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Fashion Marketing professionals make the decisions as to which fashion apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and home products appear for sale at retail stores, on e-tailing web sites, and in catalogs. Our Fashion Marketing program combines the opportunity to volunteer in the Dallas fashion industry with field trips to local fashion businesses, on-the-job training, capstone projects and special event productions including the annual fashion show.
These experiences are lead by a group of Faculty, who have extensive background in the industry. The fashion industry is fast paced and requires individuals to have a blend of marketing know-how, a sense of creativity, and willingness to work hard to meet the needs and wants of consumers. The Fashion Marketing Program offers local high school students the opportunity to begin taking college courses through the El Centro College Dual Credit Program. Through this program high school students enroll in select fashion marketing courses and receive credit for both their high school marketing course and El Centro College course. For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure. The fashion industry functions much like your least favorite high school clique: A leader boldly undertakes something new, a few imitators cautiously follow suit and the rest then clamber to participate before the trend dies out. The same pattern has emerged so far this year, as brands sample new digital and mobile technologies to market to and engage with consumers. In addition to campaigns, fashion brands released a significant amount of behind-the-scenes content on a regular basis, ranging from blurry mobile snapshots of runway models for quick distribution over Facebook and Twitter, to professionally produced short films delivered exclusively on company websites and mobile apps. Perhaps the most gratifying development this year began with LOFT — specifically, LOFT's Facebook Page. Let's take a look at how the web has affected the fashion sector — in particular, marketers and media — thus far in 2010. Although Marc Jacobs may have been first, Jimmy Choo's use of Foursquare was certainly the most creative. Several other brands also took advantage of location-based networks to build buzz around big events. In addition to location-based networks, fashion marketers also continued to use Facebook and web-based social styling platform Polyvore to promote new product lines. The most common of these were behind-the-scenes shots, which were quickly captured via mobile phones and digital cameras and distributed over Facebook and Twitter. In addition to Twitpics and livestreams, many brands also released professional-quality celebrity interviews and short films, like the one produced by Chanel lead designer Karl Lagerfeld above.
During London Fashion Week, Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey observed (via Twitter, no less) that Burberry is "now as much a media-content company as [it is] a design company because it's all part of the overall experience." Like many other fashion houses, Burberry released a heavy amount of video and photographic footage of its September catwalk show, giving fans the ability to peak backstage and watch the show live online. In addition to marketing, many brands also learned to use social networks to listen to customers for the first time.
In June, LOFT posted pictures on Facebook of its new silk cargo pants worn by a tall, blonde catalog model.
The next day, LOFT posted pictures of its own corporate staff — ranging from sizes 2 to 12, and from 5'3" to 5'10" — posing in the cargo pants.
A number of large companies, such as Comcast, Ford, Virgin Airlines, Starbucks and Best Buy, have used social media to inspire customer loyalty and satisfaction, but we hadn't before seen this level of engagement between a fashion company and its fans.

