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Using innovative ideas & result-oriented implementations, we develop successful digital strategy for your business. Our dynamic digital experts execute effective internet marketing solutions based on your business targets. Our team of experts build intelligent websites that actually perform & exceed your expectations.
Hvantage's BPO Platform offers a Business-Process-as-a-Service that eradicates the necessity for resourceful investments whereas dipping working overheads. Are you an entrepreneur that has identified a gap in the market and are looking for outsourcing product development?
Are you a technology company with global operations that needs a few extra hands to ramp up your product development? Or may be start-up looking at seizing the opportunity to create products that can be used around the world? The development of software includes a series of steps kwown as the Software Development Life Cycle. We ensure that are attractive, interactive and use the latest technology to provide the best user experience. Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person.
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Our offshore software development solution practice focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective solutions.
Our competencies lie in setting up dedicated offshore software development teams for outsourced product development for any kind of tailor-made custom development. With ABC Tech India, you benefit from our technical expertise, our partnerships and industry experience. ABC Tech India, we understand how to build products that directly meet user requirements, and are both, user friendly and affordable. We have well-established relationships with several high-profile companies and OEMs, utilizing their proven technologies and support to provide reliable solutions.

ABC Tech India does the project delivery from an end-to-end perspective, from understanding your requirements, through design and implementation, to testing and commissioning. ABC Tech India provides off-shore and on shore database administration through our certified "Database Administrators". Implementation and enforcement of security for databases and to manage database users and licenses. Development and testing support - Helping programmers and engineers to efficiently utilize the database.
A legacy system is an application or an old computer system that continues to be used because the user (typically an organization) does not want to replace or redesign it. These systems are often hard to maintain, improve, and expand due to a general lack of understanding.
ABC Tech India's approach to support such Legacy Applications is to first analyze the existing system, technological stack and the current support requirement, and then offer solution to the client of the possibility of support, totality or partially fulfilling the requirement. We strive to make it more proficient, secure, smart, accountable, innovative and sustainable to the future. We assist our clients in profitable outsourcing of their products and services to maximize their gains. With 100% customized tactics & focused website promotion strategy, we maximize user engagement, traffic, sales & brand reputation. We offer completely customized interactive web solutions to turn your online presence into a profitable entity. Manage all aspects of your inventory, achieve and maintain optimum inventory level and reduce inventory costs. With a rich and varied experience in providing offshore software development and project management capabilities and stringent quality standards ensure us to develop solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. We follow a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize risks and development time. We also understand the importance of building strong products that stand up to the high performance and high volume environment.
We also undertake projects such as enhancing your existing application, porting it to a different environment, or even fixing bugs.

Legacy systems often run on obsolete (and usually slow) hardware, and an obsolete software application service for which is difficult. The designers of the system may have left the organization, leaving no one left to explain how it works. Our dedicated development centers across the globe to better serve our clients stand testimony to the fact. With over a decade of cumulative experience (within the resources) in the outsourcing and off shoring space, we are a part of the reputed DCNPL Group that has business interests in the high technology industry. Custom App development is the perfect playground for some of the most talented developers in the area.
We focus on business solutions that fulfill business objectives, rather than being mere technical solutions.
For several reasons even the OEM of that particular deployed technology refuses to support.
Such a lack of understanding can be exacerbated by inadequate documentation or manuals getting lost over the years. We are a USA Incorporated Enterprise & also have presence in India, UK, Australia and Europe.
By automating a number of complex, tedious and error-prone tasks the application improves accuracy, simplifies use and provides advanced reports of time spent on each task and project.
Integration with newer systems may also be difficult because new software may use completely different technologies. Whether the absence is planned, incidental, or extended, it carries costs, risks and productivity hits.Absence Planner is an ideal solution for companies that would like to enhance the functionality of their intranet portals for the SharePoint platform. The application also works as a standalone solution for companies using Active Directory and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or SharePoint Foundation installed.
Usage of SCA framework will automate large number of complex, tedious, and error-prone tasks and consequently raise the productivity, improve accuracy, simplify training and finally reduce costs of custom application development.

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