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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. About PeacemakersPeacemakers International is Neutral Christian Territory where the Body of Christ is uniting to rebuild the old waste places! How to do it: Building your Marketing Mix is relatively simple, but should be based on a deep understanding of the marketing sector you’re in.
Understanding it in practice: defining your Marketing Mix is essential to establishing the company’s strategic position and to being able to connect with the right audience. For example, an alternative culture neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro is totally different from one in Sao Paulo, and so on.
This involves both digital marketing such as affiliate links, FanPage, etc., and offline strategies such as outdoors and newspaper ads.

The four Ps (marketing mix) are about your own market placement and the harmony between the 4 P elements.
LUZ develops corporate management spreadsheets, including marketing and strategy spreadsheets, that will most certainly help you analyze your 4 Ps! You can enjoy being close to a big city while enjoyingthe feeling of a small-town community.I. Therefore, let’s walk through a practical example with a product that’s familiar to all of us: Bottled Water.
What you can’t do is sell a luxury product in places where they won’t be valued, or sell female products with advertisements aimed at men, and so forth! There are also other strategies, such as psychological price, pay what you’d like, auctions, etc.

This will enable us to respond to each resident as needed and continue to provide at least three resident activities per month. Each employee will display the necessary tools including knowledge, ambition, and professionalism to succeed while promoting MBS growth.
Marketing Efforts We will continue with the lease management plan now in place at the community.

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