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Before we dive into adjectives and adverbs, we have a quick review of nouns and verbs since it's important to understand adjectives describe nouns and adverbs describe verbs. Since acrostic poems use descriptive language, it is a great time to tie that concept in while teaching adjectives and adverbs.
We talk about putting some words "to bed" since they may be "tired" of being used all the time.
Something I did differently to adapt for homeschooling was I laminated a bed template and then used a temporary marker to write the words. Okay, I know the title says "ten" ways to make adjectives fun but I just played this game with my boys and it was a fantastic way to model and practice using descriptive language. I filled three paper bags with five random objects, such as an apple, a hairbrush, a matchbox car, and a pencil. In my 16 years of homeschooling, I've never purchased a grammar or mechanics curriculum or workbook. I've been researching different ideas for Chore Charts and have found some incredibly creative and ingenious ideas!
You can have all the files that I created for my Home Organization Notebook sent directly to your email! MOTIVATION, WORKOUTS, RECIPESFollow IgniteGirls® Fitness's board The IgniteGirls Life on Pinterest. There’s something really pleasant about being able to enjoy a movie under the twinkling stars.
This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service. You’ve been waiting all winter for the signs.  Soon, the snow will be melting, the temperature rising, the trees starting to sprout leaves, and the days growing longer. To play, two teams of two players take turns throwing a beanbag, underhand, toward the opposite board.
A tried-and-true spring and summertime outdoor game, bocce has been around for a long time.
Up to six people of any skill level can play croquet, which consists of players taking turns hitting a ball with a mallet through wickets in an attempt to complete a course.

If your family isn’t the competitive and sporting type, or if you have children who are too young for the games listed here, then sidewalk paint or chalk could be the perfect activity for you.
My kids make an acrostic poem with their name and then use adjectives that begin with each letter of their name to describe themselves. Here is a site that creates acrostic poems that kids can print off when they are completed. We discuss new words that can be used in place of the tired words (the most common overly used words). On a bed template, I would write the tired word on the pillow and then have my kids write synonyms like this teacher did below. The game Grammar Ninja is VERY addicting with its video-game style, so you may end up playing it as must as your kids!
We each took turns reaching into our bags and describing the objects (without looking ourselves) to the others.
ChilverI'm a homeschool mom of five children, a former elementary teacher, and an author who is a bit obsessed with finding creative ways to make learning FUN.New?
You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. Spring and summer are on their way, and your family is ready to get out of the house for recreational pursuits. Regardless of what you call it, “bags” is a great backyard game in which the entire family can participate. The team whose ball is closest to the pallina gets a point — for each ball that is closer than the opposing teams’ closest ball.
Played with rackets and a “shuttlecock” or “birdie,” up to four players on two teams attempt to volley the birdie back and forth over a net in attempts to make the other team miss. When your ball passes under a wicket, or you hit another player’s ball with yours, you get an extra turn. You need concrete or a similar surface on which to paint, and you can make your own sidewalk paint for an additional fun activity.
Here we go! One of the little-known secrets of those highly-motivated fitness fiends is that they keep themselves coming back for more by making fitness fun!

Setup for bags is easy — it’s two slanted platforms with holes near the top and center, positioned approximately 30 feet apart. The object is to land the bag in the hole or on the board, and three points are awarded for landing in the hole. The pallina is the smallest ball, and it is thrown to the opposite side of the playing surface.
While a regulation bocce court is 76 feet long and 10 feet wide, you can play for fun in whatever space your yard affords. You’ll need a container of baking soda, a half-cup of cornstarch, warm water and food coloring.
The best part is, if you spray the paint with vinegar, thanks to the cornstarch and baking soda, it will fizz!
You can make your own bubbles with dishwashing soap, water and glycerin, or purchase bubble solution in stores. Playland Inc., a total solutions manufacturer and supplier to many industries, supplying outdoor play equipment to churches, schools, and day care centers. The best writers know how to use descriptive language that captivates their audience, and this is what I want my kids to really get. That means personalizing your workouts to your liking, switching it up every 4-5 weeks and maybe even bringing it back to childhood activities you used to love, like gymnastics, club soccer or dance class! Here are some ways to delight your kids with creative, inventive outdoor play options that will make your backyard fun.
It has developed into the only company in its field to offer direct to all of its customers, the ability to purchase outdoor playgrounds, shelters, shade, indoor playgrounds, water slides and site amenities.
I also liked playing the game with them so I could model descriptive words for them, and they would follow my example when it was their turns. So, for days when a trip to the gym seems worse than torture, I’ve provided some fun options that still get some burn in, and definitely beat vegging out on the couch.

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