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But, with 234 million websites as of December 2009 and 47 million websites added in 2009 alone*, and certainly that many or more in 2010, the competition is daunting. Our SEO services will increase your presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines which will translate directly into more traffic to your website. Monitor all sites for reviews and correct information and add promotions, coupons and events. Search engine marketing, (SEM), is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion. In the digital age, search engine marketing has become indispensable to brands and their products.
In Organic Search Engine Marketing, you don't have to pay to place your brand, service or product on the result page. Is paid search engine marketing or search engine marketing via sponsored ads a better option than your web link showing up in an organic listing relevant to the search of keywords related to your webpage? 70% of the search engines report that web links shown in an organic listing are visited daily by viewers.
When a viewer clicks on the search result of an organic listing, he or she wants to visit that page because it is relevant to their search. Maryland Web Designer's understands that Search Engines are the #1 way people find websites. Considerable opportunity exists for businesses of all types and sizes to take advantage of unpopulated, cost-effective, and highly-targeted local Internet marketing solutions, as well as the larger Search Engines and Directories.

Learn about web site design and development, affilite programs, SEO, search engines, Google, and more.
Smitty’s Holdings performs Web Design and Search Engine Marketing for South Florida companies.
Although our business focus is in Florida, covering Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, we also serve companies across the United States.
We have always relied on tried and tested design layouts that search engines understand and can easily index. Building a large base of quality incoming links is the foundation of many natural search engine rankings. Search engine engineers are constantly changing the algorithms that drive search results to prevent people from gaming their systems and to keep up with a constantly expanding universe of websites. The idea of the brand or product showing on top of the results page generated by a search engine, in the form of advertisements and paid inclusions, definitely makes the brand, service or product more visible.
One way is to pay a digital company specializing in search engine optimizations and search engine marketing to place your ad on the results page of a generated search. Owing to the SEO tools, by ways of strategically placing relevant keywords, the link to your page shows up in a natural search as one of the top ten pages in the search category. But equally important, is the marketing and web promotion that goes along with getting your website noticed by your target audience.
Along with a screenshot of the sites home page you get the websites title and a brief description from the websites meta tags.

Our years of experience and knowledge can help you build the website properly from the ground up. Out goal is to provide a cost effect, yet attractive web site design that conveys your marketing message through the electronic marketing of the Internet. Our collaborators do nothing but search engine optimization so they stay on top of the trends. The conversion of a viewer who has landed on your web page out of sheer curiosity into a potential customer is 1 in a 100. They can help you strategize how to invest your marketing budget wisely and get found online by the people you want to find you. On each of the website screenshots, youa€™ll see your search terms highlighted on the page in yellow. Like BrightWork, and unlike the vast majority of SEO companies, our experts specialize in smaller organizations and understand the challenges our clients face.
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