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The Bibendum French is an exciting new french restaurant in Eastbourne East Sussex, featuring classic french dining with a rustic charm. I designed the new website to take advantage of the beautiful interior photography they had, using large images as a background to a minimal design layout, allowing the full beauty of the photography to show.
This bespoke restaurant web design has been developed in WordPress content management system allowing the client to edit their own content. The site also features a Trip Advisor feed to allow potential diners to see the positive reviews this new restaurant has.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 powerful tools for PHP programmers, a new tool for inspecting CSS, support for popular PHP-based content management systems, and a few nifty tweaks too. Flash Catalyst CS5 aims to let designers into the interactive design game without requiring them to learn how to code. Therea€™s nothing fancy about Freecoma€™s new Network Storage Center, but ita€™s a good option if you just want a low-cost NAS drive that will allow you to share hard disk space with other people on your home or office network. Netgeara€™s Stora isna€™t the most elegant NAS drive, or the cheapest, but it does have some attractive features that will appeal to creatives.

A lot has changed in Aperture 3, even down to the toolbara€™s icons -- which illustrates how thorough the redesign has been, as there are over 200 new features.
Should you consider Premiere Pro CS4 in its own right, or as part of the CS4 Production Premium suite? In a market dominated by Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator does its best to stand out, with a unique interface and an ever-growing set of impressive features. Compared to the raft of new additions in Maya 2009, this version might seem rather light in terms of groundbreaking features in the main package itself. Expression Studio 3 adds some innovative tools for interactive design to the Microsoft suite's arsenal -- but can it match up to Adobe's Flash?
Adobe Flash has some basic tools for creating 3D animations and website elements, but Swift 3D takes it to the next level with a whole host of features. Version 3.5 of Apple's media encoding tool Compressor expands its single-task focus into other areas, as well as making it easier to use. With support for Red and other formats at up to 4K and new ProRes flavors, improved workflows, the new Color 1.5 is indeed a bird of a different colour.

While there are a few extremely sexy new features in Final Cut Pro 7, the main focus of this new version seems to be enhancing stability, speed, and productivity. Founded in 1997 Digital Arts is part of IDG, the world's leading technology media, events and research company.
But for those who are not artistically inclined with a brush and palette, there's Alien Skin's Snap Art 2. There are no drawing tools a€“ but there are features for adding comic frames, lettering and styles. GridIron Flow is a rare example of a groundbreaking technology that fulfils a genuine need within the creative community.

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