strategy, design and communications to create truer, deeper and richer brand relationships. Sometime ago before the release of 20th Century Fox’s movie ‘Chronicle’, viral marketing agency Thinkmodo was approached to bring the movie to the people. What Thinkmodo was able to achieve was the perfect viral marketing tool that had the perfect balance of creativity and talkability. A Tribute to Authentic Brand Strategy and Design Few global brands hold the same level of love as Vespa, the iconic Italian scooter manufacturer. Over the weekend, Coles launched their much-hyped ‘flybuys’ campaign and introduced their new brand ambassador, Dawn French.
Let’s chat!Whether you’re developing, launching or managing a brand, we’d love to chat about how we can position you for greater success.

It is now easier than ever before to create accounts on many infamous social websites to build up your own brand. The film follows three friends as they form a close bond after receiving telekinetic and flying abilities from an unknown object.
But this technique requires strategy and a bit of insight into the WWW community.It is my goal in this article to focus on a few concrete aspects of marketing via the Internet. The creative output allowed people to capture the experience on mobile phones and video cameras allowing it to be uploaded onto every social media output possible.
Specifically I’d like to look into social media buttons and badges for sharing links from your website.
The agency custom built three remote controlled aircraft shaped like humans and put them in the air over New York and New Jersey.

These can easily produce viral content where your links are passed through dozens if not hundreds or thousands of different user profiles. The flying people is a great example of how a small budget doesn’t mean small exposure.

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