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Add TagInfo:- Just type tag + return- Tags should be in english- Tags should describe what the icon shows or what the icon is commonly used for. Space buffs can expect to to ogle stunning near-real-time Earth views anytime on their computers and mobile devices once new HD cameras are installed on the International Space Station. A Canadian-based company named UrtheCast will offer the world’s first near-live HD video and imagery of Earth from space, using the new cameras.
One of the cameras will offer sharp five-meter resolution stills of a broad 25-mile-wide (40 kilometer) swath of the globe, with pictures taken anywhere between 51°N and 51°S latitude (from England to Chile).
The crisp images will allow users to see everything from storm systems to vehicles, and even large crowds.
While much of the visual content is expected to be freely accessible, UrtheCast expects to market some of the more specialized imagery to paying corporate and government clients.  For instance they have sold some image rights to a United Nations program that will track natural and human-made disasters. Once solely in the realm of national security agencies, this kind of hi-def space imagery now has ready buyers in the forestry, mining, or agriculture industries, which have interests ranging from monitoring pipelines to keeping an eye on pests.

Everyday folks are going to be able to go on the website and subscribe for free to directly obtain custom images from the camera. Many thanks to UrtheCast, Roscosmos, & the ISS teams for providing such a wonderful resource!
We’re Moving!As of October 23, 2014, StarStruck will be hosted on National Geographic's main news site.
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Launched aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft on Monday, the two eyes in the sky will be installed on the underbelly of the space station over the next few months. Simply tell them where you live and they will email you a notification when the ISS with the cameras will be passing over your selected target location.
We'll continue to be your source for all things in the cosmos and what's coming up in your night sky.

Expectations are that space buffs everywhere with an internet connection will see the first live streaming-video broadcast from the cameras on the company’s web portal early next year. It has the capability of generating video with super-sharp Ultra-HD or 4K  quality, and offers one-meter resolution. None of their properties or belongings, except MERIT & sin, will be brought forwarded to their next lives. They will have to face any type of punishments to be given by GOD in terms of rectifications to (save) earth by having birth in their next lives from insects to agitators !

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