With two months to go and the holiday campaign season just around the corner, industry pioneers still have plenty of opportunity to break new ground. Ora che la situazione e rientrata solo un pensiero emerge su tutti: ma che bella scoperta!?!?!
Aggiungerei inoltre che se qualcuno avesse utilizzato nella sua strategia di marketing le fashion bloggers, si sarebbe accorto, come e capitato ad un mio amico, che si aumenta la visibilita, si aumentano i link, si migliora la divulgazione, ma se dopo oltre 50 “fashion recensioni”, non e stato fatto neanche un acquisto, qualcosa vorra pur dire, no??? Quindi con tutti questi segnali lungo la strada, c’era veramente da sorprendersi cosi tanto di questo tacito accordo? Se sei una fashion blogger, una vittima delle fashion bloggers improvvisate o un’attivita che ha beneficiato delle fashion recensioni, raccontaci la tua storia.
TurismoeCucina.it Per promuovere hotel, agriturismi, eventi, luoghi, e-commerce di prodotti alimentari, blog di ricette e qualsiasi altra attivita legata all'enogastronomia.
Fashion Marketing is the discipline that identifies consumer lifestyle needs, develops fashion-related products to then price, distribute and promote them effectively to consumers.
In this field you examine fashion trends, stock fashion lines, and coordinate the promotion and sale of fashion goods.
Whether you choose the Fashion Marketing AAS Degree, the Visual Merchandising Assistant Certificate Assistant Certificate, or Careers. Fashion Marketing dual credit opportunities are currently being offered in partnership with Cedar Hill High School and Dallas Independent School District High Schools Skyline and Yvonne A. To share your thoughts on apps and social media in the fashion industry, join the Conversation at Nordstrom. In particular, brands took to location-based social network Foursquare to build buzz around new product launches, like Jimmy Choo's line of trainers and Oscar de la Renta's limited-edition series of python iPad clutches.
The company's corporate staff answered a widespread call for "real women" models by modeling the clothes themselves and posting them to Facebook, sparking a flurry of positive media attention and several imitators within the industry. This year, the fashion industry proved particularly keen on location-based gaming platform Foursquare. During New York Fashion Week in February, Marc Jacobs distributed "Fashion Victim" badges to those who checked in to one of its stores around the country. Its spring Catch-a-Choo campaign had women running all over London in order to secure a pair of the company's new line of trainers (or sneakers, in American speak). Louis Vuitton awarded a "Vuitton Insider" Foursquare badge to followers who checked in three times at its new London boutique. To coincide with the release of his first men's fragrance, dubbed Bang, Marc Jacobs built a Facebook game titled Bang! In fact, many have released a steady stream of content on their companies' websites, as well as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iOS (via mobile applications). These videos were not designed to sell individuals items (Chanel does not even sell online) but rather to bolster brand luster.
Fans complained that it was impossible to tell if the pants would be flattering on someone who wasn't "5'10" and a stick like the model in the photo" and asked if the fashion retailer would show the pants on "real women" instead.
Each styled the pants according to their own aesthetic, and explained why they liked the fit and drape of the product.

Expect to see behind-the-scenes footage from holiday parties, a winter-themed short film or two and location-based marketing initiatives designed to drive customers into stores this season. To share your thoughts on apps and social media in the fashion industry and more, join the Conversation at Nordstrom. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
Forse che gli articoli sono letti e commentati solo da altre fashion bloggers che hanno gia ricevuto anche loro il prodotto gratis e se non lo hanno ancora fatto, si affrettano a farne richiesta immediatamente? Visita WebStrategie.it, scoprirai le strategie di Web Marketing che ti servono per ottimizzare i costi e migliorare le vendite!
It’s the business side of fashion -- combining modern business principles with ambition, creativity and enthusiasm -- emphasizing wholesale, retail and promotional levels of the global fashion business.
As a fashion marketing professional you do not actually design clothing rather you are responsible for making sure the clothing sells.
Four users who checked in to one of its New York stores were also awarded tickets to its runway show, notoriously one of the most difficult to get access to during Fashion Week. The company used the platform to check in at various fashionable locales; checkins were broadcast over Facebook and Twitter, and the first person at each site was awarded a free pair of trainers. Oscar de la Renta gave away an iPad clutch to the Foursquare mayor of its flagship store in July.
You're it!, which encouraged users to "Bang" their friends and crushes for chances at giveaway prizes. Many online retailers, such as Neiman Marcus, began holding flash sales for the first time in order to compete with the likes of Gilt and Rue La La. Sicuro il fatto che qualcuno abbia fatto peggio di noi non e una giustificazione alle nostre azioni, ma riporta tutto nella giusta prospettiva! Roughly 4,000 people participated in the chase, which was picked up by the mainstream and online media alike. TOMS and AT&T teamed up to give away 1,000 TOMS shoes and other prizes via Gowalla in August. Online retailer Yoox also launched a Facebook application to draw attention to its fall catalog.
Burberry and Christian Louboutin upgraded their online catalogues to include high-quality video as well as photographic footage of products, allowing shoppers to examine the texture and drape of a python trench coat or the glitter of a jeweled strap, as if they were holding the product in the store. Sneaker sales subsequently increased by 33%, according to social media agency FreshNetworks, which designed the campaign. And many others, including Cynthia Rowley, Gap, Juicy Couture and Ann Taylor, offered significant discounts to shoppers who checked in at retail locations via Foursquare. Polyvore hosted many brand-sponsored contests to encourage users to explore new collections; American designer Prabal Gurung even premiered pieces of his Spring 2011 collection to online consumers before his New York Fashion Week show in September.

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