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This is a budget WiFi IP camera lets you visit, manage or store live video and image by computer or phones through Internet. You can set an alarm to send you an Email (you can then forward the email to your SMS if you would like it to go further) when someone breaks in your house. Smart phone supported so that you can monitor and control your camera remotely from home, office, shop and factory anytime and anywhere. This photo (Wireless) was read by the Website Program (PHP) directly from the camera and save it into our web server.

This photo below (real photo captured from computer) was taken at night time with low light environment.
This photo below (real photo captured from computer) was taken at night time (in Dark) with Night Vision ON. You need to seek helps from computer friends or computer experts on internet forums if you need an assistant.
Some photos of above were taken through a Wireless connection so the quality is not very good but still acceptable.

Quality of the photo was reduced by 30% in order to reduce the file size to save bandwidth.

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