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Now-a-days being secure and need of AntiVirus became most crucial thing for every person who use Laptop or internet. Yes, sometimes we get attacks from the bad people, these attacks are not to take your life but for your important data.
Bulk number of Official AntiVirus companies in the market are releasing softwares for protecting our Windows laptops.
There are some requirements to install Microsoft Essentials like, Operating System must be genuine version no matter whether it is Windows 8.1 or Windows 8. Behind the screen, it’ll be working with real-time protection to defend your PC or laptop properly. This is the best antivirus for students, home based laptops or PC and for small business based usages. Internet connection is a must for users who use this AntiVirus software for daily updating.
It scans every disk you insert into your PC or Laptop and reduces the risk of entering any Spyware.
Got best results for malware blocking, permeate good from scam, better firewall block results. Norton Antivirus going quick with its effective technique of Malware URLs blocking and anti phishing. Microsoft essentials looks good than rest for the people who are not interested to pay for antivirus.

I have activated successful,the process is so simple,just search for it from bing ^^^windows 8.1 key sale on bing^^^ you’ll get it,go for it! If you own multiple devices such as a phone, a portable video player such as an iPod, PSP or a tablet, you must have realized the need for having a video converter. Movavi video converter software¬†free is powerful and spots an attractive interface that is very user friendly.
Convert your favorite videos to a format of your choice using this ultra fast converter best video converter software that supports all the formats that include MP4 videos to AVI, MKV to MP4, AVI to MP4, FLV to MP4 among others. Instead of downloading a new video for each of your devices, simply convert one video to the various formats in a snap using one of this best video convertors and save yourself the hustle. One more thing, you need to have 1GB RAM and internet connection to download and install it properly. They say it is trusted AntiVirus and has the experience of more than 25 years in this industry.
I really liked it personally and it’s fine if you install 2013 version and update it for 2014-15. Microsoft essentials is a part of Microsoft products but it is not an individual product from different industry.
This is because mobile devices that play videos most of the times don’t support the same video formats.
It is easy to use and supports a wide range of video codecs enabling you to convert videos for all the devices that you own without the need of other software.

Other conversion software available from the site include HP Video Converter, File Converter, Audio Converter and Music Converter.
First one is to have AntiVirus just for their safety like to frequently scan their drives, second chance is for those who use laptop for their technical work and last but not the least possibility is to secure their precious data from the attacks. Here I’m going to open the golden box to reveal that trick to get the knowledge about each and every Anti Virus software.
This Windows 8, 7 or XP software also has a video player so you can watch your videos once you have converted them. It can convert videos from MP4 to AVI, MKV to MP4, AVI to MP4, FLV to MP4 within a short period of time. So here is a list of the best free converter and editor software for Windows 8, 7 and XP with support for MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MP3, 3GP among other formats. We have given you every single piece of information regarding to best antivirus for Windows laptop 64 bit or 32 bit.

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